British Soap Awards Interviews

This past Saturday the British Soap Awards were filmed. What’s On TV was on the scene and interviewed all the major stars. Above we see an interview with EastEnders stars Rita Simons (Roxy) and Scott Maslen (Jack) as they discuss the current state of EastEnders and touch on Daniellegate. Be sure to check out for more interviews with all of your favorite stars.

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    Thanks for posting this!!

    It’s soooo weird to see them as themselves instead of their characters, lol! They both looked great, and Rita Simons looks so different when she’s not all “tarted” up as Roxie :)

    And I agree with them, Larry Lamb is AWESOME!!

    I still think they made a *huge* mistake killing off Danielle :( It was just so cruel. And you know what, I don’t buy TPTB’s bullsh*t excuse that they couldn’t have a “happy ending” and that there wouldn’t have been any story left if she had lived. BULL!! There was *plenty* of story to be told. We all know the *happy ending* would have lasted two seconds and then more drama, more angst, more Mitchell conflict. There was years of storyline potential there. UGH!

    I get why they killed her – it had a BIG impact and made for good drama/tragedy. However, I don’t like the fact that they act like it was their only option. As if any other ending would have ruined the characters/show/stories. That’s soooo not true.

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    See I agree with you, there was years of potential storylines there, but I really am glad he stuck to his guns and killed her off, it was shocking, it was amazing and it is a storyline that will go down in soap history.

    IF They had their happy ending I don’t think we would even be discussing ‘the lost mitchell’ storyline, we would just be like "Yea Dan, she was lost, now she’s found, yippe’

    I would be really dissapointed if EastEnders pulled a dirty den and brought her back from the dead, that would just really bother me. So yea it did suck, but this storyline is probably what people will remember when they think of EastEnders in 2000’s

    Now I totally agree, it is SOOOOO awesome to see them out of character, they look like they have so much fun together and that’s awesome :) Rita is supposedly a big ‘party girl’ LOL i can kinda see it can’t you?

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