Grading Cane and Lily’s Wedding on The Young and the Restless

Cane and Lily’s wedding on The Young and the Restless was the biggest wedding Genoa City’s seen since, well, Katherine and Murphy’s wedding. Katherine and Murphy’s wedding was the biggest wedding since, well, Billy and Chloe’s wedding.

In all seriousness, I was actually impressed with today’s wedding. Everyone knows I’m not a fan of the couple, but if I were I’m sure I’d be ecstatic. Christel Khalil looked amazing. Daniel Goddard looked dapper. Cane and Lily’s vows were written and delivered in a manner that made the cynic in me believe them to be heart felt. I even felt a tad of sympathy for Lily, knowing she’s going to find out eventually  that her husband is hiding something from her.

Today’s wedding didn’t have a cake fight or Jill Abbott strung up in a closet, but it did seem terribly appropriate for the couple in question. I’d give it a solid B.

What grade do you give Cane and Lily’s wedding?

Grading Cane and Lily's Wedding on The Young and the Restless

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  • D (4%, 32 Votes)
  • C (8%, 68 Votes)
  • B (13%, 115 Votes)
  • A (70%, 636 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of Jorpa

    Had it been ANYBODY else, I would’ve given it a B. It could’ve gotten an A if the singing squirt hadn’t been there. But seeing who it was that got married, I gave it an F cos I can’t stand the couple, much less the characters. Cane I can stomach without Lily, but with her no. Can’t wait for his past to come out though!

  2. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I thought the wedding was fabulous. And IA with Luke: it was definitely Lane-esque. I enjoyed every last second, right down to the dramatic flashback of the infamous phone call. I love that Lane is going right to front-burner in a shocking, super-secret storyline!!

    The wedding definitely was worth waiting for and I thank the show for giving this to us…er… I mean, them.

    The one thing that I can give the writers/producers credit for, is that they’ve made each of the 3 weddings appropriate for the couple who was getting married.

  3. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    I am merely a minor fan of the couple, but I love and can appreciate that they harken back to a time of romance and love that used to be so prevalent on our daytime dramas. Though they were presented with contrived obstacles leading up to their union, their best story is clearly yet to come – proving that a daytime couple in love is not met with the kiss of death once they marry.

    PS: Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil are beautiful people who can actually act. And I totally bought that their characters love each other and are happy to be married. Daniel Goddard’s dazzling smile spoke volumes – Cane truly loves Lily.

  4. Profile photo of bonobochick

    I like the couple – don’t love them – but I actually thought it was sweet without being too schmaltzy.

    I bought them as totally in love with each other. The actors did a great job at selling that factor.

  5. Profile photo of partyvibe

    I love everything about the wedding,DG and CK show that Cane and Lily really love each other you could see the emotion and the love between the two. It was well written and the directing was very good kudos to all. I also like that they are putting them right into
    a front burner s/l and I am going to be watching because they are both good at what they do.

  6. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    I loved the wedding, I just made sure to mute little singing Ana. Seriously, how much longer are they going to be around?

    After months of lacksluster s/l and complaints about how a popular couple have no airtime, I am so waiting for this. I love that it was not spoiled, pure soap, and I cannot wait.

  7. Profile photo of LawyerGirl04

    Why must that little girl sing at every party/wedding/funeral/gala? She doesn’t have a bad voice but I’m so sick of her, I’d rather see another cake fight that listen to her!

  8. Profile photo of babygirl82

    The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and this couple was so deserving of it. It was pure Lane. Their personal thoughts and vows were the culmination of 2 years of watching this couple develop. I haven’t seen such beautiful vows written for a soap couple. Cane and Lily are by far the hottest and most romantic couple in daytime. Kudos to DG and CK! You have an unwavering fan in me.

    Thanks MAB and Y&R for giving Lane such a beautiful wedding and for putting on full display the love and romance that so many of us saw from the beginning and continue to see in this couple.

  9. Profile photo of angie2000

    Kudos to CK and DG wedding performances… Whether you are fan of this couple or not— one can’t deny that the actors did an outstanding performance with their wedding scenes. The actors and the Y&R writers did a great job of portraying this couple love for each other.

  10. Profile photo of hill03

    I give it an ‘A’, loved it! The most beautiful soap wedding I have seen. I’m a huge Lane fan and was so, so happy to see them wed. CK and DG did an amazing job – they make this couple feel and look real. The vows were outstanding and matched this couple perfectly. The writing all around was amazing. Props to everyone involved with this episode.

  11. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yeah, why do the girl have to sing everytime she is on the show? It is riduculous and not needed. She and the no acting Eva can go and take Mac and Eden with them. I like the wedding and hope that the writers give Lily depth and a backbone because her being naive and self absorb is not winning fans over. So stop making her a princess and more like a bitch.

  12. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I thought the wedding was beautiful (I could have done without the singing – isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?). However, it would have been more fitting for a couple who had been together longer than these two. It seemed all too lovey dovey for a couple who hardly know one another.

    I hate to be a cynic, but I also doubt that Lily is the love of Cane’s life and I thought he looked like a buffoon grinning so much. Again, this would have been perfectly appropriate had these two actually been in love longer than they have, or have been star-crossed lovers or something, but besides the Chloe problem, there really wasn’t anything keeping them apart or really giving them a reason to be together. I’m sorry, but that is just my opinion.

  13. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    That child sang for 20 seconds and none of you haters got hurt. It was entirely appropriate for her to sing at that wedding. Did you think that she WASN’T going to sing at the wedding?

    And her 15 minutes of fame have only begun. She’s releasing a CD soon and I’m sure that Lawyergirl will buy the first copy!

    First Danny and Gina were singing all over town, then Lauren and now Ana.

    Ana’s here… get over it.

  14. Profile photo of missannkimba

    Y&R has revived the splashy soap wedding and I love it. I too am a minor Lane fan but I must say both actors nailed it. The vows were beautiful and I totally believed that they meant them.
    I didn’t mind the singing as it was appropriate and added to the whole romantic aura. The child has a lovely voice.

  15. Profile photo of jgirl41

    This wedding was AMAZING and well deserving of LANE…watch and re-watched so many times..definitely a A in my book…KUDOS to DG and CK for making it soooo real.

  16. Profile photo of monamis

    Beautiful wedding, exceptional vows and personal thoughts; and while tacky in real life, having all your exes at a soap wedding is appropriate.

    Now that Cane is graying and wont be the perfect man anymore, Lily is the perfect naive bride to play against this Cane. It will make the fallout and the taste of her tears all the more sweet when he pulls the rug out from under her.

    I truly hope the actors get some good angry scenes out of this, because I prefer them both upset, particularly with each other. Lily confronting Cane for his deceit whatever it may be, and losing faith in him, could be the best catalyst for her character growth if written and executed well.

  17. Profile photo of syreeta

    The wedding between Cane and Lily was absolutely beautiful. Lily looked stunning. That dress was beautiful on her. Cane looked handsome as well. My favorite part was their personal vows to one another. DG and CK really made me feel like it was real. Their acting was on point in those scenes.

    I am also very excited and anxious about the upcoming storyline and am so glad that Lane are not going the Jtoria route.

  18. Profile photo of traci4587

    I thought the wedding was beautiful. This couple is so in love! I liked them before but now I LOVE them! I am interested in seeing what happens next. Whatever it is, I hope Lily forgives Cane!

    They are drop dead gorgeous for sure but they have amazing chemistry that is undeniable. Good job MAB!

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