Grey’s Anatomy Reaction: 100th Episode

SPOILER WARNING: If you live on the west coast or have the episode on your DVR continue reading at your own risk.

Boy oh boy did Shonda Rhimes pull a fast one by having Alex and Izzie end up marrying instead of Derek and Meredith. Maybe it is because I don’t read Grey’s Anatomy spoilers, but I was honestly didn’t see that coming. In retrospect I should have, but I didn’t. Is it just me or does Grey’s do "wedding" episodes exceptionally well? In my post earlier today I mentioned that the scene where Cristina and McRambo stood over the fans was one of my all time favorites. Well, I think this episode may end up being one of the best of the season?  

I know many Grey’s Anatomy fans have been upset with the Izzie sees Denny storyline or have stopped liking Izzie because of Katherine Heigl and her diva-ish behaviour outside of the show, but for me tonight’s episode reiterated how important she is to this show. I’m having a very difficult imagining Seattle Grace without her and I hope, beyond hope that they don’t get rid of her at the end of the season.

Even though I really enjoyed the twist of marrying Alex and Izzie and not Derek and Meredith the problem that this poses, for me, is that this probably means that Derek and Meredith won’t marry this season. This of course means we’re going to get another season of these two arguing over their relationship, and I am sick and tired romantic woes of these two.

What did you think of the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

I will update more screencaps from the episode later tonight.

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    This was Grey’s at it’s finest tonight. I always like the show best when it pulls at the heartstrings. This episode reminded me of how good Katherine Heigl can be, and it will really be a sad day if she leaves. I’m glad Arizona and Callie finally got together; bout time Callie has something good going for her. Loved Christina trying to knock the ceiling fan down with that hammer.

    When they had Alex and Izzie marry, I was honestly more happy than if it had been Mer and Derek because it just fit so perfect the way Shonda wrote it. Great episode!

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    I loved it. Katherine Heigl did an outstanding job as Izzie in this eppy. If Katherine ends up leaving the show and Izzie dies I will be crushed. I thought it was amazing how after the wedding Izzie told Denny to leave so she could be with her husband. Ahhh and when Alex took off Izzie’s scarf and kissed her forehead…that was beautiful. I’m such a sucker for Grey’s.

    Meredith’s solo surgery with the Chief looking on was really light and funny. Also, I loved Bailey’s reaction after Derek told her that the tumor was way too small and that he wished there was something he could do for Izzie. I thought it was really sweet that George helped Izzie walk down the aisle at the church.

    One thing that made the episode really stand out for me was that on one hand you had the heartbreaking stuff: the seven college kids dying and Izzie’s tumor, and then you had the wedding that balanced everything out.

    I agree, I don’t want ANYMORE Mer-Der angst next season! They just need to be happy already.

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    The was a great episode. Katherine Heigl was fabulous. She needs to stay on the show. After Kate Walsh/Addison left i was sad but KH/Izzie quickly became my favorite. Mark & Lexie are adorable, Arizona & Callie are cute, and Owen & Christina are growing on me, I can do without Meredith & Derek though. Haven’t liked them since seasons 1&2.

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    This episode was simply amazing. I pretty much cried without pause for the last fifteen minutes of it, it was so touching. Izzie and Alex have always been my favorite characters and my favorite couple on the show, so I’m really happy that the wedding thing turned out this way.

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    Luke Kerr

    Did this episode make up for the "I see Denny" s/l that played out this season? I’m curious if any of you hated it or the show, but now think it was worth it? Shonda got so much flack for it and honestly it did seem a bit Emily and Nikolas for a while, but I think that she may have totally redeemed herself to many fans with this wrap up of it.

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    Great episode with tons of foreshadowing. To answer Luke’s question, I don’t know if it totally redeems Shonda because of how long the whole “I see Denny” played out, but she definitely gained points. “Now go away, I want to spend time with my husband.” – great line and spoke volumes for both the fans and how Izzie now views Denny.

    I thought Ellen did a great job in this episode and so did Chandra Wilson – who still, IMO, is still the creme de la creme when it comes to Grey’s….

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    Just blah, I don’t like Alex so that must be why. what I don’t know is why a great person like Izzy would ever consider marrying a moronic man like Alex. Probably settling, after all the great guy Denny died!

    To each their own I guess.

    So for me, not being invested at all in those two, it was a miss!

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    Loved every minute of last night. Everything fit together so perfectly. Meredeth said it best at the top of episode; “I want the life, not the wedding” so it fit so perfectly that Izzy woud end up being the bride. I loved that each of the original five had a place at the altar.

    The Denny sighting, I feel, wouldn’t have had the impact it had last night if we hadn’t been so beat over the head with his appearance earlier in the season. When he finally left everyone was like “Thank goodness!” and then for him to show up on such important day dressed in black definitely made a difference, JMO. And Bailey put it bluntly for all of us, “Tell Denny Duquette I said go home” lol.

