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Here’s the Scoop! 05.15.09

Has all the Emmy drama died down? Congrats to the GH stars who were nominated. Now onto the SCOOP!

Michael’s awake… no memory of what happened to him and a little peeved his parents weren’t there. Edward and Monica tell Sonny they’re not going to let him hurt Michael again. Who jumps to Sonny’s defense? Who’s been his biggest cheerleader lately despite not wanting her own son around him? Olivia. She tells the Q’s to back off. But Edward wants his great grandson in the family fold and Michael MAY be toying with the old man. He’s also not going to be very nice to his mother as we’ve been dishing and it LOOKS like Michael dishes to Lulu just how mad he is at him momma.

More Lulu… She’s with Michael and there’s also this Ethan mess. Tracy, for whatever reason, admits to her step-daughter that she did mess with the test but did she see the real results or just fix them to make sure Luke isn’t the father? But why dish to Lulu? To keep her from committing maybe incest? Lulu is also battling her brother over their maybe half-brother.

If you’re not looking forward to Jolivia and hell if you are, next Wednesday is the day. Tune in or tune out, do what you must. I’m slightly intrigued to see how they play this all out. Sonny hates it, Claudia hates… will we? And what will this do to Maxie?

Maxie, Maxie, Maxie… green is not your color. She gets a little miffed when Spinelli tells that Johnny hit the sheets with Olivia. More so that he didn’t call her to scratch his itch. But who is Maxie hooking up with? Matt SEEMS to be the likely candidate as RUMORS have them spending some time together but could Maxie be getting a WTF hook-up as well?

Jason wants to prove that Claudia is the guilty party. Really? Are they seriously making their golden boy an idiot now too? Half of Port Chuck knows that Claudia is responsible yet Jason’s still trying to gather evidence?

Rayner return? He struck a deal with Jason and then POOF he was gone. RUMORS have the FBI Agent making a return with Alexis making a request of him. She needs dirt on NotEmily. Will he oblige the D.A.’s request? What will it cost her?

That’s all for today kids… we can do a mini Q & A since it’s so late in the day.

WAIT… I had to miss the Emmy podcast last night which bummed me out. Here’s a little Emmy opinion from me… Way to go Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson. They deserved the nomination. I like Julie Marie Berman but I wasn’t over the moon with her crazy storyline and would have much rather seen her spot go to the much more deserving Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL). You know how I get on the writers at GH all the time so not really thinking they deserve that nod and do I really need to get started on Tony Geary? He didn’t deserve the pre-nom IMO. Snubbed in Port Chuck? Bruce Weitz (Anthony "ZaCrazy" Zaccharra), Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) and Laura Wright (Carly).

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    Courtney fan4life

    Im getting to the point where I have no idea what Guza is doing to Spixie and I’m about to be done with this show. Spixie were the only thing keeping me interested but Guza is turning Maxie into the new lulu. Its just sad. Guza never knows how to keep a good thing going.

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    I agree Tony shouldn’t have got the nomination!!!!!!!!!
    Laura wright deserve that !!!!!!!!!
    The awake of Michael sounds stupid he is not mad at Sonny but mad at Carly because she wasn’t there?????
    it would have been much better if he was mad at Sonny and Carly both, because of a better reason like Sonny choose to protect Kate first or the choices they made for him , not because they were not there………………..
    Jason’s awake was so much better…
    Don’t understand why Jason needs proof!!!!!!!
    Shouldn’t he be with Michael , I am scared that Jason will not be major player in this S/I………

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    I remember when I looked forward to the Emmy telecast and even the Soap Opera Digest awards show. I guess that was way before I realized what a joke the nominations were.

    Anthony Geary does not deserve to be nominated. He doesn’t even deserve to be on the show if he is just going to phone it in. I feel bad for the nominees who deserve the nomination because they are grouped with less deserving or not at all deserving and that taints their nomination. Does that make sense?

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    Regan Cellura

    Well in fairness, so far we haven’t seen all of Michael’s story. Based on the RUMORS, it doesn’t seem to be on par with Jason’s accident story. That was one of the great GH storylines and lately what they’ve given us isn’t even good let alone great.

    Sonny comes clean with Michael about the shooting. Michael has issues with Jax from the get go. Again, it’s really a plot point to get him close to Claudia.

