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Who’s tuning in to All My Children for the biggest murder mystery ever?

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    Fans of AMC, it’s a given, are going to tune in to find out which legendary character will be taken out in this “biggest murder mystery ever” on Monday, May 18. I believe one of these legendary characters: Adam/Stuart will most likely fall victim. I think the setup is going to be for Stuart to take “the bullet” when the intended target is Adam. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to go after Stuart. I don’t know my AMC history all that well, but this wouldn’t be the first time (am I right?) Adam has been targeted. Legendary in Pine Valley are Adam/Stuart and Erica Kane. I would add Palmer Cortlandt but he hasn’t appeared on screen in quite some time and is not involved in any of the current plot/story lines. James Mitchell aka Palmer Cortlandt is 89 years old and is “the third-oldest contract player on daytime television.”

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    I’d rather watch someone stick a syringe full of botox in their eyes!

    AMC is beyond horrible. It would take a lot for me to ever turn into this show again!

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    TIIC can’t blame anyone but themselves if this industry goes out and no one has a job to work to and people to watch the shows and support it because it is so bad that they are being ignored and treated like crap.

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