36th Annual Daytime Emmy Nomination Snubs

USA TODAY’s Daytime Emmy nomination headline reads "Daytime Emmys Honor Sesame Street, Snub The View." In the article they bring up how once again Susan Lucci was snubbed and The View was "overlooked" as best talk show nominee this year. Ironically, the majority of this year’s nominations are a joke. Certainly some snubs aren’t a surprise. We know from the Daytime Emmy Prenominations that Melody Thomas Scott and Trevor St. John didn’t even make the prenom list on their respective shows. However, there are certainly snubs among those who did make prenomination list. Kristen Alderson, Brandon Buddy and Arianne Zucker come immediately to mind. One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless were both snubbed, that is clear to almost anyone who actually watched them in 2009. One blessing – in this era of opposite thinkingMolly Burnett wasn’t nominated. Had that happened both hell and heaven would have frozen over.

Looking at the Prenominations, of the people who were prenominated, who do you think was snubbed?

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    Not that I need people to ask me this in the first place, I just blurt it out randomly, but thanks for asking anyway.

    Crystal Chappell was freakin snubbed.

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    I know you guys like to beat up on Molly Burnett for everything and anything, but seriously… it’s tired. We get it, she’s not a good actress by any means but what’s the point of being “Mean Girls” about it? :quest: Talk about beating a dead horse.

    Probably the biggest snub is Crystal Chappell.

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    Best Drama Series – OLTL and Y&R

    Lead Actor – Peter Bergman

    Lead Actress – Gina Tongnoni, Kim Zimmer

    Supporting Actress – Crystal Chapell and Arianne Zucker

    Supporting Actor – JPL (OLTL)

    Younger Actress – Kristen Alderson

    Younger Actor – Brandon Buddy

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    Crystal Chappell, Gina Tognoni, and Marcy Rylan were all snubbed!! But seriously, why am I even surprised by this??? GL has got the best actors and actress’ in daytime, hell in practially ALL of television – no wonder they were snubbed because they would have just kicked ass and brought the damn trophies home!!

    I am happy to see Daniel and Jeff with noms; however, bittersweet it may be for them. Congrats guys!

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    Who was snubbed? We all were. I am adopting Jamey’s “Opposite Thinking” here and say that the right actors and actresses were picked. Remember, this is now a genre for the “not fans” of soap operas. So yes, I agree with all of the nominations, considering that we will have to wait until the year that they all are cancelled and then the real fans will finally have their say.

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    To say all the right people were snubbed is a gross understatement. Where is Crystal Chappell, Arianne Zucker and Gina Tongnoni’s nomination for best supporting actress? I should’ve known when I heard B&B & DOOL were nominated for Best Drama Series all the wrong people/shows had been nominated. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard/read. This has been a dark day in daytime history in my book!!

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    Where are Billy Magnussen and Mick Hazen in the “Younger Actor” category, especially the former. Totally snubbed. :(

    Zack Conroy better be nominated in this category next year (unless he is too old but I have no idea how old he is)

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    These are what I consider to be snubs from the Pre-Nom list:

    Katherine Kelly Lang
    Laura Wright
    Gina Tognoni
    Crystal Chappell
    Marcy Rylan
    Adrienne Frantz
    Michael Graziadei
    Kristen Alderson
    Brandon Buddy

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    It makes zero sense that “The Bold & the Beautiful” could be nominated as best of anything. That show was HORRIBLE last year! Seriously, not one actor from the show is nominated and it receives an Outstanding Drama nomination? How is this possible?

    “Y&R” was the BEST written show followed by “One Life to Live” last year. “Guiding Light” has suddenly shot to the top since Phillip returned. (Yeah, I’m really surprised at how much the show has done a 180!)

    How can “Days of Our Lives” get it’s nomination? What are these people thinking.

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    Gina Tognoni
    Marcy Rylan
    Kim Zimmer

    Congrats to the GL guys, but what did the GL ladies do to the voters to have this injustice done to them??? There is no reasonable explanation for none of these 4 woman, and especially Crystal from getting nominated!!! Nothing that involves judging on pure talent anyway!!!

