Get a Sample of Y&R’s Cane and Lily’s Wedding

Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil) fans the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! The duo finally ease on down to the chapel and get hitched on The Young and the Restless. For some of you that can’t wait to see here’s a lil’ something that I snagged for the fans. *Sigh* If Dru could see her baby girl now…

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    Is it May 14th Canda Yet???vacation booked and already emotional cant wait for next week..I AM SO EXCITED AND I JUST CANT HIDE IT ABOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND I LIKE IT…go Lane eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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    ZZZZZ…ZZZZZZZ……ZZZZZZZ. Oh, sorry, I fell asleep at the 4 second mark. This has “Must Skip TV” all over it and I NEVER say that ’bout Y&R. EVER! But I have about 5 Reasons why I’d prefer to tune out: 1) Tyra playing the role of Dru 2) Ana Warbling again 3) Tyra’s wierd eyes glazing over Neil, 4) Ana Warbles and 5)Tyra…..I cannot stomach the Winters Clan lately. And they used to be one of my favorites. Sniff.

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    Where Neil is concerned: I did sense some tension between him and Victor – mostly coming from Victor – when they talked at Kay/Murph’s wedding. Victor didn’t like it at all after Neil told him he’d gone over to Chancellor Industries. Neil (IMO) came off as smug as if trying to put Victor in his place. Don’t know if I want to see Neil and Victor being at odds over Neil’s decision to leave NE. In Neil’s defense though, it’s a career move and Neil is looking out for his best interest. Now if TPTB/writers can give Neil a decent storyline. Don’t know if any of you caught Nia Peeples (Karen) exit interview posted elsewhere, but she sounded off on her experience being on the set of Y & R. She had some very insightful things to say.

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    Does anyone else think that Y&R should make Neil a darker character for a while. I saw him in a movie a few years back and he was really nasty. I think Kristoff St. John could pull it off. The writers should create conflict with Victor and Neil. Have a corporate battle between Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries. I think it could create good drama.

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    reggyreg…I see potential for conflict with Neil and Victor. Chancellor Industries owns the majority of the stock of Jabot Cosmetics which is a rival for Newman Enterprises. They could write a very good corporate storyline with Newman vs. Jabot which would affect Neil and Victor. They have so much potential because I always felt like Victor never truly appreciated Neil. It would be nice to see Neil one up Victor and show him that he missed out by not fulling using Neil.

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    As much as I hate to say this about Y&R…The FF button will be used on May 15th. Just marry em already and move on…

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    Gag. The *long awaited* LAME wedding between the DOOFUS and the TWIT. It’s a damned shame they had to pair Daniel Goddard/Cane with this USELESS character. Lily has sucked the life completely out of him.

    Oh well, at least we have Billy Miller/Billy. I pray Mac doesn’t suck the life out of him the way Lily has Cane.

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    Oh … the couple that is better than every sleeping pill will have their wedding. Finally…! Does that mean the crying over them will end now and they will have a honeymoon in the outback that will last forever?

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    Who are the people that you are talking about, no one is waiting for these two to get married. The Y&R is so boring now. I have been watching the show since 1981, the show is BORING!!!!!! Cane is to hot for skinny big nosed lily, Kevin should get swallowed by the chipmunk (never to return), Nick and Sharon should be together, Phyliss is better when she’s crazy, Jack and Phyliss should be together with Summer being Jack’s kid. Dru should come back to the show, Brad should come back to the show, Amber and her childlike voice should move away and oh yeah please no more Noah and Michaels sister. When the show hopfully gets better I won’t change the channel so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get new writers or do something the show has really gone down hill.

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    Smitty: I totally agree with you. A corporate battle will allow Neil to be a part of a different storyline and would allow him to interact with other characters as opposed to that awful Tyra and Ana. It may be a good idea for Victor to do something that makes Neil so angry that he joins forces with Jill, Jeffrey and Gloria. I hope that happens!

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    Wow, Black women rarely get the big soap wedding (or even a small one for that matter) so it’s kind of nice to see. I just wish Lily was written better.

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    Chelsey, you may not care about them getting married but a lot of people do. Trust. I know its hard to believe but not every one thinks alike. We all have different views on couples, characters, etc. Commentators on this site does not speak for all.

    Anyway, back on subject. Jillian thanks for posting the clip.
    Lily looks gorgeous and Cane just looks like all types of yum.

    Oh Happy Day on May 15.

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    Looking forward to the wedding! They look beautiful!

    There are tons of Cane and Lily fans. But I see how one’s viewpoint would be skewed with all the hate that festers here.

    Long live Lane!

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    The wedding is BEAUTIFUL and I can’t WAIT to see it! I mean, who gets a church wedding on this show?! I thought GC’s citizens only went to church when some died.

    I did sense some tension with Victor & Neil (just like I did at Katherine’s wedding). I would like to see an all-out WAR. Let Neil take Victor’s inept kids to the cleaners! He’s was a goody two-shoes for two long. I may be in the minority here, but I’m glad to see that Neil is not perfect and I hope this opens him up to more story! Oh yeah… and I hope we see his tats more.

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    Chelsey I think it is very presumptious and cynical of you to make the assumption that you speak for all TV Y&R viewers. A better statement would have been for you to say that you are not waiting to see them. I AM WAITING WITH BATED BREATH FOR THE NUPTIALS OF LILY WINTERS AND MR CANE ASHBY. You get my point.Don’t try to speak for everybody. You are not that great.You are just one viewer.
    I think the promo is beautiful. Even that parody of a photo shoot LILY looks amazing

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    I will be so glad when this pathetic wedding BS is over with Lame & Silly. I used to love Cane, but they totally destroyed his character IMHO, and Lilly, sorry, but I cannot take that twit seriously…..she’s a bitter, spiteful, vindictive little brat that has never grown up. I am very glad she left Daniel, cause she sucked the life out of him….just like she is doing to Cane.

    I just hope they honeymoon in the outback and get bitten by the poisonous SPIDERS & SNAKES. Yayay!!!!

    PS….I’m glad we have different opinions….that’s what makes these forums so much fun to read!!! :8) :8)

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    Different strokes for different folks. I’m not a huge fan of either Cane or Lily but I’m looking forward to seeing the wedding. As for some of the other comments with regards to the show, fewfew50 I agree with you. one can’t presume that only one viewer speaks on behalf of the entire viewing public. I personally, love what the writers have come up with and am looking forward to any future story lines because to me, they’ve managed to recapture the essence of the show.

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    EEeeeeee I can’t wait ! Lane are getting married. Frick and Frack couldn’t destroy what they have with all the manipulations and lies, and i think its awesome to see a beautiful, young couple in love on this show for once. Keep the romance coming Y&R !

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