ATWT Star Jennifer Landon’s Eldest Brother Dies

Our thoughts and prayers are with former As The World Turns star Jennifer Landon. According to the Associated Press, Landon’s eldest brother Mark Landon was found dead in his Los Angeles home. He was 60. No cause of death has been determined. Mark was preceded in death in 1991 by his and Jennifer’s father, famed television actor Michael Landon (Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven).

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    Oh no.. Poor Jennifer and the family. :( What do you mean by Mark was preceded in death in 1991, by his and Jennifer’s father, famed television actor Michael Landon?

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    I’m sorry for their loss. He was 60?

    How old was Michael Landon when he had him?

    I guess I still think of Michael Landon as the father on Little house on the prairie. It is hard to immagine that he would have son that was 60.

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    Mark Landon was born in 1958 and was actually adopted with his first wife(I’m guessing it was her child by another marriage…) (IMDb)

    Michael Landon was born in 1936. Yeah…that 60 thing made me wonder too- so I looked it up and another report has him at 50 which makes more sense.

    How sad….he was found dead. Jennifer has had her share of loss for such a young person.

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    That’s so sad, my heart goes out to the family. Nobody wants to deal with loss. Jennifer is the second youngest of Michael Landon’s eight children. Though Michael Landon always said he had nine, because he always included his step daughter. So it makes sense that he could have a son, adopted or not, be 60.

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