Y&R’s Clementine Ford, GL’s Otalia Make After Ellen’s Hot 100 List

Not to be outdone by the boys, After Ellen has also released their 2009 list of the hottest women in pop culture. The highest daytime honor went to funny lady Ellen Degeneres at Number 15, but talking strictly soaps, it was Young and Restless newcomer Clementine Ford at Number 18. Ford won critical acclaim, as well as rabid popularity for her stint on the Showtime cable series The L Word.

Ford wasn’t the only soaper on the list, the recently-cancelled Guiding Light made an impressive showing, with both halves of sapphic supercouple Otalia, Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia, making the cut at Number 50 and Number 60, respectively. You hear that Lifetime and Oxygen? You could have your L Word follow up right here! The smoking hot Chappell also came in Number 7 on After Ellen’s Hot Women Over 40 List. The equally-stunning Leccia made Number 12 on the website’s Hot Women of Color List.

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    A very deserving shout out for Crystal and Jessica. They give so much to their fans, it’s nice the fans were able to return the favor. Beautiful women, beautiful souls, both.

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    Amazing – a testament that hand-holding can be hot! Otalia makes the list and they’re barely even an official couple. It took those L Word ladies 7 seasons and a bazillion cable-worthy love scenes, meanwhile Otalia hasn’t even kissed yet. So assuming they stay on the air, both CC and JL should be skyrocketing up to the top of the list by next year… way to go girls!

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    GO JESS AND CYRSTAL! They desverve it! For first timers these girls came in at respectable numbers, I’m so very impressed being they were in competition with actresses/artists with alot more notoriety( E.G. I mean dang!!!!!! Crystal ranked higher than Penelope Cruz!!!!!! and Jessica wasn’t too far behnid her. The OTALIA s/l hasn’t been on for that long, but them making this list just shows how much fans have sccumbed to OTALIA FEVER.

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    Congrats Clementine, Crystal and Jessica for an honor well-deserved. Otalia is just getting started – can you say super couple? Hand-holding and eye gazing have never been sexier.

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    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pair of actresses as Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia!!! Not are they only both absolutely gorgeous but are so warm and giving both with their time and with their appreciation for the support from fans!! A truly well deserved honor for THE Hottest couple in daytime!! Thanks DC for covering the Hot 100!!

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    Congratulations to Crystal and Jessica! They are gorgeous women and deserve to be seen and appreciated. Crystal is a goddess!! Otalia is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

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    I don’t think many know how impressive this actually is for CC and JL – for a storyline that is only recently revealing itself with the fact that this couple does indeed exist, its pretty huge news that they’ve made such quick inroads on a list than can feel fairly insular (list is weighted toward movies, primetime and the many actresses of the the LWord)…I can only imagine where they would have been had the voting taken place just a little later in the year, or one can only pray, next year should GL find a new home. They’ll be off the charts. and really had there been a voting category for hottest smoldering looks of love, well you know, there would have been no contest.

    So a huge Congratulations to Crystal and Jessica – Otalia already feels to me to be the supercouple of the year, and only brighter things are in the futures for both of these fine actresses.

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    I am so proud and delighted that both Crystal and Jessica have been ranked in the various categories. They have done a tremendous job in the roles of Olivia and Natalia respectively. This non-gendered specific love story will go down in history, and I’m glad that their commitment to the storyline is being recognised. Way to go, Crystal and Jessica…you ROCK!!

    Next up, of course is the Daytime Emmy nominations and I’m keeping everything crossed for our Crystal on the 14th. :-)

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    Congrats to Otalia, Crystal & Jessica they are both so very beautiful, but I hoped they would make the top 2! Congrats to Clementine as well she is also very beautiful! I’d love to see a new L word with Otalia & Clementine! :)

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    Fantastic news about Crystal and Jessica!!

    They are the hottest couple on television now. Plus, they are only going to get hotter. P&G needs to save GL so Otalia can rule the world!!

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    I am very proud of both Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia! They are both incredibly beautiful inside and out! They are both amazingly talented! Ellen Wheeler, Jill Lorie Hurst, Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia have created the most wonderful true to life love story ever in Otalia!

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    Crystal and Jessica are #1 in the hearts of all Otalia fans not just because they’re beautiful on the outside. They are talented and committed actresses who have embraced this story line and their fan base 100%. That makes them beautiful on the inside as well. Congratulations to them both!

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    Congratz to both Crystal and Jessica!! They totally deserve it for the beauty they have on the inside as well as the outside. We promise to get them higher up on the list next year:)

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    Fantastic news about CC and JL making all the lists they are eligible for. This just goes to show you what a positive story about same-sex love can generate…a passionate fanbase who will promote the actors involved in any way possible. KUDOS to CC and JL!

    Also great news about Clementine Ford.

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    Crystal and Jessica so deserve to be on the list! I’m lovin’ it! I’m hoping that they will make it higher up on the list next year!


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    Congrats to all three ladies! As a huge Otalia fan, I’m thrilled to see my fave super-couple represented in the list. It’s nice to know that others are as taken by their beauty as I am! I agree with DocT – Otalia has redefined sexy … who knew that simple things like holding hands, folding laundry, and making sandwiches could be such turn-ons?! Keep the Light shining, and thanks to DC for covering our girls!

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    Thanks DC for keeping Otalia and Crystal and Jessica in the news. They are just getting started. They are going to go down in history. I just had a thought, wouldn’t it be great if Ellen D. had Otalia on her show for an interview? Makes perfect sense to me. Someone should mention that to Ellen, hmmmm…..

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    This is such wonderful news of Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia making the lists. They are both so very deserving of the honors! These two gals are certainly outwardly beautiful, but it is their collective inner beauty that is so very astounding! These two women are more than loving and generous with their fans. It is quite a sweet experience to follow their careers – especially the Otalia story line!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Ellen’s talk show airs during the television daypart, thus making it daytime. We cover daytime soap operas and talk shows, but definitely lean more to soaps, because talk shows get much more exposure, and with all the soaps we watch, we barely have time to keep up with talk shows, but yeah, we’ve always covered them.

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