General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.13.09

A little scoop plus a little commentary you may have missed in the comments from yesterday… read on.

Who’s behind the blackmail? Who has Kate selling her own rag down the river? Guesses? Comment away!

Maxie’s men… With Johnny taking Olivia to bed is he still a contender? RUMORS have suggested a Matt – Maxie – Spinelli triangle coming this summer. Spinelli uncovers Johnny’s tryst with the older lady and he spills to Maxie thinking it will turn her off from Johnny. Too bad for Spinelli, all it does is send Maxie straight to Johnny telling him if he wanted to get laid, all he had to do was call her. Would Maxie risk her friendship with Spinelli and frienemy status with Lulu for a roll in the sack with Johnny? This is Maxie we’re talking about and she’s been dancing around Johnny for months. They two come close to doing the deed yet again but someone gets in their way. Who’s Maxie kissing? It’s not Spin or Johnny!

Robin returns and all is well… Scrubs get back on track and Robin holds her daughter. Upon her return to town, she cautions Ethan and mixes it up with Holly. Robin – Michael scenes? We’re hearing yes! Is Patrick worry free now that his wife is home from her treatment? No.

Why have I been liking Lulu lately? Is it because I like her more than her current scene partner Ethan? More drama ahead for these two as Ethan may or may not be Lulu’s half brother. RUMORS also have them slightly involved in the hospital storyline coming up. I’m still not sure I understand the motivation behind Lulu being the first person Michael sees upon awakening. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Speaking of the hospital storyline RUMORED to be coming. SUPPOSEDLY it involves the new PI agency of McCall and Jackal. Who else is involved? The Dr’s Drake, Hunter and Scorpio along with Lucky, Elizabeth, Nikolas and NotEmily. Question? If a detective is involved why isn’t the PCPD leading the investigation? IF this is happening, wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to show that the PCPD are not complete idiots?

So is Ethan a Spencer or a Scorpio? Holly comes to town and offers the truth for a price. She’s always looking for a payday isn’t she? This info has the price tag of a cool $10 million. Is Luke’s kid really worth that much? Is Robert the daddy? There are some scenes with Robin concerning this. Like I said a few times, Robin offers Ethan some sage advice, don’t trust Holly Sutton. With Tony Geary headed for a vacation is Luke’s exit story a search for Robert? Geary did pre-tape a bit but we COULD get the Scorpio tease with Luke on the search for his old buddy. After all the cat and mouse with Luke, Holly is SPOILED to tell Ethan and Luke that Robert is Ethan’s dad. Will Ethan be ready to bond with his sister? Will Robin believe what Holly is spilling or did Tracy pay the con woman off? OLD RUMORS had Robert being the dad but not coming to town and Luke trying to fill that father role for Ethan.

Can Sonny and Carly just be friends? With all that’s coming up with Michael, the former spouses will be spending a lot of time together. Many are SPECULATING a POSSIBLE reunion for the uber popular pairing. But can they just be friends and co-parents without cheating on their respective spouses?

Michael isn’t the only Corinthos child with a summer full of story ahead of them. Kristina is a rebellious sixteen year old with a crush on the town hitman. Will Alexis and Sonny’s daughter give us those great Sonny – Alexis scenes? I love the two as friends.

More on Michael… He’s gonna be one pissed off kid from the moment he wakes up. Sonny wants to tell him the truth; Carly and Jason are against it. Once Patrick gives the all clear, Sonny tells Michael the truth about the shooting that left him in a coma for a year. Despite knowing it was a bullet intended for Sonny that cost him a year of his life; Michael is still ticked at Carly and cool with Sonny. Edward wants Michael to embrace his inner Quartermaine and move in with them, Carly wants him at home with her, Jax and Morgan but Michael has other plans. He wants to move into Greystone with his dad.

The Jason correlation… Jason’s lived a very similar experience to Michael’s. Can he help his one-time son cope with all that’s happened? They talk but it seems that its Claudia Michael bonds with despite Jason and Sam working to prove that Claudia was behind the botched hit. Michael even tells Claudia he can’t wait to be a big brother while he accused Carly of trying to replace him with her new baby. Is Michael a Jason re-do? It looks like it as he shuns Carly, bonds with Claudia and MAY be getting into it with Morgan and Sonny’s other son Dante.

