From Twitter: OLTL’s Kristen Alderson’s Emmy Reel

One Life to Live‘s Kristen Alderson posted what she submitted for Daytime Emmy Consideration on her Twitter. It’s a shame this talented young lady didn’t make the cut.

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    Jamey – I haven’t listened to the Podcast about the Emmy nominations yet and I will but Kristen Alderson should have been nominated. Also… I’m on Twitter but very rarely do I tweet or twitter.

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    Courtney fan4life

    I knew she was not going to be nominated. Maybe in a couple of years but not right now. SHe was given so much for her age and acting ability. Also it REALLY did not shock me BB was not nominated. Sure hes a better actor but not Emmy worthy.

    BW and SH are good choices!

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    Poor Kristen. If anything I would trade out Berman or O’Brien and put her in. Maybe she’ll be like Bree Williamson and get a nomination later down the road (Williamson did amazing work during the first time she did Jess/Tess and wasn’t nom). Or even Kirsten Storms (who did the work of her career in the Georgie’s funneral episode and wasn’t nominated).

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    I’d seen that before of course, but was just gutwrenching. Poor Kirsten! That not only showed how good she was, but how good the whole cast is. Why wasn’t this show nominated for best drama again?

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    This was a classic soap opera reel and she should have been nominated. Although I am not a huge fan of some of KA’s acting choices, she homered more than she struck out (sorry watching baseball as I type this). There are actresses twice her age who could not have handled the complexity of her material (hint:F.F.). I feel bad for KA and even worse for Kathy B. who has yet to be recognized for her talent.
    On another note, I’m so excited for Bree. Will be a close call between Bree and Kirsten (and I also agree with the previous poster who mentioned that her best work ever was opposite Kristina Wagner during Georgie’s funeral).

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