Prison Break Series Finale

In honor of the once brilliant Prison Break I thought I’d post this so that people could talk about the series finale and share their favorite memories of the many twists and turns it has dished out over the years. WARNING: Continue reading at your own risk.

 It’s nice to see the "suprise" character return. Their mother is a primetime Helena Cassadine. Hello bitchzilla. What do you think of the series finale?

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    I thought the finale was fitting, but bittersweet.

    I hope FOX comes through and gives the fans the extra two hours they shot that is supposed to have happened between the finale and the last 20 minutes or so. I have a feeling that they will not and, instead, will put it on the DVD.

    In any event, it is sad to see the show go and all the wonderful actors who worked on it. However, FOX didn’t do it any favors by breaking up the season as much as it did, but I am happy that they gave the fans the final episodes.

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    I’m very sad that the show is over and even more sad at how they finished it. Michael has worked so hard all four seasons to get his family out of trouble so they could just be happy and together. So to have it end with him dying was a major let down. I’m not surprised though, the show always has major shockers so it’s fitting for the final show to have the biggest shocker of all.

    As for the extra two hours they didn’t show….I hear they will only air in the UK but will be put on the DVD for everyone else.

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    Luke Kerr

    Was it weird for anyone else seeing the 2005 on the headstone? I had totally forgotten that show was now in the past. The kid’s eyes were Michael’s, and totally creepy.

    I loved seeing the guy from Private Practice back and it reminnded the Vice President is on Brothers & Sisters. LOL The guy in the wheelchair at the end was probably the best acting I’ve evern watched that actor do.

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    I enjoyed the show and how it ended. Was I bummed that Michael died? Yes because he was my favorite character. I loved him, Sucre and Sara. But at the same time, it felt right for the show to end because it got far-fetched at times, but I stayed with it through thick and thin. And while Michael died, he was at peace, so that’s all you can ask for him. He had such drama all that time so to be free from it all and happy was nice for him, however short it was.

    And if Fox doesn’t show the movie, Prison Break: The Final Break is set for a July 21 release according to a TV Guide interview with the EP. Here’s the link:

    And T-Bag back in prison was nice too. He was so rotten, but I loved him too!

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