Is Sunset Beach and Passions Alum Nick Stabile Joining DAYS?

One of DC’s faithful site members, Appleridge, just tipped me off to buzz that former Sunset Beach star Nick Stabile (ex-Mark) is set to join Days of Our Lives soon. The actor, who also served as a temporary fill-in for Justin Hartley as Fox Crane on Passions, reportedly posted about the gig on his Facebook wall. I liked Stabile on SB and even enjoyed his camptastic turn in that one Chucky flick, and since DAYS is becoming more and more watchable by the episode, I am intrigued to learn more about his potential new character. Wouldn’t it be great if he was (gasp) a Horton? Thanks Appleridge for the tip!  

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    Thanks for the info
    He’s probably gonna be a recast doubtful he will be a Horton. Looks wise he could not pass for Eric. Maybe he’s a Justin Kiriakis recast. Anyways days needs more women characters or is the goal to faze most of the current male characters out first?
    As far as the show is concerned it is getting a lot better due to the Dimera vs. Kiriakis feud. JMO

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    I like Nick, he has a cool charm that is right for daytime. He is also a real estate agent, so I guess that why he is returning to daytime this year.

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    Yeah I remember him from Sunset Beach. I didn’t care much for the show, but whenever this Nick Stabile was on the screen, he got my attention. So, I will tune into Days to see him.

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    I think he may be a recast for the role of Scotty Banning, Julie’s grandson. He’s actually younger (6 years younger) than Rick Hearst, who originally played the adult role, but shows in Scotty Banning’s biography that he was accepted into medical school when he left town with his girlfriend Faith. So the theory that Sodsince16 gave might be right. I hope so; we need more Hortons and less Bradys and less random characters nobody cares about (I’m looking at you Daniel and Melanie!) :)

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