Will This be OLTL’s Kristen Alderson’s Year to Win The Emmy?

She’s had one helluva year, but will One Life to Live‘s Kristen Alderson‘s 2008-2009 baby drama be enough to snag her the Emmy? The talented actress shares her thoughts on this topic and much more in a recent interview for MichaelFairmainSoaps.com.
Michael Fairman: Kristen, you have been front and center all year long, and last year, too. If you don’t get the Emmy this year, I am going to throw a fit! You should have won it many times over, already. What did you submit? The nominations will be announced on Thursday… our fingers are crossed!

Kristan Alderson:I submitted the episode when Starr first found out that the baby had died. She was in the hospital and she was talking to Blair and Marcy, wondering why the baby had not come back yet, and she is all excited. Dr. Joplin comes in with the horrible news, and we all figure it out right then and there. I think what was so great about the scenes was that everyone did such a great job. It was so realistic! I tend to get caught up in the scenes, as well. So, I watched my tape, and I am really happy with it. The other years that I have submitted my stuff, they would go, “Oh, you deserve it!” But, I never felt worthy of it. But now, I really feel confident with what I submitted."

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think Kristen is long overdue her Emmy. I wouldn’t count her out.I think she should have submitted any of her amazing confrontation scenes with her dad though. It’s not every young actress who can hold her own with Trevor St. John.

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    She is NOT good enough to win an emmy. Not even be nominated, imo. She still has a looooong way to go. Nose flaring, and deer eyes, are not Emmy material. She’s a good actress. But to be nominated, and win an emmy.. she has to be Outstanding.

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    I think she should’ve won in the past in the child category, as she was definitely a stand-out. But as her character has gone into more adult storylines, I can’t say that her delivery (and some of the writing) really warrants a nom this time. I agree that she’s long overdue for one, and she’s a good actress, but the material and performances have been more heavy-handed than heavy, if you get my drift.

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    KA has been great this year but she’s really not (yet) in the same league as Rachel Melvin and Emily O’Brien or Kirsten Storms.

    Alderson acts rings around Farah Fath though.

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    I think she overacts pretty badly at times, but unfortunately, that might be good enough to win Emmy’s. She’s planted on the screen alot, so that gives her an advantage, because she can have plenty of lazy moments in between moments she gets it or tries.

    Is there a good younger actress out there? Is there one that is half ass good ten percent of the time? I ask, because I’m pretty much only impressed with Kirsten ten percent of the time. In fact, I’m finding myself to be more impressed with all the younger actors on OLTL more than Kirsten most of the time. They just are not on as much with the exception of Cole and he has grown quite a bit and seems more settled more often than Kirsten. Um, I think he tries harder.

    So, Kirsten wins by default with me, but then again, I don’t really watch another soap oper4a, thus making my name kind of hypocritical.

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    Oh, Farrah. I forgot. There is someone that overacts worse than Kirsten on OLTL.

    Farrah was comedy relief on Days when I saw her on there. She wasn’t bad at it either.

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    Yeah, Farah was good at comedy relief. I haven’t watched her alot on OLTL but I don’t think she will or should get a nom.

    It all depends what are the tapes submitted and block voting.

    Based on last year’s noms in this category, we know that YR will get at least 2 noms( my guess Khalil and O brien) OLTL will probably be snubbed and GH maybe one ( I hope Storms but I think Berman will get the nom) , Days could get Melvin in again ( hopefully) and one will go to either Van Zandt, Dennison or Schulenberg.

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    I really think Kirstin deserves to win! I thought she deserved to win an Emmy ever since she fell apart over her baby’s graveststone. I think she should’ve submitted *that* as her nomination material.

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