What you MAY have missed yesterday…

FANFIC or SPOILER… Michael wakes up and the problems start. He’s not happy that neither of his parents were there and then he finds out he’s been out of commission for a year while his parents continued on with their lives even adding to their families. Is this where the rebel comes in?

Michael is going to be a handful that much we know, but how much and who will be helping him? RUMORS have Edward bank rolling Michael letting him get away from his parents. He SHOULD have some moments with Jason but that MAY be more to draw a correlation to Jason’s own brain trauma storyline. Will Michael be the new Jason with pool halls and motorcycle rides? Will the fans be reminded of how great GH used to be?

Jax wants Mikey to chill out so Carly doesn’t lose their baby. But who’s more important, the child who is spinning out of control or the baby she so desperately wanted? Add in Morgan who is SAID to become a mini – Michael in terms of his opinion on who his mom should be with.

Is Claudia getting the shove down the steps when Michael starts figuring things out about his step-mom? What’s a mobster to do when his kids have issues with him? Kristina is going to be a handful as the straight A student is RUMORED to become the next horn dog in town. Add in Dante and Sonny’s world is about to become a big old pain in the ass.

So what about Olivia’s boy… how is he going to add to Sonny’s stress? Well RUMORS have Sonny calling Dante to town to tame his mother and her younger man loving ways. These RUMORS go on to say that when Claudia meets Dante, it doesn’t take her long to figure out why Olivia was so tight lipped about her boy. Will Olivia ask Jax to help her out only to be stabbed in the back by her employer?

Better question… why so much Sonny? Wasn’t Jason the new crowned star of the show? Didn’t Maurice Benard request less work when he re-signed? Like I’ve said before, it seems to be the summer of Sonny’s offspring. Does this have to do with Steve Burton‘s contract talks?

Where’s the rest of the drama? Robin returns. Scrubs clear the air and get back on track. They MAY even meddle in Maxie and Matt’s love lives. There’s the Luke – Holly – Ethan nonsense coming up and while there was some pre-tapping, Geary is still going on vacation. NotEmily and Nikolas is a snooze fest with the only way to amp this storyline up is more Helena who is still RUMORED to be returning OH and making NotEmily, Emily. Jason and Sam SHOULD have some adventure stuff but that’s IF Burton re-ups and while I’m not a JaSam fan my more alerting problem with this is the lack of creativity in the writer’s room.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is Ric’s exit and the possible murder mystery surrounding it. Don’t misunderstand, I have zero faith that this will be penned properly but there is still a chance that it will and hopefully we’ll get to see Hearst at his best and TPTB with a constant reminder of their mistake of letting him get away.

What about those RUMORS that had Jason Cook staying on because of a good storyline coming up for the hospital side of things? My advice to JC, be cautious of promised storylines, better yet, ask Finola Hughes how that worked out for her.

In response to so many negative comments:
I’m not hoping for cancellation… I’m hoping for a change to the GH I used to see and love. Have the fans been bitter? Yes. Do they have a right to be? Absolutely! When we only had TFO, I used to question all the naysayers as to why they continue to watch if they hate it so much, so I completely understand where some fans are coming from when they see so much negativity, however, the more I got into the "reporting" side of things here at DC, I started looking at what these execs and writers are doing to my show with a much more critical eye. Its part of the gig for me but as a fan, I still have a problem with how TPTB are handling things. I have watched this show for a very long time and that’s still not as long as some. I have seen the great capers of the 80’s with the WSB to the adventure Sonny and Brenda had. From Luke and Laura’s love story to Frisco and Felicia’s to Alan and Monica… I’ve seen the mob at its best and its worst. I’ve seen some beautifully penned, socially charged storylines like Stone’s battle with AIDS to the horribly written PPD storyline we just sat through. I’ve weathered every storm since I started watching GH and I feel I’ve deserved the right to cry foul when I see this show self destructing before my very eyes.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Regan the Show needs to improve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am waiting to see Michael S/I to see how it will be played …….
    I don’t want Michael to like his step-monster , I hate Claudia the last few days made me want Jason to kill her!!
    Also why is Jason looking for prof that Claudia is responsible for what happen shouldn’t he be with michael make sure that the Step- monster is not hurting Michael….

