DC #404: CBS and Days Big Cheese of the Seven Seas

On today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Jamey, Jillian and J. Bernard discuss the latest in As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless news, including:

Katie and Brad find out the truth on As the World Turns, while Henry and Vienna deal with the fallout of the revelation. What should As the World Turns fans do when Maura West goes on maternity leave?

Rick Hearst returns to The Bold and the Beautiful. Don Diamont debuted as Bill Spencer. Taylor and Stephanie scheme to get Ridge away from Brooke. Is Donna a real life Stripperella?

The DiMera versus Kiriakis feud heats up, but is it the battle of the Calvin Klein and Gucci models? Alison Sweeney deserves kudos for her work last week.

Guiding Light’s Dinah tells Shayne he’s the father of Marina and Mallet’s baby. Frank finds out about Olivia and Natalia and gets beat up by the mayor’s men. Jamey talks about how to kill a soap opera quickly.

Kay marries on The Young and the Restless. It has been a month since Clementine Ford debuted as Mac so Jamey is breaking his silence on the actress and her character. The DC gang reacts to the shocking news that Melody Thomas Scott has been asked to take a paycut or go on recurring.

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33 Responses

  1. Profile photo of gush900

    Let me remind some viewers kim zimmer refused to take a pay cut and she won that battle.Jamey,Jamey i have to disagree with you on deidre hall shes one of the best actress’s on daytime.She is one of the best leading ladies in daytime.

  2. Profile photo of Smitty

    Jamey and Jillian thank you for schooling them on the importance of MTS to Y&R! Y&R without MTS is a no. I have to say that I would probably be one of those viewers to leave if she goes. Get rid of the newbies or mid level people. There are so many useless people, well not useless, but people Y&R could stand to lose. Daniel Goodard, Christel Khail, Judith Chapman, Ted Shackelford, Adrienne Frantz, Amelia Heinle and many more. I could go on and on. Hell they could even get rid of Doug Davidson. I like Paul and Nikki but I want my MTS before I see them.


  3. Profile photo of ghaddict

    GREAT PODCAST GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luke I thought that you liked Rosanna……wouldn’t you stay tuned to see what she is up to????I think she is coming on before Maura West leaves and I assume they would play her in Carly’s orbit…..

    If, however, Rosanna is the same Paul obsessed fool that she was on her last return I think I may opt for maternity leave as well…..

  4. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Gush, I love Dee, but she stopped acting half a decade ago, whereas Melodie has actually gotten better with age. I was angry to see Dee go because of her icon status, but she was texting her scenes in the last three or four years easy.

  5. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I do like Rosanna, BUT that depends on which Rosanna it is. If it is the one that earned Cady McClain the Emmy I loved her. If it is the one who came back from a coma just to whimper over Paul. At this point we clue which of the two we’re getting when Rosanna returns this time.

  6. Profile photo of maine79

    Luke next time when you decide to take a week off please let us know. These podcast have become my addiction and I been going through withdrawls for a week.

    Jamey your rant was absolutely glorious. You been so reserved about Ellen Wheeler (recently) and new Mac I almost thought a pod person had taken over.

    As a fan of Y&R if keeping MTS means firing Judith “bug eyed scenery chewing” Chapman then I definitely willing to make that sacrifice for the greater good.

  7. Profile photo of ad-girl

    Great podcast, everyone.

    Y&R has got to keep Melody Thomas Scott!

    So glad the month is over and you could finally slam that no-talent Clementine Ford. The show has too many characters as it is. They need to send Mac’s tired self back to Africa.

  8. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    The NuMac needs to go plus Ana, Tyra, Gloria, and Jeffrey and make the rest of the cast take a pay cut too to keep MTS. She is valuable to the cast and they need to do everything in their power to keep her. I am hoping that Adam and Rafe do become a couple, hey Mrs Adam carrington, and with Phillip as a third wheel.

    Jamey, I love your comments about Ellen Wheeler and she deserve it for putting GL for their bad decision making and the fans have to realize this industry is dying and something needs to happen to shake it up before their won’t be a soap to watch anymore.

  9. Profile photo of soapfan78

    big cheese of the seven seas damn you guys are too funny…ive never heard language like shit, etc & soap talk together…i love it. i gotta say DC has become my top go to site for soap stuff. keep it going ya’ll. this particular episode was hilarious, especially the girl that was on. forgot her name but she cracked me up!

  10. Profile photo of Puertoricanlips


    You are right about Ricky Paul Goldin and Beth Elhers leaving Guiding Light. However Beth Elhers left GLight for AMC and what a bad mistake that was. I mean her character sucks and who really cares for her or her new character on AMC. SO like they say sometimes the grass is not greener elsewhere. Because AMC SUCKS the writing sucks and I don’t care for any of the characters anymore on the show. Hey Beth Ehlers maybe you should have stayed in Peapack/ GLight. I know I for one fast foward thru her boring Scenes on AMC.

