Thom Bierdz’s Return to The Young and the Restless

Thom Bierdz (ex-Phillip Chancellor III) returned/returns to The Young and the Restless on Thursday for Canadians and at the end of Friday’s episode for those living in the U.S. Warning: Do not watch the clip if you want the end of the episode spoiled for you.

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    Is he or isn’t he??? Keep in mind that the test results done on Chloe’s baby stated that “there is a probability that Cane COULD be the father of the baby” (or words to that effect). The implication, therefore, lending weight to the Billy / Cane being actual brothers. HOWEVER – this is the magical land of “anything can happen” – so perhaps Chloe paid off the lab technician to say so, or maybe……JILL HAD TWINS and just forgot one baby??????? Which would mean that Cane is WAY too old for Lily – OR – is Philip Cane’s FATHER and hence Jill’s grandson………oh – and why isn’t Philip dead???? Did he end up in the same river as Malcolm/Drucilla and anyone else who has disappeared over the last few decades? Hats off to the writers this past year or so, despite a few frustrating storylines (the chipmunk! Yikes); they manage to keep us on our toes. I can hardly wait for today’s episode. One advantage to being north of the border is that we get them a day before our pals to the south (unless of course, you’re near the border and can pick up Global TV). Thanks for this site! It’s great.

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    Love it love it love it! THIS is what soaps are all about!

    I don’t think Bierdz is playing Phillip this time around, that’d be pretty difficult to pull off. He’s either a twin that they didn’t know about (remember, Jill did not match her son when they exhumed the body, so he wasn’t biologically hers) or this is a “bad guy” who’s had surgery to look like Phillip.

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    Nice twist. Kudos to Y&R for keeping it under wraps should be interesting.

    BTW, I now see why so many people don’t like Lane, not a single drop of chemistry between those two.

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    This story is gonna kick ass and how can Thom Bierdz who just turned 47 in real life still look 20-something like he did when he began Y&R in 1986, DAMN that man is FINE!!!

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    Whether Fillip (Fake Phillip) or Phillip, Cane Ashby succeeds tremendously as a gray character! I love this Cane!

    The range of emotions he showed in this scene, is the reason why many fans think he’s been undervalued in the chump storyline.

    I’m in awe of this storyline and the potential it brings for this guy. Daniel Goddard, for the second time this year, is the MVP of sweeps, and added much needed suprise to what many felt would be an anticlimactic 2nd of 3 weddings this month.

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    finally – i’m so excited to see this play out. timing is everything and the bells will probably do a better job than the last regime -but i would loved to have seen amber and cane each playing each other and both of them broke. as it is anything to give him a story other than lily.

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    I LOVE it! I’m really excited for this storyline and I can’t fast forward the Lane scenes anymore. LOL

    As for the twin theory, I really hope that’s not where they going with this. Would be very easy to pull this off and in the same moment very stupid. Don’t really need another twin story line.

    Anyway, I’m not really worried that this storyline is going to be bad. I think it’s the other way around. I really trust MAB’s writing here … and she knows how to play it. Look at the Katherine/Jill story.
    I think this will become something really great and finally makes Cane much more interesting. Who would of thought!?!?!?

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    This kind of twist is exactly the type of thing that made me fall in love with Y&R in the first place. It *almost* makes me want to take back all of the crap that I have talked about the new writing team. Almost.

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    This is going to be a kick azz s/l for the Cane character
    and show viewers what is fans know all along that DG is a good actor.I am so looking foward for the next chapter in the Lane story.

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