  2. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I hope there’s some good Alexis/Sonny scenes that sounds promising and I do like Matt and Maxie together. I love Spinelli to but you know GH will string them along for a while. One question I have though is why Michael is cool with Sonny and not Carly I really wanted him to decide he wanted to be a Quartermaine but I guess their really aren’t enough of them left. I wonder what they plan on doing with Johnny if they don’t pair him and Maxie up.

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura
    One question I have though is why Michael is cool with Sonny and not Carly I really wanted him to decide he wanted to be a Quartermaine but I guess their really aren’t enough of them left. I wonder what they plan on doing with Johnny if they don’t pair him and Maxie up.

    I really think they are trying to play up the drama between Claudia and Michael and that’s why he ends up with Sonny over Carly.

    As for Johnny, some RUMORS have him leaving… others say they want him more mob bound and away from the young adult set.

  4. Profile photo of kgbmc

    Regan, I agree. Do I want GH cancelled?. No. Do I want something worthy of spending valuable or leisure time on when watching? Yes.

    I have made a commitment to GH and someone or TIIC has/have turned a well written and interesting show into something I find a bore and frustration to watch. I miss GH as it used to be.

    I want someone at GH to wake up before it is cancelled.

  5. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    I’m LOVING the idea of more Sonny/Alexis scenes. I also really like their friendship and they are totally funny together. I also want to see more Alexis/Sam scenes. Of course, I’m excited about the JaSam reunion, but I’m glad that they are taking it slow and would hope they would do so even if KM was available more. They need to heal and hopefully their upcoming adventures will bring them to an even better place than the beautiful JaSam days of 2005/2006. I really hope they don’t overdo the Kristina/Jason crush thing, although I guess it would make sense because of the Sam/Ric mess from way back. I guess it could give Sam an idea of how that made Alexis feel. Last but not least, I’m TOTALLY missing Scrubs and hope they come back better than ever. But I’m hoping they go into what Robin did with Brad, even if they bring him back for an episode to accidentally run into Robin and Patrick in the street. This will really help them clear the air, and honestly, I love it when Patrick gets jealous. :)

  6. Profile photo of KATE

    I don’t have a lot of faith in the Ric exit story.. They are not going to want to show that they are letting a great talent go!
    I am kind of not minding the show lately, at least I am thinking on my way home from work that i will probably turn the tv to watch..which is more then i can say for a month ago.
    I am looking forward to the Micheal story (as long as nuMicheal can pull us in) I know i am among the few.. but I kind of like Ethan. not the story they are presenting but I think his character has potential. I also wish we would get some Max/Diane, or Diane/Alexis scenes.. these 2 pairings are great comic relief and the writers should use them.
    Anyway that is my rant for the day.

  7. Profile photo of blackjack21

    Regan – thank you for your input and commitment to the show, even as it falters.

    One thing i’m interested in is Sam’s reaction to her little sister having a thing for Jason. I say keep the Sam/Jason friendship going so she can be amused and tease Jason about his little crush. I’d love to see scenes of Alexis and all her girls having dinner with Jason as Kristina makes googoo eyes at him to Alexis’ horror and Sam’s amusement! How fun!

    Then if they go forward with the couple of Sam/Jason they can morph it into a sibling rivalry thing. Or even have Sam/Jason (at first) pretend to be back together to gently let Kristina down and try to keep her out of Sonny and Jason’s mob world.

    Also, as i read what’s coming i am saddened. ABC is notorious for putting their veteran players out to pasture. i see all the sorasing as part of that. slowly pushing out carly, jax, jason, sonny, lowering “veteran” to anyone over 30 in favor of all this new stuff that few people are truly vested in. why can’t they see how y&r is successfully incorporating all their actors into viable, believable storylines that don’t involve shooting and revisionist history?

  8. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I have watched GH for years. I don’t want it cncelled. I want TPTB to show that they care about the show as much as the fans do. I am a fan of the show first and individual actors second. I feel like TPTB are fans of characters and will do whatever it takes to pimp those characters and to heck with the show. That just stinks. It doesn’t do any favors for the actors playing the character that are being pimped because the writing stinks.
    Right now, they are pushing Sonny and his brood up front and if the writing is crap, who will want to watch? They were pushing Sam for a while there and her plots were just silly.

