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Here’s the Scoop! 05.11.09

I’ve been pretty hard on GH lately… I’m sorry but I can’t help it and as far as I’m concerned, they deserve it. When my roommate says “this show sucks” they have some serious problems. Just a year ago she said GH was the best show on TV…

What’s coming up… Michael wakes up and everything seems to center around the Corinthos clan. Michael must deal with losing a year of his life. Kristina becomes the wild child and Morgan SHOULD have an increased role now that they’ve increased his age. I’m hearing that Molly Lansing is also being SORAS’d and she COULD appear before Ric leaves town “with a bang.”

Michael… RUMORS of some Q Family interaction. Will Carly’s eldest stress is mother out? Coming to terms with losing a year of his life will be tough on Michael. This COULD be a very good story if written properly. If they tie in enough history with Jason’s accident, if Drew Garrett has the acting chops and if these writers don’t mess it up, I COULD be singing GH’s praises. While I don’t believe one couple or character for that matter can pick GH back up, I do believe one really well penned story with good ties to the show’s history and a little Quartermaine Family action COULD put this show back on track. When Michael can’t remember the shooting will Jason suggest keeping the boy in the dark?

Sonny questions her; Jason knows the truth… are Claudia’s days numbered? Can that baby protect her for long? RUMORS have Claudia losing the baby and then all bets are off, right? Well it looks like IF that happens Claudia will start unleashing all the details on who was involved in Michael’s shooting and to what extent. From everyone who took part in the planning to everyone who covered it up.

More on Alexis’s girls… Molly is RUMORED to be aged and on set before Ric’s departure. Will we get some Kristina – Ric interaction before her step-daddy bites it? RUMORS say yes!

Are we fans of Johnny and Olivia doing the deed? I can’t decide if I’m on board with this. Some RUMORS suggest that it MAY go beyond a onetime deal and if Claudia didn’t hate Olivia already, she sure will after she finds out about Johnny bedding the older lady. Is it jealousy that sends Olivia into Johnny’s waiting arms? Sonny and Claudia both hate this hook-up. Is this how Dante comes to town? Will Sonny call his son to come put his mother in check?

Holly hitting town… Watch your wallets people; the original con woman of Port Charles is back. Is she pulling a fast one on Luke and Ethan? Hmmmm…. WOULD Holly have been the better “older lady” for Johnny to sleep with?

Why would Tracy mess with the DNA results? Especially with Lulu and Ethan getting too close for sibling comfort. Luke’s convinced his wife tampered with the results and when Holly comes to town claiming that Luke is Ethan’s father he’s even more convinced. In the end, will Ethan be a Spencer? RUMORS say he was SUPPOSED to be but then they went and broke up JoLu and someone, somewhere apparently likes the Ethan – Lulu pairing.

Is Kate the culprit? It looks like Kate is Crimson’s worst enemy. Is there more to the fashionista trying to wreck her own creation? Spinelli uncovers Kate’s secrets. Will they be so bad that Kate must skip town? Does anyone care? These writers have not been kind to Kate Howard and at this point, I just want them to put the poor girl out of her misery.

Is the Mayor of Port Charles a client of Sam and Spinelli’s? RUMOR has it that the Mayor’s wife fits into the game plan when the Mayor hires Sam to snoop on what he suspects to be his cheating wife. Is this a quick re-write? EARLY RUMORS had Martha Byrne being part of the summer murder mystery but that was before Rick Hearst’s departure was official. Now that Ric Lansing APPEARS to be the victim, was there a switch in plans?

Sex hospital? RUMORS of some love in the afternoon coming up for Scrubs, NotEmily and Nikolas, Spixie, LL2 and the above mentioned Jolivia (Johnny and Olivia) romp.

RANDOM RUMORS… Sibling drama? Lucky and Lulu are said to be fighting. Olivia and Sonny argue. Does Kristina tell Ric he was the better dad? Maxie levels another blow at Spinelli prompting him to tell her to stay away. Will Jax’s lies catch up to him? Sonny and Carly bond. Claudia hates her husband’s concern over his ex’s pregnancy and not hers. Michael wakes up next week. Ethan tells Lulu they might be kissing siblings.

FANFIC or SPOILER you be the judge… Remember those OLD RUMORS that Helena is holding NotEmily’s child hostage? One theory out there is that Rebecca comes clean with Alexis about Helena holding her daughter in exchange for the Emily look-a-like to work one over on Nikolas.

