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Here’s the Scoop! 05.12.09

Luke is suspicious that his wife tampered with the DNA results and when she freaks over Lulu and Ethan spending time together, it further fuels Luke’s fire. Is Tony Geary headed out on another vacation? It’s about that time isn’t it? The GOSSIP says he pre-taped some scenes. What has Luke and Ethan riding to the rescue? A phone call to Holly that is cut short. In true Tracy form she follows the pair. Are they playing into Holly’s hands?

Spencer Family Drama… Lucky and Lulu, Luke and Tracy, Holly and Lucky… they all share words over Ethan Lovett.

Is Jax the trouble for Carly and Michael? Remember, Michael wants to live with Dad and there SHOULD be some turmoil between Jax and Michael over the newly awakened teen stressing his mother out. Will Carly blame Jax for Michael moving out? Michael is not going to be a happy little boy.

Anyone remember those OLD RUMORS about only one Zaccharra being left at summer’s end? At that time we all thought it would be because of Trevor’s reveal that Johnny is really a Lansing. So here are some THOUGHTS on this one. There are RUMORS that Johnny COULD be exiting the show or maybe after Ric’s death there will be some sort of reveal about Johnny’s true paternity.

Kate’s secrets… Is she behind the Crimson sabotage? Yes. Why? Is there more going on with Kate? Is this a really stupid exit storyline? Yes. Spinelli puts his PI skills to work and bugs Kate’s office.

I get that it’s a soap and they need the added drama… But really do we need all the doom and gloom with Michael? We all know he’s waking up. Even if you’re SPOILER free ABCDaytime announced the casting of NuMichael so it’s rather obvious he’s waking up.

RANDOM RUMORS… Date night? NotEmily and Nikolas go on a date. Jason tells Claudia he knows the truth. Let’s make a deal with Alexis and Rebecca. Who sees Johnny at Olivia’s? When did Olivia get her own place? Alexis gets an eyeful. Sonny wants Olivia to stay away from Johnny. When push comes to shove will Claudia turn on the one person she can turn to? Who’s taking a fall down a set of stairs? I’m still seeing RUMORS that Matt and Maxie mix it up. Is Morgan the new version of the old Michael? RUMORS have him wanting his parents to get back together. Jax is angry that Carly is taking so many chances with their baby. Robin returns, will Patrick’s house guest still be there?

CRAZY RUMORS… Is Jason following Claudia to the doctors? Is this when he hears her ask about what coma patients remember? More plan making for Johnny and Claudia? RUMORS say Claudia takes Johnny down with her or is he taking all the heat? Kristina crushing on Jason? Maybe he shouldn’t be the one to save the day all the time.

Steve Burton contract status… So far the RUMOR MILL says he’s re-signing with the show with some added time off. The official announcement is SUPPOSED to be in June. Remember when we told you Kirsten Storms shot a pilot? No worries Maxie fans, RUMORS are pointing to her re-upping with the show as well. When we hear something more “official,” we’ll let you know.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Hi Thank you for answering my question from yesterday about Steve’s contract ..
    I hope he stay……
    I have to say that the all waiting room S/I is good, I really thing that all the actors are doing a great job so I have to give 8 for the TpTb……….
    Also do you know anything about changing Michael’s father from AJ to Jason – cos I have a feeling that they are planing this – because the NuMichael looks so much like Jason – like they wanted that the actor to look like Steve…..

  2. Profile photo of curacaoman

    GH LOVER, if they could rewrite history regarding Luke and Laura, they are basically capable of changing anything.

    I would love for the head injury to take Michael TO the Q’s, just like a head injury took Jason FROM them!

    But hey, that would be a good show, not this crap that GH has become.

  3. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    But does LW real blond ….
    I don’t know he looks so much like Steve that I think it was meant to be …….
    And as curacaoman said they do love changing history…..
    Also I will love that Michael will be with the Q’s maybe it will bring Jason back as well……

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Well he is not with is own child but he can be with everyone else’s child…

    Could it be that it’s Claudia the one who falls from the stairs……

  5. Profile photo of Rikkithecat

    Hi, new to the board. This is a little off topic, but the other day Claudia told Jason that he had no right to be at the hospital, since he wasn’t related to Michael. Isn’t Jason his biological uncle? If anything, Sonny had less of a right to be there.

  6. Profile photo of blackjack21

    not that tptb pay any attention to history, but i thought jason and carly were over by the time michael was conceived. robin asked jason to stop sleeping with her and he did.

    also – i can’t believe they’re dumping kate and keeping olivia – i think i may go vomit now.

    and making jax the bad guy because he’s worried about his pregnant wife and wants his stepson safe makes no sense – oh right this is gh, where logic, reason, and morals don’t exist.

