Grey’s Anatomy Celebrates 100th Episode Tonight

It seems like just yesterday that a little show called Grey’s Anatomy debuted as a mid-season replacement for Boston Legal, after Desperate Housewives. Remember those days?

A little over four years later so much has happened at Seattle Grace. Grey’s Anatomy aired after the Super Bowl. Derek and Meredith are on the verge of finally tying the knot and ending their never ending breakups and reunions. Isaiah Washington is gone. Kate Walsh’s Addison swept into town, but now appears on her own spinoff Private Practice. Shonda Rhimes upped the hunk factor by having McSteamy join McDreamy as part of the cast. The character of Cristina – portrayed by one of my all time favorite actresses Sandra Oh – is in love with McRamboKatherine Heigl’s Izzie gave us one of the show’s most memorable scenes as she mourned Denny’s death crumpled (see picture after the jump). Callie and George went from being a sweet couple in love to a divorce and Callie liking "Hello Kitty." Meredith’s younger sister Lexie popped up. Chandra Wilson’s Miranda Bailey continues to be the heart and soul of the show.

Like almost every show Grey’s Anatomy has had a few bumps along the way and it isn’t as popular as at the height of its popularity, but even during its "bad times" it was still a show I couldn’t take off my DVR. Below are my Top 5 favorite Grey’s Anatomy scenes or scene. What are yours?

Top 5 Grey’s Anatomy Scenes

No. 1: Izzie mourning Denny’s death in the red dress.
No. 2: Cristina and McRambo standing on the air vent.
No. 3: Addison Montgomery introducing herself to Meredith as Derek’s wife.
No. 4: George discovering Callie dancing in her underwear
No. 5: Cristina begging Meredith to get her out of her wedding dress after Burke called off the wedding.

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    Regan Cellura

    I like this! Here are mine…

    1. Denny’s death and every scene surrounding it from Izzie crawling into bed with him, Alex picking her up, to Izzie laying on the floor back at the house. 

    2. Izzie’s monlogue when Meredith was fighting for her life.

    3. Burke leaving Cristina at the altar and her freaking out to get out of the dress.

    4. Meredith with the house of candles.

    5. McSteamy coming out of the shower.

    I need a 6th one… 6. Meredith’s dad going off on her when his wife died.

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    Great post! I can’t believe its the 100th episode!! My moments are just about the same…

    1. Denny’s death.

    2. Derek in Addison’s room, McSteamy coming out of the shower and Derek and Addison’s convo afterwards.

    3. Everything revolving around Meredith falling in the water…Derek rescuing her, Bailey and the Chief telling Derek that they will take care of her, everyone finding out about what happened and Cristina asking Mer to say one word and she says “Ouch”.

    4. Cristina after Burke left her.

    5. Meredith and Derek in the first season and them realizing that that they work in the same hospital and that Meredith is an intern.

    I also loved the house of candles! So sweet…and long awaited!! And Callie dancing in her underwear was hilarious.

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    I LOVE grey’s, i remember the day i watched it for the first time like it was yesterday! Here’s my fav. moments:

    1. Christina back at her apartment after Burke stands her up at the altar when she’s breaking down & tells Meridith to cut the dress off.

    2. Izzie’s scenes when Denny dies all the way to her refusing to leave the bathroom floor.

    3. Addison: “So you must be the woman who’s screwing my husband”. BEST. INTRO. EVER!

    4. The 3 episode arc when Meridith falls off the dock or w/e when the ferry crashes and the scenes up to her finally coming back to life basically. I remember screaming at the tv with my mom and our neighbor for Derek to find her when she was drowning.

    5. The house of candles in the woods.

    Honorable Mentions:
    – When the live explosive explodes, all the way up till when they are cleaning Meridith up in the shower.

    -This one was just shocking: When Rebecca/Ava (Alex’s crazy lady)is in the kitchen and Alex leaves the knife on the table. We all knew it was coming when she cut herself.