    Its crazy I tell you!!!

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    The whole cast of Guiding Light.
    (Excluding Grady, Cyrus, Ashley, and Daisy of course)

    But, I mean, you look at it. In so many ways GL has the most outstanding cast, and actors on their show. Period. The are just great. No doubt about it.

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    Crystal Chappell was snubbed as well as Gina Tognoni, and Marcy Rylan.

    These actresses had to deal with a new production model and limited budget, and have to do their scenes in one take. That’s acting for you – to be able to flawlessly perform your role in the midst of those challenges with grace and dignity. They are truly class acts like no other, and I’m so proud to be called one of their fans.

    You three ladies are stars in my book!

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    No offense to Molly, but she can’t act and Corday forcing this character down our throats with no rooting value and no connection with a core family except Max I think that people have the right to be dissing her, LOL. I don’t think we are mean, but when you are an actor, you are suppose to learn to act or bring it or be gone, not taking valuable air time for other characters people want to see.

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    Drama Series: Y&R, One Life

    Lead Actor: Darnell Williams

    Lead Actress: KKL, Gina Tognoni, Laura Wright

    Supporting Actor: Michael Graziadei, JPL

    Supporting Actress: Crystal Chappell, Adrienne Frantz, Marcy Rylan

    Younger Actor: Brandon Buddy, Billy Magnussen

    Younger Actress: Kristen Alderson

    Writing: Y&R

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    why bash Molly Burnett? She’s not the best actress, but considering she’s playing with the big guys, and is in lead SL’s, she’s doing pretty dang good.

    Besides, she’s better than Alderson.

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    Crystal Chappell – Not only should she have been nominated, but they should have just gone ahead and handed her the damn award. But you know, on second thought, there’s really no award worthy of her.

    Gina Tognoni and Peter Bergman also should have been nominated in their respective categories.

    And although I dropped Y&R this year, it had me glued last year.

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    I could make a long list of not only snubs but WHYS???

    I can’t wait to hear the Daytime Confidential crew’s emmy nomincation podcast!!!


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    okay….I guess I was in denial when every single expert said that the Emmys were a joke nowadays, but today I got proof, and it ain’t pretty…
    First Y&R is NOT on the best show list, and B&B is?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OLTL being snubbed is yet another offence….
    Also, Adrienne Frantz and Michael Graziedei being snubbed is just ludicrous…. and oh did I mention Peter Bergman….
    Other horrible snubs: Chrystal Chappell, Gina Tognoni.

    You know it’s bad when the Daytime Emmy nominations have become ‘offensive’ to soap fans…

    Luke!! Will you hold a Emmy nominations reaction hotline??

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    All the great actresses of Guiding Light were snubbed, but the biggest injustice was in not nominating Crystal Chappell. Crystal is the best of the best, she is phenomenal!
    They should air the ceremony on CBS..they don’t recognize great talent either!

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    All the GL ladies. I am happy for the GL men but these ladies were snubbed. Crystal, Gina, Marcy and Kim did amazing work this year. They deserved to be recognized. The most criminal from this list is of course Crystal Chappell. In my opinion she is the best daytime actress period. What she can do with her eyes is more than most can do at their best.

    And do get me started on best show….???? AMC, B&B and Days???? Really???? It should have been Y&R, OLTL, and GL.

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    I don’t begrudge any actor their shot at some recognition for their hard work, so congrats to all the nominees. Maybe we should just give Crystal a LIFETIME (pun intended) Achievement award and call it a day? She outperforms ANY other actor on television right now. If she doesn’t win for BEST ACTRESS next year….well, look for bacon falling from the sky and UPS the devil some snow shoes!