  7. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Yes, Jason is Michael’s biological uncle but they NEVER bring that up. Jason is always “the one who raised him” instead. I don’t think I’ve ever realized that he IS his Uncle until now. He doesn’t call him Uncle Jason does he???

  8. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Thanks for hinting at more M&M scenes…..*sigh* it will happen one day….

    The rest just seems………………..ugh lol.

    Is it wrong that i would tell SB that he can either stay with the show and actually work or he can hit the door with Tony G and MB? LOL.

    Sorry, yes they did put in their time, yes they did work hard and made GH amazing in the past, but that’s the past, no one cares to see GH become ASC (All Sonny’s Children), no one really cares that Jason is standing around blinking and being a foster daddy to all Carly’s kids, no one cares that Luke may have a son with Holly if that sons name is ETHAN, so all three can either stay or go imo, and that sucks, I LOVE Vets, but when all they do is the tv equivalent of nails on a chalkboard i could care less if they are on or gone because my FastForward button is being used either way.

    *end rant*

    Also just for the heck of it *Insert recast Ethan rant here* :) okay all good lol.

  9. Profile photo of justloveskate

    ITA with Blackjack about the show dumping Kate and keeping Olivia. Unbelieveable!!!! Why is Olivia even in PC? She serves no purpose,except to facilitate bringing another of Sonny’s off spring to the canvas. As another poster stated, the show has become about “All Sonny’s Children”. Why oh Why if they had to have another “long lost son”, couldn’t they have made it with Kate. TBTB are so dumb. They wouldn’t know a good s/l if it was put right in front of them. They are letting two great people go (Kate and Ric)just because they don’t fit into Guza/Frons plans.

    I do wish I could be happy about the awakening of Michael, but everything I read jsut points to the same old crap.

  10. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Is it wrong i don’t even see the point to watching this weeks episodes? The promo gave EVERYTING away, its just like someone said "Hey we can tell you everything in 30 seconds so you don’t have to tune in until next monday! YAY"

    ugh this show is just so sad, and it would only take a few episodes to really turn everything around :(.

  11. Profile photo of Jenny

    ITA with Blackjack about the show dumping Kate and keeping Olivia. Unbelieveable!!!!
    Just hold tight. Olivia will be the new Kate, in due time. Guza will get bored with her soon enough. Then, Sonny will have another long-lost “true love” who was before Olivia. She’ll arrive with a secret that Sonny got her pregnant when they were in pre-school. I’m excited. Aren’t you??!! LOL!!!

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura


    Is someone pushing the person who is falling the stairs?

    Was the GOSSIP MILL a little premature about Steve Burton? Some are SPECUALTING that he is still in talks regarding his contract and that he MAY not stay with GH. In the past the actor has expressed an interest in moving his family out of California. Is that why Jason is being written like a douche bag? It’s classic GH to trash a character when the actor MAY be leaving the show.

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan I call it getting the Monaco-Archer treatment. It was with those two actresses that I first saw this trend of trashing the characters when the actors go into talks. We just saw it happen on AMC with TK – first he donates sperm to his sister-in-law behind his wife’s back, then he has a fauxmance with a lesbian, and then he shoots his wife’s brother in the head. Honestly, Jason hasnt been written so badly, so he is kind of getting off easy. When he shoots Claudia in the head to get Kendall…um I mean Carly….a heart or he stands by and watches while Helena kidnaps Nik’s invisible kid THEN we can worry LOL.

  14. Profile photo of Guza-Frons-Suck

    I love Jason, but I’m kinda hoping Steve doesn’t resign with this crapfest. They don’t give him any real storylines, he’s just Sonny’s punching bag and Carly’s baggage handler. They don’t write him as a real person who’s allowed to have feelings and relationships so what’s the point really?

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t know what to Say I love Steve and I also Love Jason morgan but in the past few months his character has become stupid..
    he always holding Carly’s hand , they didn’t write a good S/I for him…
    I really hope they don’t lose him cos he has lots of fans …….

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    FANFIC or SPOILER… Michael wakes up and the problems start. He’s not happy that neither of his parents were there and then he finds out he’s been out of commission for a year while his parents continued on with their lives even adding to their families. Is this where the rebel comes in?

    Michael is going to be a handful, that much we know, but how much and who will be helping him? RUMORS have Edward bank rolling Michael letting him get away from his parents. He SHOULD have some moments with Jason but that MAY be more to draw a correlation to Jason’s own brain trauma storyline. Will Michael be the new Jason with pool halls and motorcycle rides? Will the fans be reminded of how great GH used to be?

    Jax wants Mikey to chill out so Carly doesn’t lose their baby. But who’s more important, the child who is spinning out of control or the baby she so desperately wanted? Add in Morgan who is SAID to become a mini – Michael in terms of his opinion on who his mom should be with.