CRAZIEST RUMORS out there… Get your salt licks ready, here’s some of the CRAZIEST RUMORS I’ve seen. Elizabeth finds Ric’s dead body. Dante knows Claudia. Jax and Carly break-up in the middle of her pregnancy. Did Jason Cook (Matt Hunter) have one foot out the door? The CHATTER out there says he was ready to walk on his 1 year anniversary but a potential hospital storyline has him staying. Did GH really thing Rick Hearst would sit there twittling his thumbs when they put him on recurring? The GOSSIP says they were hoping to kill him off late summer.

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    Now here’s what would be good if Martha Byrne was the woman that the husband hired Sam to spy on the one that was having an affair with a woman and have it be hmmm Alexis yes now I can officially write better than some of the soap writer “hacks” out there. Poor Kate/Meagan Ward the writers are destroying her character just because she’s leaving the show. The Michael storyline sounds promising and anything that keeps Ethan from being a Spencer is fine by me.

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    I understand SORAsing, but in this case it all seems part of a coverup of the colossal error of Claudia ordering the hit on Michael. Why get SB only to write the character into a corner? After ordering the hit her days should have been numbered. I love SB, even followed her to ATWT and left when she left, but it’s time to write Claudia off this show. SORAsing all of these children at once makes almost all of their parents storylines illogical and it ages them all.

    Does Nicholas still have a brain tumor? or does Guza hate Tyler Christopher? I ask because even though Spencer was brought up during the brain tumor and Alexis mentioned him today but Nicholas continues to trust his own judgment despite all evidence to the contrary.

  3. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Sounds Boring…………..
    Any news about Steve’s contract ……..I heard rumors that they are changing Jason’s character , so he won’t be so important , so it won’t affect the show if he leaves , also that Steve is not happy about his character at the moment .
    Do you know anything about that??????

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    Courtney fan4life

    Oh god what does Maxie do now. Can we just go back to the old fun Spixie. they were the light of GH now they are part of the darkness and doom.
    And JC shoudl just go. they refuse to do anything with him and i want him away from Maxie and they refuse to put Matt and Nadine together!!!!!!!

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    GH LOVER – What do you think they have been doing since November? Jason has been written completely out of character for months and months.

    It is stupid but it is Frons/Guza’s MO when actors are up for negotiations – Make their character unrecognizable to the fans and then when they leave it won’t seem so bad. This time it is big time backfiring on them. These hacks writing Jason this way is causing them to lose fans weekly. Sorry to the haters but Burton’s fanbase is the biggest one they got. People that are JasonFF are NOT happy with the current direction of the character.

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    Maxsmom did you have to rile me up about alexis LOL. Seriously she annoyed me today – all this concern trying to protect Nik from big bad Rebecca because she is oh so worried about his safety when just a few months ago she was sleeping with the guy that drugged him (which may have brought on the tumor) and held her family hostage in the metro court. Where was this concern and protection when it came to Jerry? I guess Helena doesnt swing her from the chandelier, but other than that, whats the difference.

    Loved the JaSam scene today. Hating the Claudia stuff. As a HUGE SJB fan its driving me crazy.

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    Why is everyone saying Claudia put a hit out on Michael? Wrong! She put a hit out on Sonny. Michael was shot instead (and by accident) when his father chose to save Kate instead of diving to protect his son. Sonny put all of this in motion when he kidnapped Johnny. We are talking about the mob here. He could not have thought that nothing would happen to him after that fiasco. Unfortunately for Michael he was shot instead. It was not planned for Michael to get shot, he was a victim of a botched (by Ian) hit on Sonny.

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    I also Liked The JaSam stuff today he needed a friend And I happy she is there , also I want to Claudia to go to hell I hate her so much JASON IS MICHAEL FATHER!!!!!!

    still LIASON fan but I liked Sam today

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    PSpencer – I agree with you. I should have clarified – I hate what Claudia is doing now. I hate that she is barking at Jason and Jax when she knows they know what she did. I hate that she is hanging around and annoying Carly at one of the worst moments of her life. I hate that she may be the one that kills ric and/or may try to steal Carly’s baby. The hit was her fault, but it was also Sonny’s fault and to a lesser extent Carly and Jason for putting him in that life, Kate for promoting the no guards idea and taking michael against Carly’s wishes etc. etc.