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    I’m so sick of mainstream media saying Susan Lucci is not being nominated is a snub. GMAB! Maybe they’ll count how many years she isn’t nominated. Maybe they’ll say someday, “After 19 years of being nominated and finally winning, Lucci spent the next 19 years waiting for that day she could express disappointment when she lost on live TV once again as Molly Burnett pulled off the upsets of all upsets in winning Best Leading Actress.”. Every year after that, it’ll be “Lucci loses again! Tyra shakes her booty” in the headlines. Lucci will be 90 or so when she finally wins again, just so the planets can stay alligned with the stars and kids can believe in Santa.

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    Crystal Chappell

    But the Emmy nominating system works against her style of acting. CC is a method actor. Her performances are not overdramatic. She does not overemote. Her performances are riveting works of art but they are subtle and nuanced.

    The Emmy nominating system needs to somehow consider some of the body of work and not just a couple of clips seen out of context. This type of system just promotes the overdramatic performances and leaves the actors with understated talent out of the Emmys. And, IMO, the overdramatic performances do not do service to the daytime drama industry.

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    Arianne Zucker deserved a Emmy Nomination . I don’t really understand how they rate talent but that woman has it. Balled like a baby when Nicole lost hers that’s all I have to say.

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    I’m still like …huh?…what>
    My young actor would be: Eddie Alderson OLTL. he did an amazing job to me for such a young lil’ dude.
    As well as Brandon Buddy OLTL , and how there storylines intertwined, awesome.
    but the one that really blows me away is B&B for CBS…and not Y&R…has CBS been paying any attention to these 2 shows’ storylines? Clearly not..B&B for the most part has been full of crap, wrap up in a month or less storylines with no substance, with acting that could be called in from hom by most of its actors and actress. while Y&R has had very strong writing and wonderful acting by its entire cast…it just makes no damn scence to me whatsoever.

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    No offense to Molly, but she can’t act and Corday forcing this character down our throats with no rooting value and no connection with a core family except Max I think that people have the right to be dissing her, LOL. I don’t think we are mean, but when you are an actor, you are suppose to learn to act or bring it or be gone, not taking valuable air time for other characters people want to see.


    First, who you are to say Molly cannot act? You may feel it´s true, but just because she is different, excentric and is not afraid to go overboard sometimes doesn´t mean she is bad. She had to go through long and hard casting process to win the part and they had to completely rewrite and change the plans for Mel so Molly can even play her (originally she was much younger and paired with Will). I hope we all agree an Emmy nominated casting professional like Marnie Saita wouldn´t fight so hard to get some noname newbie on the show if she didn´t think the girl has a potential to be an amazing character.

    Second, it´s no longer true she has no rooting value and is not connected to the cast. Look at any board, you will see a lot of people likes her, thinks she is funny and looking forward to her scenes. It´s only this site and that guy Nelson Branco who still cannot stop spreading their hate even if it´s no longer justified. Yes, she was on a lot at the beginning and it took a while to find the right attitude for her, but the last few months she is turning into a quite popular character and a great comic relief. She made the character her own and uniq, so much even the writers are noticing it and always give her some special “Melaniesgue” line or thing which further defines her character. As for her connection, she has great relationship with Maggie, Brady is like her older brother and she is working at the University Hospital. Oh, and if the casting news are right, she will soon get involved with next generation doctor Horton, so Maggie will have further reason to consider her part of the family. What more connection can you get?

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    I’m so upset that OLTL was snubbed for best drama. Kirsten Alderson & Brandon Buddy were snubbed, and WHY OH WHY isn’t Anthony Geary (Luke, GH) banned from putting his name in the nommination pool. This whole system needs to be redone.

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    Crystal Chappell had been nominated for an Emmy each of the past 8 years. I think she usually has stuff that stands out. 2008 had very little stand out moments for her. I guess it depends on what she submitted as her two tapes. I don’t really know what she submitted. Otalia in 2008 wasn’t very dramatic at all. Really, the only good dramatic scenes I saw Crystal in was in the heart transplant storyline. Telling Emma she’s dying and telling Gus goodbye stand out for me. I hear she had a good scene with Justin Deas when dying, but I can’t find it. If she used those scenes, I don’t understand how a legit system can not include her (using two tapes is just silly).

