Stephanie Gatschet Comes to All My Children

Stephanie Gatschet is coming to Pine Valley.  According to Gatschet’s official website "She will be playing the D.A.’s wife, Madison North, and will start airing Friday, June 19. Be sure to watch and stay tuned for more info!" Gatschet portrayed one half of the popular Guiding Light couple "Jammy," opposite of Tom Pelphrey. I’ve included a clip from Guiding Light, after the jump, for any All My Children fans who may want to check her out.

I know this is disappointing for Guiding Light’s Jammy fans, but it should be good news for fans of the actress who have wanted to see her back in daytime. My question is: why didn’t All My Children use her as a recast for Amanda Dillon, since Chrishell Stause is leaving? Why didn’t they recast Colby, even if they would have had to slightly SORAS the character? Stephanie as a Chandler could have been outstanding and heaven knows we need a good actress in the role. This continues All My Children’s pattern of  bringing on talented or popular actors such as Beth Ehlers, Jamie Luner and now Stephanie Gatschet, but not casting them in the most obvious of roles?

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    Wait, Luke…do you consider Stephanie Gatschet a good actress? Because if she had replaced Colby, it would be replacing a hair model with a slightly older hair model!

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    I’m happy for her. I will definitely watch. I read that her role is recurring. Jonathan and Tammy were popular and I really miss them. The fans got a lousy ending.

    I just wanted a reunion for Jammy. :(

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    Personally i was a huge jammy fan.I loved stephanie gatscet as tammy winslow.I would’ve perferred stephanie as the babe carey recast a year ago.Tptb could’ve even cast stephanie as marissa babes twin

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    I see a Crystal Hunt Part II coming. SOD described the DA’s wife as “flashy and bitchy”… knowing Pratt and Frons, you know what this probably means… airtime-hogging disaster!

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    Stephanie is a terrific actress. If you saw her scenes during the breakup of Jonathan and Tammy you’d see that. I think she will do great on AMC. I had not read that about the role being flashy and bitchy. I cannot wait to see Stephanie in that type of role.

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    For any body who thinks shes a hair model. …. well im not that mean to say what i think :D but for further evidence that she can play a good bitch check out her scenes with Lizzie during the whole Jon Lizzie Marriage :) priceless!

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    It’s too late and besides the point (and all that stuff), but I wouldn’t have minded seeing Stephanie Gaschet take over the role of “Heather Stevens” from Vail Bloom on Y&R. I always thought Stephanie was likable in the role of “Tammy” and the role of “Heather” definitely needs to be more likable. Though passable, Bloom is not a very strong actress and I think that leads viewers to dislike the character more than inherently necessary. The role should be that of a strong woman–but likable. Bloom seems capable of only putting across a “hard as nails” persona and can’t project much likability.

    I wish her luck on AMC. Their gain is another show’s loss.

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    This is great/stupid. Great to see SG back on daytime. SO STUPID that she’s not Colby!! SG can play 18 with ease. What the hell is wrong with these producers? Just like Beth Ehlers should have been Liza, Jamie Luner should have been Skye and now SG should be Colby. This show is run by idiots.

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    Wow, she looks like a great actress. I think she woyld’ve made a pretty good recast for Amanda, why do Pratt et. al not know how to cast anyone properly?
    And seriously I thought Jackson was the D.A., or is he being written off as well?

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    Okay, no more sick than Reva on GL hooking up with a father and son and the million other soap opera devices that occur that fans accept. I mean come on, this is a soap opera, not real life. I do not care if 2 cousins hook up on a soap opera as long as the story is good and the acting is good, which in this case it was. It was a wonderful love story on a soap opera and I even forgot they were cousins for a time because the chemistry between the 2 actors was so good.

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