    I liked when they had it turn out that Claudia was visiting michael. I liked when she seemed to be trying to atone to Sonny and trying to give him some loyalty. I liked when she was extending that to the people around Sonny. I think tptb should give Ian another reason to have fired in the warehous – maybe Jerry ordered, maybe the russian mob ordered it -and they should have Claudia evolve OR – go in the other direction and make her ruthless and out to steal the Corinthos org.

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    I come to read how my old show GH has been since I stopped watching,and lo and behold if it’s not 10 times worse than before. Guza-Frons-Suck..I miss my old show too,but by the looks of things we made the right choice to spare ourselves the 60 minutes a day of someone purposely insulting our intelligence. Any other soap wondering if Megan Ward or Ric Hearst are professional enough to bring on board they need look no further than how graceful they handled the complete destruction of their characters,yet still showed up to work and tried to sell that crappy writing.HIRE THEM!

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    EET, you are right about Alexis, I guess I want to forget that chapter, everyone’s talking about character assanation, Guza shot Alexis in the head on that one. Ric is bad, but he is a damaged little boy in a man’s body, Jerry is a sociopath. Also, the Nicholas storyline on the heels of the brain tumor storyline is just too much.

  12. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Maxs I agree about Alexis – NLG got the shaft – but this is one of the biggest gripes I have about the writing. How about giving us just one scene with Alexis and nik where she works in at least a mini apology. Or how about that convo with Sam. Or even if she said to Diane that she made an ass out of herself with Jerry and she is working so hard now because she wants to make up for letting a sociopath get away with hurting her family. It kills me that Jax’s feelings for his brother and her desire for sex trumped her family. If tiic want to fix that, give us one scene where she really owns up.

  13. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Fruza seems to hate women, is there a smart independent woman on this show are they all dating pychos, sticking their babies in trees, ordering hits that always go wrong,? Another gripe-sorasing the kids means a summer of “new” characters orbiting Sonny of course, instead fixing the s/l of the veterens, why do I still watch?

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    Sonny is such a major hypocrite. He firmly believes that Carly needs to abort her baby to avoid a stroke, yet he did NOTHING when Clawdia was clearly upsetting Carly in a time of of stress. WHEN ARE THEY KILLING HIM OFF? ENOUGH of this ridiculous, self-centered a-hole!
    Him and Luke should be blown to kingdom come at the same time. Excellent murder mystery!

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    Actually, Jason and Carly put this mess into motion when they decided to lie about Chucky’s true paternity when Michael was born. However, Sonny, Carly, Jason, Ian, and yes, Claudia should all take their fair share of the blame for Michael’s lost year. Sigh, I’m not looking forward to Chucky waking up. I just don’t care. I might care if I thought it would give the Q’s more more airtime but seeing how most of them are dead and buried watching the Q’s today only reminds me of how awesome it use to be and how someone over at GH decided it would fun to ruin a great thing.

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    Regan, I agree. it doesn’t have to be a couple, but a good family umbrella. the problem is the “family” is always sonny’s and i’m tired of them. i think there is still good story to tell but his “family” is actually people stolen away from other actual core families that i’d rather watch.

    also, this desecration of luke is horrible and demeaning to long time fans – so apparently the show can continue to undo thirty year old storylines that can’t be fixed later. nice job showrunners. it’s one thing to be annoyed with destroying characters now (poor kate) but to retro-actively destroy them – well, is there any wonder why the show’s ratings are so shaky?

  17. Profile photo of Jenny

    Regan, ITA with you about NuMichael. The s/l has potential if written well and tied to Q/Jason M. history. So, I won’t hold my breath. LOL!!

    Crossing my fingers for some Scrubs lovin’.

    Should I give up on JoMax? They reeked of plot-points but I’m hoping they are the real deal.