    I’m not sure method acting really works as well with the style of writing GL had much of last year. It’s all in the writing anyways and no style works with bad writing, but that isn’t exactly what I mean. There was and is still this emphasis on showing people do everyday things on GL. It’s not very dramatic at those times (or interesting).

    And at any rate, Crystal clearly uses her own emotions from her life to make scenes more believable (that’s method acting). That’s not always possible, so I think she also uses traditional acting and does that well. Now if you look at Tom Pelphrey, he is lost when he can’t method act. I’m not sure how coming back will work for him. I know there should be more drama at the end which will help him.

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    I felt Crystal’s performance in the heart transplant storyline was Emmy-worthy in any year with any competition. The guilt that Olivia felt over Gus’ death and the fact that she had his heart, Crystal made palpable. I could FEEL it. The depression she went into when she didn’t want to see Emma after she found out about Gus was amazing acting. Crystal deserved better from the Daytime Emmy’s.

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    I was unable to watch much of the heart transplant story due to my distain of Olivia marrying Jeffery and I guess this kind of is an example of why the system doesn’t work. Two tapes doesn’t give anyone a feel of the whole year’s performance. So, these awards have been a joke for a long time for a reason (and it has nothing to do with Susan Lucci getting snubbed mainstream press!).

    Personally, I don’t care about the sunbs at this point. The bed was made. They all have to sleep in it or sleep on a rock. I don’t feel sorry for anyone here.

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    Wow. It seems like *a lot* of deserving people didn’t get a nom this year. I still can’t believe Kirsten Alderson and Brandon Buddy din’t get *anything.* And OLTL definitly deserves to be nominated for Best Drama. The whole Emmy selection processjust makes me so mad!

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    Melody Thomas Scott was snubbed for Lead Actress by the Y&R, as was Peter Bergman and Eric Braden.

    CJL is good, but Peter Bergman is better. Peter. was. robbed.

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    hands down, laura wright was the biggest snub for an emmy. her scenes last year were amazing and not only should she have been nominated, but i think she should have won as well. i am surprised that kristen alderson wasn’t nominated given how talked about her s/l was this year and the fact that she was pretty much a lead the entire year. oh well, i only really care about laura wright being snubbed. i can live with most of the other nominations.

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    i second joshua’s list, but add laura wright in best actress as a big fat snub. i am especially pissed about all the OLTL snubs. i was completely shocked when i got to read the full list of nominations. they are pretty much awful across the board (with a few exceptions of course).

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    For the first half of 2008 (the year the Emmys are for), DAYS was excellent. Ed Scott was the ep and the show FINALLY after years of garbage had a great umbrella story with a very mixed (young and old) ensemble cast.

    It FINALLY deserved and EMMY and so did Peter Reckell, Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris. Darin Brooks, not so much.

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    No offense to Molly, but she can’t act and Corday forcing this character down our throats with no rooting value and no connection with a core family except Max I think that people have the right to be dissing her, LOL. I don’t think we are mean, but when you are an actor, you are suppose to learn to act or bring it or be gone, not taking valuable air time for other characters people want to see.


    It’s not that people are dissing her acting. She can’t act, no doubt, but constantly bringing her up in situations where she’s not a factor in the first place is what I was referencing way back on pg 1.

    Why mention her at all as part of the Emmy snubs? She wasn’t snubbed. She didn’t deserve a nom. And she’s on a lot less than Stacy on OLTL and a few other bad characters/actors. It would have been more on topic to rip on EJ Bonilla for getting a nom when his acting skills are very questionable.

    It’s not MB’s acting skills that I was defending (for lack of a better way to phrase it), it’s the need to bring her up just to tear her down time after time after time despite a situation not warranting it. It’s beating a dead horse, IMO, to constantly kick the actress for sucking no matter the actual topic. It stops being funny at some point and just becomes mean. Maybe for me the issue is because it’s more personal potshots on the actress rather than the character.


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