Passions Nominated for Outstanding Hairstyling Emmy

Normally a category like "Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling" isn’t a category that gets much notice. This year the category boasts the sole 36th Annual Daytime Emmy nomination for Passions. You can read into this what you want, but I call it irony. Here’s one last toast to Passions.

The Bold and the Beautiful
General Hospital

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  1. Profile photo of riot

    I’m starting to think this year is one big brutal april fool’s day. First the cancellation of GL, then Crystal Chappell snubbery, now the hair model award for passions.

    Ellen better stay away from this mess.

  2. Profile photo of jeannelw

    aww my passions gone but not forgotten

    and days gets nom how about that with 2 passions stars on it ;)

    looking forward to galen and eric sitting at the days table

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