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I won’t spoil it for anyone who has last night’s Grey’s Anatomy finale still sitting in their DVR but for those of you who have seen it, whatcha think? If you haven’t had the chance to sit through the 2-hour season ender, I highly suggest grabbing a box of tissues and watching it as soon as possible. I loved it and what a cliffhanger!

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    My jaw was dropped for the last five minutes of the show and I kept screaming NO NO NO……Shonda really knocked it out of the park……That last scene was heartbreaking…..damn it I’m tearing up again….lol….

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    I am still in shock over last night’s episode. I am still speechless about it. I’ll be back later once I can process this whole thing!!!

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    Regan Cellura

    Shonda’s talking about the finale…

    Loved when Meredith realized it was George even though I had figured it out earlier. Loved Alex… Justin Chambers rocked it last night. Heigl definitely deserves an Emmy nomination for her work with this storyline. Paris from Gilmore Girls was a great guest star. I even liked McRambo and Cristina last night and I haven’t been a fan of theirs. It was a great twist and cliff hanger especially with the big question if Knight or Heigl will return next season. Bailey’s marriage ending was expected but still sad. Loved Mer and Der’s vows. They still don’t give McSteamy enough story.

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    I cried so much it was crazy. So happy Bailey’s marriage is ending. She deserves it. She is a horrible mother and wife, imo.

    Meredith reaction to the 007 clue was amazing. I had no idea that was George. When Meredith told the main person in her life she loved them, I cried because it was such a step forward from both of them.

    Owen and Cristina (although they will never be a Burke and Yang)was good. That sexy-ugly man is amazing.

    This has got to be one of the best episode this very uneven season. Glad they didn’t show much of Mark and his 12 year old girlfriend. They actually make my stomach turn. Mark needs Addison. He’s a plastic surgeon, ship him to LA.

    When Alex went off on Izzie and the things he said and he was so happy she rememeber them and then for that to happen, amazing.

    Seriously though, Arizona can turn a lesbian into a straight person. She is the most annoying woman and she’s a nag, a horrible nag. You give her an answer and she will bother you until you “talk” to her.

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    I also LOVED Meridith’s reaction but how on earth did you realize it was George???????????That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind so when she said 007 I was in complete shock…..
    Christina and Owen are awesome…..
    I like Arizona…she’s interesting..

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    Regan Cellura

    Honestly… there was something about it that reminded me of an old ER storyline and I noticed the lack of George despite the explanation that he had a surgery with the chief. Something just didn’t feel right and I told my roomie I bet John Doe is George.

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    I didnt figure it out either — I had read somewhere as a spoiler that he was going to die in Iraq, and I thought thats why he was MIA. never dawned on me. And I deleted it from my dvr, so I forgot how much they talked about george in front of “john doe”. I wanted to go back and watch again.

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    The episode is available on for anyone in Canada that missed it.

    That episode was amazing. Even though I knew going into it that T.R and Katy wanted out I didn’t know how Shonda would manage to write it. I was unexpectedly brought to tears. The acting was definitely at its’ best last night!!!

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    The episode reminded me of the ER episode as well. At first, I thought John Doe would turn out to be Meredith and Lil grey’s father. It was the way he grabbed her hand. I was in tears. I love Izzy and George. They have a great friendship.

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    Regan Cellura

    From the minute they wheeled him in…. I thought this is too much like Ava’s story and then I remembered the ER storyline when Omar Epps’s character was brought in but they didn’t know it was him.

    I know some people are not fans of Heigl’s but I think she’s a fastastic actress.

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    OMG I was totally shocked… I loved it.. I hope that they live and that Mer and Der get married for real.. you just know that they are going to have a big fight and it is going to get thrown in their faces that they aren’t really married

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    Oh wow this episode was AMAZING. I cried. This whole cast geared it up, and were ALL, across the board, AWESOME. Izzie storyline, OMG. I love Isabel Stevens, and if she does leave, I am going to be greatly saddened.

    I said if, because I have been thinking. I know that both T.R. and Katherine have been wasnting out, and it was never official. But the way they wrote it, they never really clarified that they both died (except for the elevator part, which could be a hallucination). If they could get talked into coming back, next season could very well start off with George’s surgery, and Izzie coming back to life. I mean, that’s just the way I saw it. Maybe there were clearer death scenes, and I wasn’t paying attention through my tears!

    I love Grey’s Anatomy :)

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    “What did you want to know Jorpa?”
    I came out of it thinking that both could still be alive. I read on another site this morning (can’t remember which one, I went to so many about this) where someone said George did die. Has anyone else seen anything about it?

    I know TR Knight wanted to leave, but if he did/does, I’m gonna sure miss him. To me it will leave a hole in the show.

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    I just watched it via dvr. I’m speechless. Wow. Just Wow. I had no idea it was George until Meredith found out. When she screamed, I screamed. That elevator scene with Izzie/George…..OMG!!! Heartbreaking.

    ITA, Regan. I think Heigl is a great actress.

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    I also thought it was Meredith’s father. Especially after the girl said that they guy smiled at her and she was looking for a hotter guy.

    George was able to get almost every woman on Grey’s in bed so it was kind of hard for me to believe he didn’t get that woman

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    Luke Kerr

    Thank god George never slept with Cristina. I hadn’t thought of George as a "playa", but you are right. He did get at least three of the main female characters in bed. Derek hasn’t slept with a major character other than Mer right? McSteamy slept with Callie, Addison and Mer’s sister.  I would have never thought of George as a player like McSteamy but now that you point it out, it seems right. 

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    This finale was so powerful and well-written. I applaud the actors; they were all amazing. I liked Meredith & Derek marrying via post-it note. It was perfectly sweet. But at some point I want them to get married for real. I had NO IDEA that John Doe was George until Meredith found out. And then I was crying through the rest of the show and even several minutes afterwards. Crying mixed with heavy breathing. I was a wreck. I like all the characters on this show, and Izzie is my second favorite. So, for TWO of them to be killed off… I was shocked. I sort of expected Izzie to die since Heigl wants out. But to have it happen at the very end of the season finale at the SAME TIME as George… Oh my God! And I didn’t expect George to die. So, I was blown away. What a cliffhanger! And I’m assuming they’re dead because they met up at the elevator; I see that as their way of entering the afterlife.


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    It certianly played with your emotiond that’s for sure.
    Although I have to say, if T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigel are really gone, I more than likely won’t continue watching.

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    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was the most heartwrenching,surprising,beautiful,sad,and loving episode ever. I cried so much I got a headache 8). i also knew it was George I kept screming at the tv. It was just so Georgelike. I’m also glad that Bailey’s marriage is over her husband was a joke with no storyline. There is just so much to comment on I JUST LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Darren Lomas

    I loved it too! The melodrama on this show always gets me… Lost is my favorite show, but Grey’s is the show that has me bawling. What a frikkin’ ending!

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    I watched the episode last night. OMG it was so great and sad. I thought everybody’s story’s were great but the whole Izzie and George death had me in tears. I don’t think Izzie is going to get killed off. I’m not sure about George. the reason I think this is because at the end there is a look on Izzie’s face that something is about to happen. Like maybe she’s going to be pulled back to life and George is the one that is going to die. I hope both live becaause I am a fan of both.

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    Oh my gosh! It was so surprising, the best episode to date for me. I had no idea it was going to be George….I still didn’t get it until Merideth started screaming. Wow…and Alex pulled on my heart strings. I really want Izzie to live.

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