The Price is Right Suffers Six Percent Loss of Ratings

The ratings for soap operas and talk shows, such as Rachael Ray, aren’t the only ones suffering declines. The Live Feed is reporting that The Price is Right has lost six percent this season, after losing 12 percent last season when Bob Barker left the show and Drew Carey took over as host. In many parts of the country The Price is Right is the lead in for The Young and the Restless.

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    The Price is Right is painful to watch with Drew doing it. The show should of ended with Bob, because it was Bob’s body and soul. This was another horrible creative decision by Barbra Bloom and proves once again she shouldn’t be head of daytime at CBS.

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    Imagine if Rosie O’Donnell had gotten the gig. I know that Bob Barker couldn’t continue on forever with the show, but Drew Carey … not so much.

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    I think The Price is Right should of ended with Bob Barker it’s one of those iconic game shows that is recognized most because of the host. Ironic isn’t it that CBS is trying to develop more game shows even though the ones that they have are suffering in the ratings.

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    I LOVED the Price is Right with Bob Barker. I would watch it everyday during the summer and when I was home from school and root so hard for a perfect show, but Drew Carey is not even watchable AT ALL. He is stupid and doesn’t even seem interested. I boycotted that show the day Drew took over and it hasn’t even been hard to stick too.

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    They should of dropped The Price is Right for other games showsw when Bob retired. If they gave a damn about drama and didn’t believe in what they had, they should drop that for new dramas. But we know what the deal is now-Executives are growing more greedy and want more money. It isn’t just daytime getting deatbeat game shows and other reality shows that stick around, because they are cheap to make and make a better bottom line in spite of bad ratings, it is also primetime having its time sliced up by fly by night reality shows. I wonder when Maury will get a primetime special that’ll turn into a five day a week primetime show that bookends his daytime gig he still will have (with the same subject matter in almost every episode). Hey, it’ll make money!

    I want talk show hosts to get their own union that’ll stick it to executives and force executives to make a choice based on art rather than money.

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    No shit the ratings have slipped cause of his boring ass! My god this show sucks ass and not in a good way! Plus CBS can go to hell for the shit they pulled with “Guiding Light” …to hell with CBS and there entire daytime line up after Sept,18th 2009…

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    TV Gord

    Please accept this as a friendly correction. I’m only bringing it up because several people have made this mistake. The phrase is “should have” ended with Bob Barker, not “should of”. :-)

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    It says all of the shows ratings are dropping. So, why are we blaming Drew for TPIR. I never miss a show for years with both Bob and Drew.

    I think Drew is doing a fantastic job. He adds some comedy to the show with some of things he says, his dances with the contestants, etc. The website has gotten much better with all of the interactive stuff on it (something that wasn’t there when Bob was on the show).

    Plus, the show itself has gotten better. Different camera angles leading into and coming from the commercial breaks. For the most part, the showcases are worth more money, etc.

    Sounds like too many people are “stuck in a rut” from being used to Bob. Yes, I thought Bob was great as well. But, things change in this world with every aspect of life and I think you should give “Drew his due”.

    Keep it up, you are better than ever.

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