The CW Passes on Gossip Girl Spinoff?

Instead of XOXO, this time it’s RIP. According to Nikki Finke, The CW’s planned Gossip Girl spinoff is as dead John Edwards‘ marriage. Maybe now Brittany Snow can reprise her role as Susan "Daisy" Lemay on Guiding Light if the soap goes to cable? Snow and Zack Conroy would be FIYA! Hey, a blogger can dream, can’t he? You know you love me! —Soap Boy

Update: E! Online says no-so-fast!

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Thank God,

    Gossip Girl needs to get its writing on a consistent track first before TIIC even considers any spin off especially one focusing on Lily and Rufus, who I can only take in small doses.

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    This is shocking since the CW considers Gossip Girl to be a hit, maybe its due to the recent low ratings. I can think of other shows on their network that deserve a spin off more than Gossip Girl though like cough Smallville cough (yes I still watch the show I am ashamed) looks to me like they could only afford Melrose Place or Lily and surprise surprise Ashley Simpson beat out Brittany Snow write that down on your calendars cause that will never happen again.

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    Kind of sad. The sneak peeks for next week got me a little bit excited for the new show. And it would of been great to see Matt Barr and Brittany Snow on a regular basis on my TV screen again.

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    Jamey Giddens

    i’m a tad bummed – but does this mean there’s still a chance in hades for reaper? please say yes!

    Not, it just means the Melrose Place update is a fulll on go.

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    how unfortunate for reaper. since supernatural is only guaranteed for another season (with its current helmer) maybe they could have reaper be a short season next year and then full the following season.

    it would be nice if they kept the game and “chris” and privileged, i mean (not including privileged) there are zero comedies on this channel.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Maybe they will keep The Game then? Any news on that Jamey or should I accept that the show isn’t coming back?

    I haven’t heard, but I doubt The Game will come back. A hour long "urban" drama version of The Game, doesn’t fit Dawn Ostroff’s "niche" for the site.

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    This is the second time a Schwarz show has gotten endless media hype and then flatlined in its second season. I’m surprised CW even considered a spinff. As for Brittany Snow, I liked her on American Dreams, but she’s too old to play Daisy now thanks to the de-aging. Most of what I remember about her Daisy/Susan is shrieking anyway.

  8. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Most of what I remember about her Daisy/Susan is shrieking anyway.
    Her character in the GG spinoff was supposed to be a teen. What I remember from her Susan was fierce acting, which I haven’t seen since the role was recast. If I could buy Susan being de-SORASED to younger than Lizzie, I can totally get on board with her jumping up a few years to get a great actress back in the part.

  9. Profile photo of blake3b

    Yeah I miss her as Susan (not Daisy!!!)
    Too bad her show got passed on. Cynthia Watros (Annie from Guiding Light) played her mom I believe. Too bad, with all her talent that she doesn’t seem to stay on a show long. Drew Carey show was the last few seasons, Lost was only like one season and some returns. After seeing her play Annie she should be doing wayyyy more than that!

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    I’m glad Rufus and Lily are dull on GG; I don’t think I could stomach a spin-off. I use to read the GG book series. They should do a spin-off with Jenny going to boarding school like in the It-Girl books.

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    In my opinion, it was a mistake to kill off Bart. He and Lily as a couple were a hell of a lot more interesting than her and Rufus. I’ve tried getting into them as a couple but they are just too boring together.

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    I agree Season! They are just as boring as their son and daughter! Dan needs to just go! He is so annoying! They are making me regret using GG as my screen name! LOL!

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    LOL, GossipGirl. See, I used to get defensive when people would talk against Dan but now I just don’t care. Jenny at this point I can take or leave. The writers don’t seem to care so I guess why should I. Personally, I want to see more Eric. While, I’m not that crazy about Serena I liked the Bass/Van der Woodsen dynamic. Most of the s/l’s on this show seem like filler now.

  14. Profile photo of samrocks

    Most of the s/l’s on this show seem like filler now.

    Amen to that! I think the emerging Nate/Blair/Chuck triangle is awesome, but everything else is a total snooze fest.

    OT: Season, your boy Jack is really outdoing himself these days. I had no idea I could like him even *less* than I already did. On the other hand, Sawyer has really matured over the last “3 years,” and he and Juliet have seriously grown on me.

  15. Profile photo of season1217

    Well, I guess instead of trying to be proactive about finding his destiny and fulfilling a dying man’s mission he should have gotten on the sub and found some hapless, wanton women to scam out of their life savings while he made sure to keep his blonde highlights looking perfect.:P

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    I for one would be happy if this GG spin off was DOA. I was less than enthusiastic about the premise, and JS needs to focus more on the state of his mother show, rather than be distracted with a spin off. Season two was just all over the place, it seems like the writers have been playing it by ear, and dropping stories left and right, or ending them as quickly as possible. It’s started to get a little more interesting with the return of Georgina Sparks, and the Chuck/Blair/Nate dynamic, but just as things are getting back on track, we have almost a whole episode devoted to Lily’s days of youth? Frankly I could care less.

    OT In regards to the LOST talk… Now THIS is how to write a show. I am so completely psyched for the season finale I can barely stand it. Of course once it airs (and ends) I am sure I will be going “WHA….?????” and then having to wait until next January to find out what happens LOL But I am sticking with it to the very end. This show is THE best show I have ever ever watched, and I can’t imagine anything will ever top it.

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