    -When Bailey is in labor and George is there; “Stop looking at my va-jay-jay”

    -When Christina loses her baby

    -“Pink Mist”

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    Prom sex was very hot.

    1. Bomb Episode.

    2. The “healer” laying hands on Bailey’s baby as everyone watched on. Having everyone together for that moment, the music, the looks between everyone, everything about that scene was great.

    3. Air Vent Kiss

    4. Denny’s Death

    5. After the truth had come out about Burke’s hand and they stopped speaking, there was a moment where Burke and Derek were going up an elevator. Christina, without saying a word jumps in with them and stands in front of Burke. Floved It!

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    Although they’ve been said, I have to throw my two cents in. In no order…

    1) Pink Mist. It was a two-episode arc and I preferred the second week.

    2) McSteamy coming out of Addison’s shower. AWK. WARD. But so very hot.

    3) Although more subtle, the two story arc where George’s father comes to the hospital and subsequently dies.

    4) George delivering Miranda’s baby. “Va-jay-jay” is such a fun word to say. [chuckle]

    5) Cristina freaking out in her wedding dress after being left at the altar.

    – Addison meeting Meredith for the first time. CLASSIC!

    – When the men go camping, the Chief tries to be hip to the knowledge that the bar owner and the man he brings along are an actual couple.

    – Callie’s speech to Izzie after discovering her tryst with George.

    – Within the last month, Miranda looking after a terminally ill child on her day off and her impassioned plea to the father.

    – Denny’s death and Izzie during the aftermath (for which she SHOULD have won her Emmy).

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    I love Grey’s Anatomy. You have already listed most of my favorite scenes and episodes. I love Meredith and Christina’s friendship. I love that Izzy bakes when she is upset. I loved that she stood outside the hospital all day after Danny died before she came back to work. I loved the scene after Danny’s death when the Chief asked where all the interns were and they all came up the hall together flanking Izzy in support. I love McSteamy and his relationship with Lil Grey and I love that he calls her that. Grey’s does friendship and relationships really well. I really wish GH could manage friendships better.

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    Totally agree that PP has improved leaps and bounds this season. My mom was literally screaming for him to open the door and save her at the end. That was one of the best cliff hangers i’ve seen in years

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    PP has been good since they moved it behind Grey’s. For once Cooper chose Charlotte over Violet…awesome…

    A) Everyone has listed the most popular ones and I agree with the list.

    B) Any scene between Mer and her parents…

    C) Scenes between Mer and the Chief (I wanted Mer to be his daughter)….

    D) Cristina/Burke – I loved them…

    E) Any scenes between the Chief and his wife (Loretta Divine), especially the one where she had the miscarriage in the bathroom.

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    This was soooo hard!!!!

    1. Alex carrying Izzie from Denny’s bed to the chair…definitely one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever seen on television.

    2. When Derek has to remove the pole from the train accident from the two people who were impaled by it. When he goes into the elevator and starts to cry and Bailey pushes the button to stop the elevator so he can cry!!! I was gone with that one.

    3. The first time Alex kissed Izzie at Joe’s Bar. Now that was a hot kiss!

    4. When Laurie Metcalf guest-starred as the woman who didn’t tell her daughter she was dying of cancer. When she finally told her and gave her that speech about everything she wanted her daughter to do when she died…omg.

    5. Addison in the closet after she found out Meredith and Derek were back together. Meredith opens the closet and she’s in a heap on the floor with mascara running down her face. It was such a real moment.

    6. Meredith/Derek elevator kiss (I think in episode two), such a classic moment, before their lives got more complicated.

    7. The car accident family in season two. There was a mother, a father, their pregnant daughter, and the daughter’s husband. The daughter died and it provided such an emotional moment for all of the staff…plus a beautiful music montage.

    8. Three words- Hotdog eating contest!!!! My favorite part was when Christina won and then almost puked.

    9. Meredith’s hand on the bomb. The entire two-arch episode was amazing.

    10. Christina asking Meredith to cut her out of the dress.

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