    Is Claudia getting the shove down the steps when Michael starts figuring things out about his step-mom? What’s a mobster to do when his kids have issues with him? Kristina is going to be a handful as the straight A student is RUMORED to become the next horn dog in town. Add in Dante and Sonny’s world is about to become a big old pain in the ass.

    So what about Olivia’s boy… how is he going to add to Sonny’s stress? Well RUMORS have Sonny calling Dante to town to tame his mother and her younger man loving ways. These RUMORS go on to say that when Claudia meets Dante, it doesn’t take her long to figure out why Olivia was so tight lipped about her boy. Will Olivia ask Jax to help her out only to be stabbed in the back by her employer?

    Better question… why so much Sonny? Wasn’t Jason the new crowned star of the show? Didn’t Maurice Benard request less work when he re-signed? Like I’ve said before, it seems to be the summer of Sonny’s offspring. Does this have to do with Steve Burton’s contract talks?

    Where’s the rest of the drama? Robin returns. Scrubs clears the air and gets back on track. They MAY even meddle in Maxie and Matt’s love lives. There’s the Luke – Holly – Ethan nonsense coming up and while there was some pre-tapping, Geary is still going on vacation. NotEmily and Nikolas is a snoozefest with the only way to amp this storyline up is more Helena who is still RUMORED to be returning OH and making NotEmily, Emily. Jason and Sam SHOULD have some adventure stuff but that’s IF Burton re-ups and while I’m not a JaSam fan my more alerting problem with this is the lack of creativity in the writer’s room.

    The only thing I’m looking forward to is Ric’s exit and the possible murder mystery surrounding it. Don’t misunderstand, I have zero faith that this will be penned properly but there is still a chance that it will and hopefully we’ll get to see Hearst at his best and TPTB with a constant reminder of their mistake of letting him get away.

    What about those RUMORS that had Jason Cook staying on because of a good storyline coming up for the hospital side of things? My advice to JC, be cautious of promised storylines, better yet, ask Finola Hughes how that worked out for her.

  17. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Steve, I hope that you and Maurice leaves the show, I use to like you, but I am so sick of the Sonny and Jason show that I would be glad that you don’t resign so that the show ratings go down and we can get new writers and boss to revive GH.

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Who’s fighting? Sarah Brown’s latest Tweet…

    sarahjoybrownThe fur is flying over here today… Nasty, nasty, nasty-mean girl fight… I’m going to need a manicure after that one. Pity the fool ;)

  19. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I want Michael to connect with Jason – will it be great if Michael won’t be anger boy but something else..
    If this is how they are planing Jason’s character I will understand if Steve leaves

    I don’t think that if Steve does leave it will make the show better…..

  20. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Sounds like they are copying what Days did with the main characters’ offspring being the new plotlines and forefront characters of the show. :(

  21. Profile photo of chibby

    I have been a GH fan for years and yes, from time to time the show has not been the best. I personally didn’t care for the Jason/Liz/Jake story line or the cows and plows. But, I find it disheartening that there are so many daily post that contain negative, hateful comments. I don’t understand why a person that is suppose to be a fan can constantly bash the show. If a person is so disappointed that they hope actors leave or the show gets cancelled then maybe that person should just turn the channel.

    I use to enjoy checking out this site however I will no longer be checking in because I just don’t want to be a part of the bitterness that has taken over the comment section.

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m not hoping for cancellation… I’m hoping for a change to the GH I used to see and love. Have the fans been bitter? Yes. Do they have a right to be? Absolutely! When we only had TFO, I used to question all the naysayers as to why they continue to watch if they hate it so much, so I completely understand where you are coming from chibby, however, the more I got into the "reporting" side of things here at DC, I started looking at what these execs and writers are doing to my show with a much more critical eye. It’s part of the gig for me but as a fan, I still have a problem with how TPTB are handling things. I have watched this show for a very long time and that’s still not as long as some. I have seen the great capers of the 80’s with the WSB to the adventure Sonny and Brenda had. From Luke and Laura’s love story to Frisco and Felicia’s to Alan and Monica… I’ve seen the mob at it’s best and it’s worst. I’ve seen some beautifully penned, socially charged storylines like Stone’s battle with AIDS to the horribly written PPD storyline we just sat through. I’ve weathered every storm since I started watching GH and I feel I’ve deserved the right to cry foul when I see this show self destructing before my very eyes.

  23. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I’m such a crazy Sonny and Brenda fan I got major chills when you just mentioned them. :(
    I have ANOTHER question. HOw many writers that wrote the Sonny/Brenda storyline, and even the Sonny/Tamara Braun storylines, are still at the show? And if they are still there, what happened to them? Are they burnt out? Why are they slacking so much?

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