Will Undeserved Emmy Nods Get Bold and Beautiful Get Back to Basics?

Michael Fairman
spoke with Brad Bell on the heels of The Bold and the Beautiful being nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Drama Series and Best Writing Team. The writer revealed his feelings over sister soap The Young and Restless being snubbed, and previewed storylines for Don Diamont‘s Bill Spencer and Rick Hearst‘s Whip Jones, the latter of whom, yours truly broke the news that he was returning to B&B.

MICHAEL FAIRMAN: Were you shocked there were only three nominees in the category?


BRAD BELL: Totally shocked! Maria Arena Bell (head writer and co-executive producer, “Y&R”) sent me a nice email already. It is a shock because “Y&R”, in the ratings, is by far and above the top show. It’s a brilliant show and deserves to be nominated. So, it’s hard to understand. But, it’s great to be nominated and it’s great that a show from each network is represented in the finals, and it’s great for all the networks."

While I find it shameful that B&B was nominated after how laughably bad it was for most of 2008, the fact that Bell submitted the standout episodes featuring Storm’s suicide almost makes me understand why the show got the nods. Those episodes were breathtaking, in large part due to the amazing and underrated Katherine Kelly Lang. However, it also points out just how ridiculous and fruitless the Daytime Emmy nomination process is. Brad Bell is a great writer, a great writer, who for whatever reason has been penning his show atrociously for over a year, yet he managed to turn out two stellar episodes. Big surprise. Shouldn’t the Emmys recognize the shows that were amazing for most of the year, like, oh I don’t know, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless?

Why should we even care about the Emmys when a soap opera that spent the better part of the nomination period having plastic Jennifer Gareis slather a 60-year-old man with honey, while brilliant actresses like Lesli Kay and Susan Flannery rode the bench, is nominated? Meanwhile the two worst male leads currently in daytime, Ron Moss and Kyle Lowder, spent the year throwing each other off the roof of the CBS building. If this is what this industry calls good drama then I see why it’s dying.

Here’s hoping Bell will make good on his promises to get B&B back to the show I fell in love with in the 90’s. He can start by insisting that his script writers stop breaking "show, don’t tell". We don’t need Rick’s cartoonish motivation revealed with endless dialogue. Make them watch the Adam storyline on Y&R to see how it’s done. After the writing is fixed, see if Maria Arena Bell will kindly loan Actor Whisperer Paul Rauch to scream in the faces of Jacqueline MacInnes Woods, Lowder, Drew Tyler Bell and Texas Battle until they simply learn how to act. I left off Moss and Hunter Tylo because they’ve been on the show for 20 years and should know better. For the rest of Fairman’s interview with Bell go here.

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  1. Profile photo of Smitty

    Well said Jamey! I totally understand them being nominated for the Storm episodes. They were really good. I think that’s why it makes me so mad about B&B! They have so much potential! It so frustrating talking about B&B. I look back on youtube at clips from Maggie vs. Shiela, Shiela vs. Stephanie, Lauren vs. Shiela, Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle, Amber, Deacon, Macy, Thorne Oh and Ms. Sally Spectra!!! ***Sigh***

    I have been trying to get back into B&B but I just can’t. I remember rushing home everyday from school to get on the internet and read about what happened on each episode. This show used to be on FIRE…and right now it’s like the LML reign at Y&R but the sad part is there is no LML. It’s all Brad Bell.

  2. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yeah, Smitty, this show is still bad and I will not watch it because all I know is Bad Brad Bell is a pig and will being doing the same thing over and over again. He is probably screwing Jennifer for putting her up on front burner for the past year and I am sick of it. And the Rick/Ridge debacle is so bad it is not even good fun. Recast Steffy and Rick, Kyle Lowder was good, but he has been chewing up scenery for some time now, I don’t know if it is Brad telling him to do it or the s/l, but it is not working, get him away from Ridge, Steffy and the awful s/l and put him far away or recast. I tried to watch Don the other day but I can’t because all I know is Brad is going to put that plastic Barbie with him when he should be with Felicia or Brooke. It better not win best show and I would give it to AMC because even that show is bad, it have the Jesse and Angie stuff and it was good. But OLTL or Y&R should of gotten the nom. Very glad GH didn’t get best show and hope that it will be some good changes behind the scenes to save the show from cancellation.

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    Recast Steffy and Rick, Kyle Lowder was good, but he has been chewing up scenery for some time now


    I have never liked Kyle Lowder as Rick. The last Rick, Justin Torkinson (sp.) was a good Rick for me. That summer when Kyle Lowder’s Rick, Phoebe, and Constatine were on drove me insane!

