First Impressions: The Bold and the Beautiful’s Don Diamont as Bill Spencer

Don Diamont has made his debut on The Bold and the Beautiful as Bill Spencer. What are your first impressions of the character? Today he shared a scene with Susan Flannery and Stephanie had my quote of the day when she told web viewers that Eric "chose to live his life with bitches in heat." More pictures of Bill Spencer after the jump.

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  1. Avatar of met

    Dam, dam, dam,
    Don Diamont looks hot, hot, hot!!!
    Jeez, thank goodness B&B snapped him up because he sure as hell deserves better than being a second class schumuk at Y&R.
    Please soap gods dont pair him with any of those slutty Logan girls. They probably have a million STDs!

  2. Avatar of blake3b

    Damn he is so freaking sexy, I can’t stop saying about him. The facial hair makes him look so damn good! I will have to watch B&B just for him!

  3. Avatar of jpp1975

    My only quibble (and it’s a small one) is that he seemed a little to emphatic. Like he was establishing that Bill Spencer is NOT Brad Carlton. Other than that, it was a great episode. Lots of Stephanie, no Ridge/Taylor/Rick/Steffy, a really ruthless Jackie, and Clark in a wig! Couldn’t ask for more than that.

  4. Avatar of ATLn30318

    “…Eric ‘chose to live his life with bitches in heat’.”

    Well, hope Stephanie wasn’t including herself in that remark. She’s probably referring to them damn Logan sisters. I just had to bust out laughing.

  5. Avatar of Visan

    DD is kicking on all cylinders as Bill Spencer, Jr! Very yummy man! I pray he’s written as a complete bastard! Every show needs one!

  6. Avatar of reggyreg

    I think he reminded me of Brad Carlton a little too much. I hope they flesh out his character and make him more devious. I think there should be conflict between he and Stephanie. For them to be friends and allies would be a waste of a good story. I think DD coming on board at B&B may be a problem for Jack Wagner. His role has diminished over the last year.

  7. Avatar of snizzle

    Coffee Junkee I believe you can watch BB on the CBS website.
    BTW, I’m actually looking forward to watching this episode tonight…doesn’t happen much with BB anymore.

  8. Avatar of Miry

    Wow! The first thing I said when I saw that 2nd-3rd pic of Don was: “Damn” …he is looking EXTRA fine; leaving Y&R has done wonders for him… he is not looking quite so, um, plastic(?).

  9. Avatar of DaytimeFan0001

    The set looks great. I haven’t seen the ep. yet but am I glad to see a new character. I am a Donna fan so I don’t mind him going with her. I am prob. the only B&B fan who couldn’t care less if Felicia gets storyline. Ship that winey middle aged women over to live with Kristin.

  10. Avatar of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    While Katie is fumbling around Forrester trying to figure out how to handle the PR mess at Forrester, Stephanie is already on the offensive. I love it! Katie should already have a battle plan, but she’s way too late on the draw. Fire her!

  11. Avatar of traceylee9

    from the moment he spun around in that chair you could see it in his face that he is ready to bring it, and bring it he did…making sure it’s known that he’s not Bill Jr. —loved it cant wait to watch B&B this week…never thought i’d say that about that show this week.

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