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    Luke, for me it did make up for the “I see dead people” stuff. Back then I really only kept watching because I hadn’t lost the hope that it would somehow improve again. And, thank God, basically since Izzie has been diagnosed, it has improved bit by bit and after the 100th episode I have officially forgiven Rhonda :)

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    Luke Kerr

    So do you expect Derek and Meredith to marry next season OR do you think they will end up being that couple that marries in the series finale? 

    On a different topic, is anyone else loving Cristina and McRambo the way I am? Maybe it is just because I’m such a Sandra Oh fan, but I really believe that their romance is the best one on the show since Denny and Izzie 1.0. It totally beats out Derek and Meredith. It beats out McSteamy and little Grey. Callie and the other chick don’t even measure up.

    Also…do you think the show will ever give George another viable love interest or will he always end up being a side side character with no love?

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    Unfortunately, and especially after last night, I think George is pretty much gone.

    I’m hoping that they save the MerDer wedding for next season, maybe the premiere. It would just seem rushed, seeing how busy the finale looks and plus with the whole issue of her best friend possibly dying.

    And ohhh yes!! Christina and Owen do it for me! lol. Its crazy how fast their relationships evolved from a kiss to love/passion but it works so well bcuz of the actors involved, Im completely sold and love them.

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    I personally don’t really care for the McRambo/Christina realtionship but i think the two actors have a good chemistry and when they were standing on the balcony thing, hands inches from each other, that was good.

    At the beginning of the Denny appearances, i was not for it at all, but the moment when Heigl’s character realized that he was there to make her realize she was sick was just heartbreaking and from that point on it was ok in my books.

    I could see the Mer/Der wedding being the series finale, but i could also see them getting married before that but breaking up cause lets face it, that’s what they do.

    And as for George, I don’t think there’s going to be much more for him sadly. He’s pretty much been back burnered all season. I can’t even think of a major SL that was his all season. I think the behind the scenes stuff might be what does him in. I read somewhere the KH has changed her mind as wants to be on Grey’s as long as they’ll have here but don’t quote me on it cause i can’t remember where i saw that lol.

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    I guess MerDer will marry in the season finale, but I would like it more if they waited until next season.

    Christina and Owen are awesome. It is the first time I enjoy watching Christina! Sandra Oh is a great actress, but I never really warmed up to the character of Christina. I guess it’s because I can’t relate to her at all, whereas with most of the other characters I can understand there actions and identify with what they feel.

    George…is he even still on this show? Blink one time too often, and you’ll completely miss his time on screen! It makes me so mad. It was very cute though that he gave Izzie away to Alex, that was very symbolic. I don’t get why they can’t write a good story for him.

  14. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Cristina and McRambo totally do it for me. And even though I l o v e McSteamy and Lexie, I think that Cristina and McRambo are this season’s precious gem. Their chemistry is amazing, the story is so rich and I”m totally and completely in love with them.

    As for Meredith and Derek, I have a feeling there will be a wedding next season…perhaps in the season finale? But, if not, then I can see a Mer-Der wedding for the series finale.

    Oh how I wish they would give George a love interest. He is too adorable not to have some sort of fling/relationship. But, I fear that he will continue to be on the sidelines. Question. Wasn’t Knight also rumored to leave? And then he wasn’t? Any word on if he’s staying or going?

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    I’m a jaded viewer. And I take pride in that fact that a writer cannot manipulate my emotions at their whim with a stroke of a keyboard. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t openly sobbing by the end of the show. The welling up started with the valedictorian giving her speech continuing through to Izzy’s surprise wedding peaking at Alex paraphrasing the valedictorian speech as his wedding vows and ending with him kissing Izzy’s freshly shaved head. I was done! THIS is the episode they must submit for Emmy consideration and for Katherine Heigl’s (legitimate) chance at a second Emmy.

    THIS should have been the season finale…

  16. Profile photo of season1217

    McRambo and Cristina are the best couple on this show. Also, how romantic is a wedding when it’s someone else’s idea? Yeah, Izzie planned the wedding but it wasn’t Alex’s or Izzie’s idea to get married.

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    Arizona is the reason I refuse to be a lesbian. That woman was so freakin annoying. She was the perfect example of a “nagging” woman.

    Hate Bailey. After last week episode where she spent of day off (after working a 90 hr week) to work at the hospital. She just pisses me off complaining about her husband not supporting her.

    Anyhoo, I already knew Alex and Izzie were going to get married. Her dying, bla bla, I knew so it wasn’t surprising.

    But I also can not take more of Meredith and Derek complaining and whining about their relationship.

    Hate Lexie and Mark, they make me want to puke. She acts like a 12 year old girl. But at least Mark isn’t acting like a sleaze anymore.

    Cristina and Owen (McRambo!) are so freakin sexy. Everytime he comes on screen I want to lick my screen. Gawd I love him. People should look him up on youtube and hear him sing. He has a beautiful singing voice. When Cristina was hammering down that fan, I jumped. When he put his hand next to hers, I swooned.

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