Gossip Girl “Valley Girls” Reaction

Last night’s Gossip Girl featured the flashback "Valley Girls" episode which may or may not lead to a prequel spinoff, based on the character of Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen (Brittany Snow and Kelly Rutherford). I enjoyed the episode, because of the back story it provided, but was it enough to get you to watch as a series? Snow has obvious appeal and did a bang up job in the role of Young Lily. Krysten Ritter is a talented actress and provided a good balance as Lily’s older sister Carol.

Owen Campos, portrayed by Shiloh Fernandex, seemed like a poor man’s Chuck Bass, but had obvious chemistry with Snow and left me wanting to see more. The part of the story that intrigued me most was how Keith van der Woodsen (Matt Barr)— Serena’s future father— and Lily end up marrying, considering their obvious distaste for one another in the episode. Did anyone else get a Draco Malfoy feeling from Keith like I did?

All-in-all I enjoyed the episode, but do you think it gave us enough for its own spinoff?

Gossip Girl "Valley Girls" Reaction

  • No! I didn't enjoy it and wouldn't watch the spinnoff. (21%, 35 Votes)
  • It was good. I'd give the spinoff a chance. (32%, 53 Votes)
  • Yes! I'd love to see a spinoff. (47%, 77 Votes)

Total Voters: 165


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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I really liked it. I just don’t believe they put the backdoor pilot in into the right timing. I mean prom should have been the big thing here. It’s Gossip Girl. You don’t put prom second or third.

    But as for the flashbacks – I liked it. It had a nice touch and it brought me a little bit closer to the character Lily in Gossip Girl. And without the doubt, the 80s cast was great.
    Krysten Ritter, Brittany Snow, Matt Barr, Shiloh Fernandex and Ryan Hansen were all great.

    So if they would go with the spin-off I would watch it to see where they would go with it.

    But as of the episode yesterday … like I said … it was the wrong time, because prom should of been the big thing here.

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    If Whitney Port had the acting chops she would have made an excellent Lily considering the incredible resemblence that she has to Kelly Rutherford.

    Also, this episode only reiterated to me that this show would be better off if it focused more on the wealthy characters like the van der Woodsen’s and the
    Archibald’s. I’d rather have Cece on my screen or Nate’s scheming grandfather or see more of Blair’s relationship with her mother than to have to suffer through scenes with increasingly unnecessary Humphrey’s.

  3. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    I didn’t really care for it. I found myself more annoyed by the fact that the scenes were cutting into precious prom time than caring about Lily’s backstory. Oddly enough, I like the cast. They’re all good actors, I just don’t care for the premise, and found the execution a bit boring.

    That said, I don’t understand why so many fans hate Dan and the Humphreys. I actually like Dan, and find that Serena is most interesting when she and Dan are flirting. I also think the Serena/Dan dynamic would be best if they added Vanessa into the mix (another character fans seem to hate that I don’t mind that much). This would be closer to the books, I think, and it would make more sense than to keep throwing randoms into Dan and Serena’s orbit. I also think that if they wanted to create a GG spinoff, they should’ve kept true to the books and had Jenny get expelled from Constance and shipped off to boarding school, where she would recreate herself as the “It Girl”.

    Just not very interested in Lily’s backstory. Hope the CW passed on it so JS and his team can focus more on GG. JMO

  4. Profile photo of BigDede

    Aren’t the Humphreys unnecessary! I can’t stand them especially their judgemental ways.

    I didn’t not care for this episode. I would rather watch Blair’s stepfather in his own storyline than watch a young Lily.

    I never really cared about Lily’s backstory and that episode didn’t make me want to know more or even make me curious. Loved seeing the old Veronica Mars actors otherwise it was a stupid boring episode.

    I also think they should go with a Jenny spin-off. She’s not needed on the show (none of the Humphreys are) but I liked her character when she was going up against Blair trying to be the IT girl. They need to do a spin-off using Jenny.

  5. Profile photo of sillysoapsupporter

    Haha, Luke. No, didn’t get that creepy “Slytherin” vibe, but hey, I wasn’t looking for any Harry Potter references, so maybe I missed something. :)

    But, you did forgot one other option: It was okay, but I don’t want to see a spin-off. That would have been my vote.

  6. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    “Aren’t the Humphreys unnecessary! I can’t stand them especially their judgemental ways.”

    I never really understood why fans said the Humphreys were too judgemental. Was it because Serena was afraid to tell Dan about the Georgina mess in season 1, because she thought that he put her on a pedestal? I don’t think Dan would’ve judged her for that, I think what he was angry about was that she waited so long to tell him the truth, especially after Georgina came to town posing as someone else, and nearly seduced Dan in the process, and all the while Serena knew her true identity. I could understand why he would need some time away from her because of that. As for Rufus and this latest thing with Lily, I also understand why Rufus would be skeptical about being with Lily after she had her own daughter arrested (to “avoid” a scandal ???? Wouldn’t that actually CAUSE one? It made no sense!)

    I think the Humphreys add some much needed grounding to this show, since most of the characters have their heads up in the clouds. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to the show to the books. The books are completely shallow, there’s not much to like, everyone is flaky and materialistic and totally unlikable. I realize this is a world in which most teenagers prefer to live these days (witness Laguna Beach, and all those MTV reality shows about rich teenagers having parties and spending over a thousand dollars on one handbag), but I like that Dan and his family (and even Vanessa) add something more to the series, like not everything is about money and high society.

  7. Profile photo of DenverDean

    While I liked having more backstory about why Lily is the way she is, I can’t imagine tuning in weekly to relive the 80s. Personally, I enjoy flashbacks when they help establish characters (like seeing how Lily and Rufus hook-up or when Lily was forced to give up their son), but they should focus more on the GG crowd. I’m assuming everyone’s going to end up going to college in NY next season (except Chuck — BI, Vanessa, whatever she does and Jenny finishing high school). The show has finally gotten back on track after some bad (boring SLs) in the middle. Can’t wait to meet Dan/Jenny/Eric/Serena’s half-brother. That’s so twisted, it’s awesome!

  8. Profile photo of samrocks

    I didn’t not care for this episode. I would rather watch Blair’s stepfather in his own storyline than watch a young Lily.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. (Of course, I am terribly biased against that doesn’t directly move the Chuck/Blair story forward. ;))

  9. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I loved it! I had originally said that I didn’y know if Brittany Snow could pull off being Lily, but she’s absolutly great in the role! I’ve also loved Kristen Ritter since Gillmore Girls and I love Lily’s mother and father as well!
    It actually seemmed like a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the episode- I don’t know, maybe I’m just sick of Serena’s hijinks with her new boyfriend/husband.
    And for the record, I’m a Dan/Serena shipper, who believes that the Humphreys’ are essential to the show.

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