  11. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I for one was glad Beth Ehlers was gone from GL.
    All you AMC fans can have her.LOL

    I like Jamey ranting and raving, he even got J.Bernard to cuss.

    Did you by any chance mention the Universal trip that GL had in another podcast? I seem to be off a week but I was sure I had listened to them all.

  12. Profile photo of jeannelw

    i am so happy you are loving SAFE as well as so many of us
    galen & ali are awesome its great to be EXCITED about
    a couple for me again as a SHUIS / GALEN
    fan who got ROBBED of a happy ending for them

  13. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    I hate to say this and I’ll probably rain on a bunch of parades, but I’m beginning to feel the path of the story of Otalia may not be as it seems, as it is played on screen. In my mind, I think an endgame is Otalia, because the show can’t do anything else with how far they’ve gone and really, their friendship is enough with good writing. In my heart, I have to ask how can two people be the endgame (sexually) without meaningfully going to first base. Um, it’s taking too long to just kiss and really, using the strap-ons is too distant to even consider. I think it’s going to happen, but I don’t feel it. In fact, Olivia’s part really leaves me to question it, even though I know better. I mean, someone said somewhere to me that she is too sexual. I’m not one that calls her a slut, but she does put her heart on her sleave. No real kiss by now makes questioning it feel right. Now, I’m convinced about Natalia being bi. It’s just how slow things are going and the math not adding up bugs me.

    Last week, with the spa and Emma coming and all, I just felt it was impersonal. At times, this story has done that (especially since the beginning of the year). Don’t get me wrong. I think it really works when it works. I know they aren’t putting labels on it, but by saying there is no labels, aren’t they labeling it? Instead of labeling it with character drive, sometimes I feel like it’s a PSA (not PAS for you Paul Anothy Stewart fans). Going in between the lines to draw everyone in can be a crutch.

    And God, I could care less about Frank. I thought the marriage was stupid to begin with given the depth of Frank and Natalia’s relationship. Even if she wanted to escape, it was Frank’s idea. In the end, I can’t forget that, so who cares about that triangle? Getting beat up by Doris’ guys would work under the right cirucumstances.

  14. Profile photo of bonobochick

    This was a good podcast. :)

    As painful as it is, I wish you’d talk a bit more about the actual storylines on ATWT. I would love to hear you all talk about what is working and what isn’t in a little more detail than simply bashing the writing each week (which is really easy to do since the writing is AWFUL 95% of the time). If you go on maternity leave when Maura does, I will understand since JP will likely increase the airtime of Meg and Alison despite the return of Rosanna. I suspect when Maura leaves, the show will have Dusty, Damian, Paul, and Craig all fighting over Meg as a replacement for Carly’s absence. They will also increase Alison’s screentime with Casey and whatever new under 20 guy comes in to town who can’t resist Alison’s charms. I bet you can’t wait! :beer: There’s a rumor there are also Black people on ATWT that might become visible in the near future.

    GL… I love me some James. Can’t wait for you guys to talk about the Ponzi reveal as well as his realistic issues about Lizzie being the favorite.

    I know this was mentioned on the ABC podcast but I remember Ric Hearst on Days but that’s because I loved me some Faith and Scotty. I don’t the show could ever get him and Melinda Clarke back but just him would be ok but who would be a viable love interest for him. Nicole?

    Thanks for mentioning the rampant sexism with the paycuts. It is something that needed to be said, I just wish it would make an impact with the production companies.

  15. Profile photo of elvara

    I want to say THANK YOU Jamey for your rant and FINALLY telling it like it is about Ellen Wheeler. It’s about time!! I can’t believe how everyone forgot her role in the destruction of GL.

    And I forgive the little dig at my Jammy. I do believe that up until Sandy died, Jammy was at its best but then the Lizzie/baby crap happened. And for what exactly?? It destroyed Jonathan, Tammy and so many other characters. A wasted opportunity. They could have done so much more with them without involving Lizzie and a baby.

    The NuMac needs to be recast NOW!! It could be a good story with Mac, Billy and Chloe but Clementine Ford is so so awful. I just can’t stand her.

  16. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Thanks guys, I have been holding back, because a.) I knew GL fans needed time to mourn the CBS cancellation and b.) because I genuinely didn’t want to kick Ellen while she was down. I assumed she felt bad enough, but for her to stay silent and let her friends in the industry sacrifice themselves to defend her destructive behavior and basically endorse transforming soaps into something the fans don’t recognize or respond to made my blood boil. How in the world is 25 percent of your core customer base LEAVING, EVER, EVER, EVER something to be benchmarked? And that is basically what Susan Flannery called for in her guest editorial in SOW. She all but said the rest of daytime could LEARN from Ellen. Yes, they can, I agree. They can learn how to hasten a soap opera’s death in two years or less. I’m sorry, to borrow from Gone With The Wind’s Rhett Butler, I’m angry. Waste always makes me angry.