  9. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan, another question (sorry). They teased us with Lucky and Liz getting back together, and they SHOWED Jason and Sam kissing BACK IN DECEMBER/JANUARY-what’s up with that? Do you think they changed their minds on Jason and Sam or had to drag it out because of her Vegas gig? They obviously filmed scenes of them kissing at some point and I know we’re not more than a month behind filming, so what happened? I don’t get it.

  10. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am going to make everyone hate me but I want the JaSam kiss NOWWWWWWW
    if Liz can kiss the Loser and be happy with someone I want Jason to be happy with someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura
    Question: why is Patrick still worried when Robin comes back and is past her PPD and they make up?

    Not sure what he’s worried about. He just may be hesitant that she’s completely OK. His fears SHOULD be put to rest quickly.

    Question are they making Claudia to be like Sonny was to Jason after the accident ??

    Not exactly. They’re sitting on a big "reveal" that she’s the one at fault. It COULD be good drama when Michael learns the truth about the one person he seems to be able to get close to. Don’t get me wrong, there will be those Jason scenes, possibly some stuff with Robin, Lulu and Kristina… but it SEEMS that Claudia MAY be his go-to person.

  12. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Thanks Regan, if Claudia is his go to person, that of course, will make Sonny bond with her because he will feel like he has to be grateful to her. How much longer can they drag out who NotEmily and Tethan really are???
    Regan, you never did tell me if the reason you call him “Tethan” is because of the horror movie he was in or because he’s so unattractive? Also, if anyone knows the supposed ages of any of the characters (I think you said Lulu and Maxie are around 21, and I know Sonny is 43/44) please let me know. Thanks :)

  13. Profile photo of maxsmom

    The Kristina/Jason story makes me quesy. SORAs doesnt erase the image 6yr old Kristina and the adult Jason, btw I will miss that kid.
    Cant look forward to any storyline that keeps Claudia on the show. I love SJB and blame Fruza but this character is unbearable.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    And when I said go-to person… I mean in the sense that it SEEMS Michael is going to be pissed at his mom but okey dokey with his step-mom. Maybe its all a big rouse and Michael remembers everything Claudia said to him about her being the guilty one. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer… Michael wanted in the biz before the shooting, maybe he still wants in.

  15. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Thanks for the scoops Regan.

    I’m a bit disappointed that this summer is going to be All Sonny’s Children.

    If the IIC bring back front and center the families named Quartermaines/Webbers/Hardys/Scorpios and write quality stories for them, then I’ll be looking forward to summer.

    But back to our regularly scheduled crap…my thoughts…

    I hope they continue to keep CarJax and Scrubs together; give Johnny a worthwhile story that doesn’t revolve around his psycho half sister; revive the Diane/Alexis friendship, Diane and Max should have a storyline too.

  16. Profile photo of JaSamLover

    I started watching soaps about nine years ago when I was on a break from school. general Hospital stood out for me and it became my number one favorite. I became an obsessed GH fan you could say. I would rush home from school to make sure I caught it and I always made it a priority. my friends and my family all made fun of me for it, but I didn’t care. I loved GH and all the characters and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. I was even at the ridiculous point of scheduling things around GH. But now, I barely tune in. And when I do, I’m overly frustrated – and that pains me. I think most soap fans would agree with me when I say that the characters and the soaps you love become a part of you. They mean something to you, you care about them. I feel let down by GH. I feel like they are betraying me by running the soap into the ground. I don’t expect every story line to go the way I want it. I understand, no matter how frustrating it is, that every couple I want to be together isn’t going to be together. But I expect the story lines i hate to be at least well written. And the couples I hate to be well written. You would think that because of the current state ALL of daytime is in. the GH show runners and writers would be doing all that they can to make sure GH is at the top of its game. That they would be making sure their numbers don’t fall any more than they already have. GH is supposed to be ABC’s flagship soap, their crown jewel. You’d think they would show a little responsibility.