    Thanks for bringing us the goods :)

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    Is it just me or are more people upset than happy about GH? I am a Liason fan have been for years, and I am will to accept anyone with Liz except Lucky… Come on how can Luckys life be any less dangerous than Jasons… He’s a cop with mob ties everywhere.. his Dad, His mom, Nik and the cassidines, and whos lulu bedding? Yes we would all be sad that Jason SB would leave but come on he is not all GH has… they lost L&L and still bring them back, there kids are there… If the SORAS Michael,Morgan, Kris, and Molly thank Spencer the MIA kid should be too and have some family ties… I WANT LOVE BACK ON GH … Sam and Jason are not it, for a man who has “morals” and trust is such a big issue how could he ever trust her with his heart? I love the idea of Johnny and Olivia, I accually like her she gets along with people, is smart, and has secrets… They’ll give her a tumor or something soon. Alexis needs a love life and not with a pschyo, WHY DO THEY DO THAT TO FAN FAVORITES?I hope they find a way to get Claudia out of this mess… The MOB queen turn momma could have a good story. Carly and Jax well its been 3 months time for the AHIC to break them up… what happened to good ole cheating stories and when we the fans knew something interesting “who shot Jr.” is not that interesting… and we have 6 more months of GUZA lord help us… I will be joining that group who would rather watch Bonnie Hunt than this sh!t

  19. Profile photo of blackjack21

    franknbettys – i appreciate your sentiment, but when did jason start developing morals? from the second he sided with carly over robin – it’s all been downhill for me. don’t get me wrong i don’t (always) hate him. and he may not trust sam with his kid, but he shouldn’t be trusted any more with her heart (who started with the lies? him) than she should with his. i’d trust her more at least she’s owned up to her mistakes.

    i do however agree that one person can not make a show -or at least not this show – and i would be sad if SB left (he’s done it before) but life would go on. i mean i thought it took balls to recast carly and emily, but they did it and some people like the recasts better (nothing against the other actresses – but i prefer the originals)

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    I’m an old GH fan – longer than I care to admit. But this is getting crazy. At this point I Tivo GH to watch later in the evening. I’m SO GLAD I do because when anything involving Nick & Rebecca comes on I can FAST FORWARD. That whole story line just annoys me. I would love to see Elizabeth and Jason celebrate the birthday together. Claudia is so involved in herself that she has NO IDEA Jason is Michael’s uncle. I think someone should have told her there was a blood connection that would make Jason’s hate for her all the more real…….. She has his NEPHEW shot even if she didn’t plan it that way. I think the writers forget who is related to who. Claudia needs to go away and take Rebecca with her.

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    If it were not for my DVR I would not make an effort to watch… sad thing is imagine how many people would be really watching if it were not for Tivo/DVR.

    NotEmily and Nik is just not exciting… I wish they would hurry up if Helenas involved. Maybe then…

    Ethan is really not all that… and please don’t do that to the L&L fans… Robert and Holly would be so much better…

    I really wish they would have had Jason and Liz and the kids celebrate at least during this whole who shot jr. story he could have walked to the daycare and reflected on his own kid.

    There have been time where I liked Claudia and Sonny they can talk business, she knows the rules, I wish they could have redeamed her. And Sonny and jason should just take a look at their lifestyle, MOB contracts, rival territory… frienimes, and retaliation for what Sonny did his is not innocent in all this.

    I have a better exit for Kate than this Crimson one… Kate was working with Jerry and Ian, She knew Jerry thru Jax, and She told Sonny no guards it was part get back for him shooting her, Sonny ditching her, and not wanting to share Sonny with Carly…She knew the truth tried to get Sonny to pick her over Claudia…She runs before anyone can get her and then down the road… she comes back for more blood
    Now thats how you do it Guzman and Fronz… thats drama and surprise… get it?

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    Yeah GH Lover, finally someone who agrees.Where does Claudia get off even BEING there?Who gives a crap if she’s Sonny wife , She put Micheal there in the first place , she loaded the the gun and pointed it all Ian D. did was pull the trigger. And saying that Jason isn’t family!!!!!I was flaring at that point , I was so happy with Carly and Jason’s reaction , I really prayed they’d make good on the threat to get rid of her.And besides Jason IS family to Micheal biologically as well , his brother was Aj so that makes him his uncle but way back in the day Jason pretended to be Micheals father to keep AJ away.

    EWWW!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T GIVE THE JOHNNY/OLIVIA HOOK UP A NICKNAME!!!!!!Is it that time of year already?The time of the cougar?This reminds me of the creepy Sonny/Emily pairing a while back.

    If you ask me Carson is the best pairing GH has got even if they aren’t romanticly involved (though they have those yummy tense moments every now and then).Jason and Carly are the only people truly capable of understanding one another TRULY and completly , theres no editing when it comes down to each other.

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