  17. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    jeannelw, SAFE is slowly but surely becoming my replacement for Liason. They are one of the precious few new couples I am rooting for in daytime. I am also rooting for James and Daisy on GL Bonnie Dennison has started to come out of her soap operatic coma in the presence of Zack Conroy, and their chemistry is sweet. I love SAFE, because liek with Brandon , Sami has an organic love of her own. He isn’t someone who first loved her sister like Austin or Lucas, he isn’t someone who impregnated her at gunpoint to fulfill some ridiculous legacy between the Bradys and Hortons, he’s just this awesome, funny, loveable guy for Sami to have all to herself—for awhile at least. I know I haven’t said it much, but Luke has, DAYS is becoming enjoyable again. 

  18. Profile photo of JJ2009

    Safe equals zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    In fact anything with Sami Brady is overdone, over pushed. Just because AS is loved by NBC does not mean she can act. AS may be sweet and nice and all that but she is a limited actress. She does nasty, bratty, selfish fairly well but that’s it. Her Sami is a flat character with one strong suit (nasty). Sami, the heroine is painfully embarrassing to watch. Even if the history of the character wasn’t so set, the inability of the writers/actor to give fans a reason to believe in Sami is obvious. And GG is almost as flat AS when it comes to giving a character layers.

    DAYS is pathetic. Good acting is now a rarity. Newbies abound, character history is a joke, and this writer and producer have put the last nails in the coffin.

    As for Y &R, MTS is another one whose mediocrity amazes me. Ditto for EB. Their dominance of this show remains a mystery. PB is a phenomenal actor….and a few others have potential but still the Victor and Nikki show continues….ugh.

    Daytime lacks balance and lacks decent writing. No wonder talented actors are on the back burner or fired. Incompetent writers look like fools when good actors show them up….

  19. Profile photo of minipitbull007

    I’m enjoying Safe its alright. I hope BD does not lose his job but his s/l is leaning towards that direction. I hold on to no false hope he will be gone by the end of Summer. JMO
    It would be outstanding having the character Carly as well as CC back on Days. Bo and Hope need a decent s/l.

  20. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Jamey, preach it. Thank you for speaking the truth about this industry, and J. Bernard, you too. I love the podcast and I do feel that Ellen W. needs to be responsible for the destruction for the show and the cast members to bolt. But Barbara Bloom also is responsible for letting this soap be ruin too and Jamey I hope you give it to her on the next podcast, too. :,

  21. Profile photo of east.west

    Called her Plastica HA!
    Poor Jennifer Garies.

    Anywho loved the episode and Jay your rant was awesome!

    I have a question wasn’t there some girl already supposed to play Mac b4 Clemitine got it? Anyways, like I mentioned before, Clemitine is beautiful and the girl is a good actress, but I think she could give two shits about playing this role b/c she looks like she’s bored.

  22. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    JJ2009 viewers have always loved to see what Victor and Nikki will do next and whether or not they will get together. Sorry if its nothing else but it is what it is. When you ask people who’s on Y&R, they will mention Victor and Nikki and its a formula that has worked on Y&R for MANY years and the ratings prove it.

  23. Profile photo of voodoogrrll

    I have to agree with the Adam love today. He is one sick puppy and I love how he terrorizes Ashley and then buddies up to her.

    Y & R without Nikki is not Y & R. Who else could play her? There is no one out there to take her place. If Melody is going to have to take a pay cut then Eric and Peter should have to as well.

  24. Profile photo of blake3b

    Thank you Jamey for FINALLY speaking the truth about Ellen Wheeler! About time someone in the media said something about the truth, we Guiding Light fans have been thinking and saying it for years now!
    Jamey, don’t forget that video of when John Driscoll was leaving and Ellen was crying and giving that awkward speech.
    I hate how it comes across as she tried to save it, but she brought the show down since she joined in 2004. At first when she and David Kreizman joined the show was really good with the return of Dinah and her stalking Cassie to the buildup of Phillip going crazy and his shooting. But then we got the weird stuff like Marvel superhero Harley (and the tie in with the comic book?!?!?), Lizzie and Remy having sex on the floor of the men’s bathroom, Harley getting with her niece’s boyfriend (something the real Harley never would have done), etc.
    And I agree about the sucky Peapack scenes, GL used to seem like a metropolitian area (seemed the show said it was around Chicago), but now we have farm houses and things that make it look all country.
    Hopefully if Lifetime picks it up Ellen Wheeler won’t go back to her old ways and slowly kill the show again.
    Again Jamey, thanks for the rant. I LOVED it (and I love Jillian’s funny comments as well).

  25. Profile photo of Oakdale-fan

    Sadly for MTS (and others who will find themselves in her position) I think she’s fighting a losing battle. It will be interesting to see though if they come to any sort of deal or if MTS will walk. Despite all the cutbacks and paycuts over the last few years, the only “big” actor that has actually stood his/her ground and walked out is Martha Byrne.

  26. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yeah, the sexism needs to stop and I do hope that if MTS takes a pay cut, everyone else should to. I also agree that we are in a bad economy state and to not take it or lose their job, I would take the cut. I hope that everything works out and MTS is still on the show as Nikki.

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