Is Dancing With The Stars and “Sex” Movie Star Headed for Brothers & Sisters?

TV Guide
‘s Matt Mitovich has some juicy scoop about Dancing With The Stars finalist Gilles Marini possibly hoofing his way over to ABC’s scripted gem Brothers & Sisters. No word yet from the scoopster on who Marini, who famously went full frontal during last summer’s blockbuster Sex and the City movie, would play. Just so long as it isn’t another long lost Walker sib. Damn you William Walker!

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    I stopped watching Brothers and Sisters after the first season. Is it any good?

    I am not rooting for Gilles to win in DWTS. He isn’t the underdog. I like a true underdog and I think Shawn Johnson would fit that bill. Plus, her pro partner has never won and I like him. Mark has a lot of personality. Gilles partner has won twice already.

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    sueboo54321: You say you’re rooting for Shawn Johnson as the underdog as her pro partner Mark Ballas “… has never won and I like him.” I am glad you’re rooting for Shawn Johnson and so am I but her pro partner Mark Ballas has won that mirror ball trophy when he was partnered with Kristi Yamaguchi. As much as I adore Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas, I am rooting for Gilles and Cheryl. I wished somehow it were possible for both Shawn and Gilles to win but as you know it all comes down to who receives more of our votes + the judges’ scores.

    Gilles on Brother & Sisters, well I commented elsewhere that I didn’t see how Gilles could fit into B&S’s universe, that he would seem like such an anomaly being there, and thought it be more like stunt casting to capitalize on his DWTS popularity, his obvious “hotness” but I thought, Cristian de la Fuente, who was also on DWTS, his appearance worked out being cast as this lustful, sexy temp Accountant/volunteer fireman, and Sarah’s sex romp with him at Ojai. The latter, I saw coming before it transpired but good Sarah got some of that. Still, I thought it was stunt casting or little akin to like product placement in a TV series.

    Gilles in my opinion, has so much more depth to him than being just another pretty face as I can really see him being a best actor Golden Globe and Oscar contender/nominee. I hope his role on B & S doesn’t end up being just a one night stand if you get my drift.

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