DC Exclusive: Ex-DAYS Star Blake Berris on How His Emmy Nod Made Him Burn Breakfast

Of all the head-scratching 2009 Daytime Emmy nominations, I was glad to see the Academy got a few nods right. Two of those were former Days of Our Lives breakout stars Blake Berris (ex-Nick) and his real life pal Rachel Melvin (ex-Chelsea), who were nominated in the Best Younger Male Lead and Best Younger Female Lead categories respectively. From his very first air show, I knew the immensely-talented, theater-vetted Berris would stand out in Salem.

Melvin managed the unthinkable during her time on DAYS. She made me to finally forgive her character for mowing down the child of my favorite couple ever. Melvin infused Chelsea, a character that could have been a token, one-note, prototypical DAYS villainess, with tons of heart. I really don’t even remember when it happened but before I knew it, I had stopped loathing Chelsea, and came to see her as a viable, bonafide heroine, and that is to Melvin’s credit.  I caught up with Berris who shared with Daytime Confidential how he learned of his nomination from Melvin, and how it caused him to wreck a meal.

"I got a call from Rachel [Melvin] in the morning and as soon as I saw her number I knew she was going to have some type of news, so my stomach kinda dropped, and she said, ‘Do you know you’re nominated for an Emmy?’  I think i screamed, "Holy $^%$!" and ran around the house like a crazy person. I burned the eggs i was making," the actor reveals.

Berris goes on to congratulate his former stomping ground on their nomination for Best Drama Series.

"I am so proud of everyone at DAYS," says Berris. "They have been dealt some tough cards lately and this validation really is a testamant to the work ethic over there."

That’s what I call a Class Act.

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    I’m glad for Blake Berris (he’s so cute) but I stopped keeping up with Days right around the time Marcus Patrick’s Jett left. Marcus Patrick was the only reason why I started to watch and Marcus and Blake were in some of the same story lines on Days when I was watching.

  2. Profile photo of Tripp

    Blake Berris is cute! And I am so glad he got nominated. Probably very unlikely that anyone from Days will win but BB so deserves it. (Plus it might help me swallow they made my beloved Nick Fallon a pill poppin pyscho there at the end).

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    I love Blake and Rachel and it’s about time they got recognition. Days ruined the best younger couple of the last few years in Chick.

    Anyways, I’m glad that you stopped loathing Chelsea, Jamey! She was my fave younger character and I really miss her . Stephanie, Melanie or Mia can’t fill the void for me.

    I’m rooting for Blake and Rachel to win!

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