  5. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense that Michael’s mad at Carly, how could he not feel her love for him?…I guess he’ll explain it though. To be nominated for an Emmy, doesn’t the actor have to be the one to submit his or her material to be considered? Maybe in LW’s mind, she didn’t think she deserved it. I think she did so no backlash please :)

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    Regan Cellura

    Scrubs Stuff… Not much. Just waiting on Robin’s return, her finally getting to be that mom she wanted to be. They SHOULD be involved in whatever hospital drama that is coming up.

  7. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Why rehash better written stories, Jason’s story can stand with BJ’s and Monica’s cancer in the pantheon of great stories-
    Michael’s story is an attempt to rise from the ashes of the mess that began with Claudia ordering the hit-so the summer promises angry Michael, wild Kristina, scrambling Claudia, bumbling Jason, reheated LL2 and Jasam, crying Carly, and why do I watch this mess…………………….

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m usually not a fan of them recycling a storyline. Especially when the original was so beautifully written. But as the show stands now, I’d take Jason’s story verbatim if it meant better stories.

    They did a little restructuring when Hearst decided to leave. They planned on killing him late summer. They had to move things around when they couldn’t find the "right" Dante and moved Michael’s story up by a few months as well.

  9. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I wonder if Kristina will be upset with Sam for sleeping with her father? Do we have any credible HINTS or ANYthing regarding who NotEmily is?

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m not sure Sam starts listing off the men she’s slept with. I would think Kristina would have a bigger problem with Sam bedding Ric.

    Nothing 100% on who NotEmily really is. IF TPTB were smart, she’d be Emily. The GOSSIP mill says the fans are not the only ones underimpressed by the Emmy winners acting. Letting her get back to her roots may be the only salvation.

  11. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Yes, Sam bedding Ric is what I meant, sorry. I was thinking he was her father, oops. Never mind that whole line of questioning. ITA with her having to be Emily cuz she sucks as Rebecca.

  12. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I’ll have to wait and see, but I don’t understand why Michael would be mad at Carly and not at Sonny. If Michael is playing everyone just to get back at Claudia then if done well I think I would enjoy it. Actually, what I really hope GH does is have Monica help Carly through the backlash she gets from Michael. Because if anyone understands what Carly will be going through it is Monica! Of course it would also be nice to have Carly’s mother Bobbie be there as well, but I’m not holding my breath. I would also be in favor of Carly teaming with the Q’s in trying to get Michael away from Claudia, but GH always has to have Carly in Sonny’s orbit so I doubt that would happen!

  13. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “I’m not sure Sam starts listing off the men she’s slept with. ”

    Kristina could log onto Daytime Confidential on any day and some LIason fan would be happy to list them for her.
    Or, she could just check out the waiting room at the hospital. Has Rik showed up yet?

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Like I said, it’s a plot point as a way to get Michael closer to the woman responsible for the hit. Also, Sonny is the one being honest with Michael when Jason and Carly want to keep him in the dark. Don’t forget a few things: Michael wanted in the biz and while most would ASSUME losing a year of your life because of it would have you running, it COULD have Michael wanting in even more. Plus, they need to set up the Dante story. The brothers will clash over dad and POSSIBLY the business.

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    it would be good if Michael will know that Claudia was involved with the shooting and he is her friend only to find a way to getting back at her………..
    But I do have a question I thought Michael will have brain damage ??
    what it is ??????

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Do I find it odd that Jason wants to lie to Michael???? I find so many things odd about the character of Jason Morgan lately.

    Brain damage? He’s waking up a different kid. He doesn’t remember the shooting. I’m not sure he’ll have brain damage in the same sense that Jason does. I guess falling into a coma as a redhead and coming out of it as a blonde COULD mess with someone’s marbles.

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    LW wuz ROBBED…

    I am wondering if Michael is mad at Carly more because of Jax – Jax will probably be insisting that she take it easy and both will be pulling at her. I totally agree with Gossip Girl, I would love to see Monica by Carly’s side, but I have been waiting for that since the shooting a year ago.

    Any more word on the locked together over night for JaSam? JaSam is HOORAY!

    Sue – I am not biting.

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No more on JaSam stuff… anything involving KeMo is limited due to her filming schedule. She only tapes GH on Weds.

    Jax is an issue for Michael but off the bat he wakes up pissed that neither of his parents were there when he woke up. It sticks with Carly and not with Sonny.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I have zero on Elizabeth. There MAY be some mention of Jake’s birthday with her and Lucky. She MAY have some stuff coming up about NotEmily, remember she agrees with Alexis, something ain’t right with that girl.