    I realize I just wrote an entire novel, but I need somewhere to vent :)

  17. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    I too am anxious for a Jasam kiss but I am glad they are taking it slow. I’m happy with these scenes they are getting because a year ago it was like they didn’t even know each other. Until we get the kiss we can always go to youtube and watch past episodes when they were together. I am hoping that Jason does resign and KeMo gets replaced in the show she’s in so they can start moving forward in their relationship.

  18. Profile photo of

    If it were not for my DVR I would not make an effort to watch… sad thing is imagine how many people would be really watching if it were not for Tivo/DVR.

    NotEmily and Nik is just not exciting… I wish they would hurry up if Helenas involved. Maybe then…

    Ethan is really not all that… and please don’t do that to the L&L fans… Robert and Holly would be so much better…

    I really wish they would have had Jason and Liz and the kids celebrate at least during this whole who shot jr. story he could have walked to the daycare and reflected on his own kid.

    There have been time where I liked Claudia and Sonny they can talk business, she knows the rules, I wish they could have redeamed her. And Sonny and jason should just take a look at their lifestyle, MOB contracts, rival territory… frienimes, and retaliation for what Sonny did his is not innocent in all this.

    I have a better exit for Kate than this Crimson one… Kate was working with Jerry and Ian, She knew Jerry thru Jax, and She told Sonny no guards it was part get back for him shooting her, Sonny ditching her, and not wanting to share Sonny with Carly…She knew the truth tried to get Sonny to pick her over Claudia…She runs before anyone can get her and then down the road… she comes back for more blood
    Now thats how you do it Guzman and Fronz… thats drama and surprise… get it?

  19. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    I HATE that Guza is “guzafying” Holly again. Does he have to do this to EVERY 80’s vet? Ratings are in the toilet and he STILL does it. He needs to be fired.

    Regan, I did notice that one of the people you tagged was Finola Hughes. Shouldn’t it be Emma Samms instead?

  20. Profile photo of crown1231

    I have a theory as to why Lulu is with Michael when he wakes up. I think maybe Lulu comes by to check on Carly, who she knows is sitting vigal at his bedside, and tells her to go home and rest or to get something to eat while she sits with Michael for her. Promising to call if there any change. This is just my idea cause Lulu and Carly are close and this seems like something Lulu would say to Carly.

  21. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    Having Michael going to Claudia as a way to get back at her could be good, but I hope GH is not trying to prop Claudia by having Michael being cool with her because I would absolutely hate that! I feel like GH wil do whatever it takes to have Claudia come out looking like a hero. They have made Claudia one of the most unlikable characters in soaps and I do not want to see them go out of their way trying to redeem her.

  22. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    The show is terible…for me. I’ve watched the show since the late 70’s (well, I remember shows from earlier but realy only watched from the late 70’s). It bears no resemblance to the show I watched into the late 90’s. Even the characters who were there in the 90’s and are still here in 2009 are not the same characters…they’ve changed and not in the “my character has evolved” type of change….more in the “my character has ben totally rewriten” kind of change.

    I expect characters to grow old and evolve. Alan and Monica are prime examples of characters that started off a certain way and as they grew older, their characters evolved naturally. But now, they’ve got characters that have had sudden personality transplants. Luke, the lovable rogue, has become Luke the Disgusting. Holly, the reformed and much loved con woman — and a good caretaker of Robin when Robert and Anna were presumed dead, is now a scheming, no heart fraud who wants to take advantage of Robin. I never really liked Sonny, even back in the 90’s but at least he wasn’t dispicable like he is now. Back in the 90’s, he did have some humane qualities (the way he looked out for Stone and Robin) and he had some comic turns…but he’s so dark and morose. blech…no redeeming qualities.

    There’s only one family on this show… Sonny’s. The Quartermaines are all but dead in the water. Michael’s awakening would have been the perfect plot point to reboot the Quartermaine machine but instead, it’s more Sonny. The fans want more Quartermaine, not more Sonny. How hard is that to understand and how hard is that to write for? GH isn’t attracting new viewers so why not try to keep the ones they still have? Bleh…oh well, they already lost me so I guess I’ll just content myself by living in the past. While I steadfastly refuse to watch the new and disproved GH, I’ll watch the old and better stories of old on my dvd player.