    This whole incest stuff is sick! Ok I have never been a big Brooke fan but I could understand her with Eric, Ridge, and Thorne. Now Rick going from Phoebe, Taylor to Steffy is just disgusting. I mean Rick is Ridge’s brother. I know they aren’t related by blood but they grew up thinking they were all related. I mean come on. I think I would have liked Rick with Taylor if he hadn’t of been with Phoebe or Steffy. I mean it’s disgusting. People just shouldn’t do that. It’s so unbelieveable. It makes no sense and I hate it! Ridge is a FORRESTER!!! Rick and Bridget are his sister and brother. Brad Bell needs to end this fascination with the incest is best. It stinks to say the least! Okay rant over lol

  4. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Okay guys we need to try to be a little more positive. Now Smitty, you are usually on point, but i don’t think Jennifer and Brad are sleeping with each other.I too miss the Bold and the Beautiful from the 90’s. Brooke versus Stephanie was powerful stuff but now when they confront each other it does not have the same intensity. I miss Sheila, Macy and the late great Sally Spectra. We should still give it some time. Hopefully adding Whip Jones and Bill Spencer will add spice to the bland soap. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Jennifer Garies is not the best actor in the world but there have been times when she has had her moments. I am going to stay with the Bold and the Beautiful because of one person..KATHERINE KELLY LANG (I ADORE HER)!!!

  5. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I was just joking about the sleeping part with Brad and Jennifer G., but Brad is a freak because ever since he became head writer and exec, the women on this show become nothing but sluts and desperate women. Look at Brooke, her sleeping through the family and them with Clarke, two of her daughters husband Deacon and Nick, and other and then with Ridge again. Even KKL was tired of Brooke’s waffling and wanted her to settle down. And Taylor now just living for being with Ridge, she use to have a career, now it all about stopping her dumb daughter from being with Rick, Stephanie is always too involve in Ridge’s love life, Donna is nothing but a dumb bimbo, Katie is a whining mess, and Felicia is no where to be seen. So why is it that every time the show needs to be soapy and good that the women is made to look fools and the men look like heroes in the viewers eyes? I not the only one seeing the pattern with the B&B with Brad in the helm.

  6. Profile photo of Smitty

    Hopefully adding Whip Jones and Bill Spencer will add spice to the bland soap.


    I wouldn’t get your hopes up to high. The fact of the matter is B&B has had a number of leading men and Brad Bell let’s them all go after 6 months to a year. I guess we are all insane for holding out hope that it will get better.**sigh***

  7. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Well *smitty* you say “I wouldn’t get your hopes up to high. The fact of the matter is B&B has had a number of leading men and Brad Bell let’s them all go after 6 months to a year. I guess we are all insane for holding out hope that it will get better.**sigh*** ”

    Makes you kind of wonder perhaps if Don Diamont and Rick Hearst are aware of this.

  8. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I would love for the good people at the podcast that we know and love do a special podcast on how they would fix the Bold and the Beautiful. It would be nice if Brad Bell listened and take the advice of the fans. I miss my bold and beautiful soap!!!

  9. Profile photo of Smitty

    reggyreg there is a podcast I think the DC crew did about a year or so ago about 10 ways to improve the Bold and the Beautiful. It’s really good and I think that same stuff applies now from when they did the podcast. If you get a moment check it out.

  10. Profile photo of soapscribe

    This post by Jamey beautifully articulates what’s wrong with Bold. I couldn’t agree more with everything that’s been said here. Thank you everyone for your great comments. I just hope someone at B&B is reading this and taking notes.

    I know this certainly isn’t the show’s biggest problem, but I think B&B’s production values have gone downhill as well. I hate the cheap sounding muzak they play between scenes and the new Desperate Housewives-esque music cues. I like the combination of classic cues mixed with new ones, but I can’t stand this Danny Elfman type of backgroung music that you often hear in lighter, comedic scenes.

    I’m also not a big fan of the outdoor scenes that are shot on the CBS lot. They look kind of cheap. And the action scenes are a joke. No more car/plane chases or people falling off the CBS building, please! B&B needs to leave action/adventure to other shows and stick to their original formula.

    The wardrobe these days is horrible! B&B is supposed to be about fashion, but they dress these characters in the most ugly, boring, unflattering, unfitting clothes. This is the show that could really have fun with the fashions, but instead they dress everybody in black, grey or some other bland color. Have more variation instead of dressing each character the same way every day and use bolder colors. I know the budget isn’t what it used to be, but that’s no excuse. You don’t need a lot of money to create a bold and beautiful look befitting the characters.

  11. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Jamey, this nomination is laughable considering the BS they have been churning out. Admittedly, Storm’s suicide was a high point, but there was so much dross… Y&R wiped the floor with B&B – if Bill Bell could watch both shows now, he’d be cringing through most of B&B for sure.  

    soapscribe, great post, although I don’t mind the outdoor scenes myself  

  12. Profile photo of josser

    Um, disliking Brad Bell is one thing but calling Jennifer G. a prostitute is slanderous and appalling.

    B&B is a horribly written show. That is something that I can’t deny. It’s by far the worst written show on CBS. Things seem to be changing somewhat (the Jackie M. storyline). But, B&B continues to recycle the same stories/couples. How many times will we see a Brooke/Ridege/Taylor triangle? It’s been 15 years. We’ve gone through what seems like 7 years of Brooke/Ridge/Dominick. Now we seem to have Bridget going back for another dip in the Nick pool. Blech…

    I don’t understand how the same company that produces Y&R could create such crap as B&B. As much as people want to criticize Y&R under Lynn Marie L., Y&R was still watchable with great actors. B&B is just a ham and cheese fest.

    Seriously, watching Ridge freak out over Rick and blame Brooke is pathetic.

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