  20. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    quote-“it is also Jason’s mob”
    I thought for sure they’d SORAS Jske so he could be part of the fight too. Another reason I’ve been trying to figure out everyone’s supposed ages-wouldn’t Dante be much too old to tangle with a 16 year old Michael? He must be somewhere around 28-30 years old…
    If they are not doing a redeux of Jason’s storyline, and Michael does remember everything except the shooting, I don’t understand how Michael could be angry with Carly. He wanted her to have a baby before he died. It’s clear how much she missed him. Only possible explanations would be Jax as explained above-Or perhaps because after he got shot in Sonny’s orbit she doesn’t want him in Sonny’s orbit again and he finds out she made Sonny sign away his rights???? Doesn’t follow that she wouldn’t want to tell him why he got shot, that he wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

  21. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Plot Point… Plot Point… that’s all it is IMO.

    I THINK the ages are as follows: Kristina is 16, Michael is 17-18, Dante is 23-25 and Morgan should be around 12. DO NOT quote me on that.

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Someone asked about Elizabeth earlier and I forgot to mention that she’ll have her role in the Ethan mess as Lucky’s shoulder to cry on. Will she go to bat with Luke for Lucky?

    Are the writers trying to shock us with all the sex? We want love in the afternoon, not yuck in the afternoon. What has me bringing this up? Plenty are grossed out over Jolivia but I am hearing RUMORS that another coulping happens soon and its definitely a WTF are they thinking pairing.

  23. Profile photo of luvlegos

    There were moments when the monkey virus story was winding down that I thought were interesting: Nik and Maxie were talking at the cemetary, if I remember correctly, and I thought, wow those two would be good together. Maxie collapsed later and Nik went to see her as she was being administered the antidote. I was hoping they would have had them get together but I guess they are just friends. I wouldn’t mind them together. Better than an Emily redo. I liked Emily but not with Nik. I really liked Emily and Sonny together. I could still see the spark with Natalia and Maurice when they met at Kelly’s.

  24. Profile photo of justloveskate

    I have been watching the last few days waiting for Mikey to wake up. Everyone knew he was going to wake up(not a spoiler but due to the new actor) so did we really need four days of Carly drama? One or two would have been plenty. Hope they don’t disappoint with this s/l. Of course, they had to find away to get LuLu into the s/l. But I must say she looks great and is not as whiney as I remember.

    Luke/Ethan/Tracey caper – a waste of airtime. The writers have totally destroyed the character of Luke Spensor. And re-writing the Laura/Luke legend is just plain insulting to the characters and the fans who loved them. Shame on you!!!

    Liz/Lucky – a snooze fest – wha, wha, wha,

    Claw – Get rid of that phoney lying tramp.

    On a positive note – I liked the PPD therapy group. It was well done and provided a lot of info. They FINALLY at least got that right.

    Loved daddy Patrick with Emma.

    Liked Ric and the Claw. You can still feel the sizzle when these two are together. If they had wanted to redeem Claw they should have paired these two. I can’t beleive they are letting at good actor like RH walk (ditto for MW) just to force Slaw on us. I can’t see ANYTHING good about that pairing.

  25. Profile photo of lel

    It would tickle me silly if Michael woke up and was angry at Carly, Sonny and Jason. Those were the three who thought they had all the answers where Michael was concerned. They all swore to protect him, they were the adults he depended on and they are all indirectly responsible for what happen. They failed him and maybe Chuck decides that he wants to try it his way and turns to the Qs. The fact that it would tickle my pickle is preciously why it won’t happen, but a girl can dream.

    The therapy session was excellent. It shed some much needed light on what it’s like for a women suffering from PPD. It’s just a shame that the writing couldn’t have built more of that kind of empathy into the s/l from day one.

  26. Profile photo of

    As I said in another post I wish Michael who wake up and want to be a Q the opposite of Jason… I like him mad at Carly, Sonny, and Jason.
    And on the Sam note How would Kris like to know that not only did she sleep with step dad and Lil sis Daddy ric but also…had an affair with her Bio dad andgo preggers with her neice/sister Lila.

    And what do people think when Jason is willing to put Michael and morgan in harms way, was willing to let Baby Lila Live that life but the one he is truly related to he wants to “protect” get real


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