  23. Profile photo of babydoll23

    I don’t want the show to be cancelled but if TPTB are going to continue to ignore fans and write what the hell they want then the show should be cancelled. The ratings are in the toliet pure and simple.GH has made so many mistakes in the past year I don’t know where to begin.1. The Claudia Z diaster her character should’ve been gone months ago bringing her on was a failure from the start.2.The return of Jason and Sam, having him try to be civil with a woman who purposely hurt his kid and then having Jason look like a fucking dumbass by wanting to kill Claudia for hurting Michael.
    3.Breaking up Sonny and Kate and Johnny and Lulu these were two popular couples that should have been left the hell alone.
    4. Ruining Spinelli and Maxie’s growing relationship.
    5. Destroying core families such as The Quartermaines and The Spencers.
    6. Excessive drama for the The Drake family,happiness does not have to be a death sentence for any couple if well written.
    7. Refusing to allow Carly to have an independent relationship away from Jason and Sonny.
    8. Wasting talent such as Ric Hearst for bad actors for example the ethan guy whatever the hell his name is.
    9. Ignoring history for example having Luke supposedly cheat on Laura.Complete bullshit.
    10.Making mobsters heroes,doctors (with the Robin goes to Jason to ask about Carly PPD isn’t Robin a fucking DOCTOR hello?)
    If what I read concerning the summer spoilers is true GH is definitely headed for cancellation.

  24. Profile photo of sallyv

    This show is barely watchable now…With a bunch of bratty kids coming up, I will be quitting this show. I don’t need to watch that.

  25. Profile photo of

    I agree and everyday I call and say LIASON.. in one way or another… I wish TPTB would listen… is there a way to get them too? Calling all Liason Fans what can we do? Calling all GH fans what can we do? Wouldn’t it have been great for Michael to wake up and want to be a Quartermaine, the Opposite of Jason… he even changes his last name and wants to run ELQ… Tracy and Monica and Edward would get Air time and If Monica found out about Jake. The only thing good about Nik and whats her name is Alexis is seen.

    I think I was seeing things but I swear I saw Monica and Bobbie and Mike…

    maybe Fronz has an idea for a new show and is just trying to get GH out of there.

  26. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I could see them playing up the whole Claudia/Michael thing to bad though him wanting to move in with Edward over Sonny would of been hilarious! I hope Johnny stays mainly because he’s a decent actor I hate the Z’s but I’d rather have Johnny over Ethan any day its going to be strange seeing him in the older crowd and sleeping with (you know who) sense they’ve spent so much time with him being the flavor of the week for Lulu.

  27. Profile photo of JaSamLover

    GH LOVER, I don’t hate you. I want that JaSam kiss too! If they’re gonna be stupid and start rushing all of the stories and just go back to couples they never should have broken up, then I’m gonna enjoy it. I will take any JaSam I can at this point :)

  28. Profile photo of taa2

    First of all, JaSamLover, many of us began watching–or continued watching, as the case may be–while we were in school be that grade school, junior high, high school, college or all of the above. It was the show many college students scheduled their classes around even in the late 70s and early 80s. So, you are in very good company and might want to tell that to your tormentors.

    Secondly, I am sure that TPTB are doing their best. It’s just that, in most cases, their best isn’t good enough. Personally, I think it’s time for a regime change starting with Frons. If not Frons, I’d settle for Guza while leaving the rest of the writing staff alone. The problem is at the head and not in the ranks, IMO. The day-to-day writing is good. It’s the overall storylines that can suck toothpaste. Actually, I’d like to see a couple of the longtime writers promoted to co-head writers to see if that will straighten things out. Hey, it worked with OLTL and it would probably cost less than bringing in a “name.” Um, are there any “names” left unemployed now? I mean GOOD ones and not the ones from GL or Megan McTavish or Whatshername Marie Latham, late of Y&R.

    If you are a Scrubs lover, as so many seem to be, then take heart because they are back. However, for the minority of people (like me) who would rather stick pins in our eyes than listen to one more Patrick-Robin bickerfest or, for that matter, ANYTHING having to do with Kim McCullough (or however her name is spelled), watch the show on DVR or VHS or something that allows FF because we’re going to need it. Point being, everything is cyclical. Don’t count GH down and out yet.

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