FOX Picks up Pilot Starring AMC’s Kelly Giddish

She may not have been Dixie Cooney, but she just might be a primetime star. FOX has picked up the supernatural crime drama Past Life, featuring All My Children alum Kelly Giddish. Good for Giddish, I always liked her as Di. Even though the storyline stunk to high heaven, the stellar actress almost made me believe she could be JR’s long lost mama, even though she and Jacob Young are like the same age—I said almost.

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    I have to say I was taken in by this Di character being Dixie returned to PV – like they went ahead and recast Cady McClain but you’re right Jamey in that this pretended Dixie (Kelly Giddish) was so much younger than what the actual age Dixie should have been (some damn good fantastic plastic surgery) and she and Jacob Young’s JR looked to be about the same age.

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    This is great news about the pilot getting picked up to series. I can’t wait to see it.

    I’m not if everyone’s aware but her name is spelled “Kelli Giddish” though.

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