Bill Spencer, Jr….. Jr?

It looks like The Bold and the Beautiful is really trying to implant Bill Spencer, Jr. (Don Diamont) as a true fixture to the show. According to sources, the show is casting a son for the newest Spencer and he will become a love interest for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Woods). How many love interests will this girl get? Poor Felicia (Lesli Kay) is in a severe drought and Thorne (Winsor Harmon) couldn’t get a woman if he went down Skid Row and paid for it!

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    Dylan Bruce, the most recent Christopher Hughes on ATWT, could be nice/interesting in this role. Or, Dylan would be a REALLY great recast of Thomas Forrester.

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    I read elsewhere that Bill Spencer would be getting a son for Steffy. I am so sick of this character. What I wonder will happen to Marcus? Speaking of Marcus and Steffy – IMO – no chemistry between those two actors; none (chemistry) I felt with Steffy and Rick. Oh, and speaking of Bill Spencer, Don Diamont, I think has done a good job of separating Brad Carlton and Bill spencer. He hasn’t come across as Brad Carlton playing Bill Spencer. I wonder though, why did they had to kill off Brad Carlton off Y & R. It looks as though they could have just had Brad leave Genoa City and taken his character over to B&B. Seemed to me it could have worked out that way.

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    I’d like to play the kid! lol I’m 20s, and an actor. I’m going up there next week anyways lol throw me in. haha i wish! I’m waiting for the Emmy reaction podcast to surface, I have thought my comments through and I already want to retract some of what I said, or explain it a lil better.

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    B&B is still the worst written soap on CBS. Sorry, but no matter what people say, the show is terrible with the burst of light when Jacki and Owen get together. Otherwise, it’s pretty ridiculous.

    How many times do we see the same couples getting together, separating, and reconciling over and over and over. Enough!

    Also, if the show is going to be bring in new actors, what is to become of the under utilized actors like Winsor Harman, Lesli Kay, Heather Tom, or Texas Battle?

    Didn’t the show bring back Rocco for 2 seconds? Where did he go? Poof?

    I can’t imagine the show can afford to have so many actors under contract and not using them. Are any of the aforementioned actors recurring? (Harmon had his financial woes publicized recently. Is this why?)

    Oh, for the days of Shiela, James, Amber, Sally, Clark, CJ, and the rest of the fun crowd.

    I’m so tired of seeing Ridge complain about Rick. Ridge is a jerk who let his mother control him and never seems to learn anything.

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    I only caught a few episodes last week but so far Bill Jr looks like a good addition. I hope this means more of the fashion wars and less incestuousness on this show. If bringing on another new young male means the end of Rick/Steffy I’m all for it. Of course Kyle Lowder and Ronn Moss are probably two of the worst actors in daytime so anything to lessen their screentime is fine by me.

    I do feel bad for Lesli Kay and Winsor Harmon. Those 2 really need a storyline.

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    Darren Lomas

    If he comes on and romances Steffy whilst Rick tries to win her back I will not be happy…. NO MORE, Brad! Her singing twit twin was annoying, and so is she

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    Darren, you not the only one sick of the Reffy hour and Donna acting silly. Brad needs to get it together and put Ridge out to pasture and make Don and Rick the new male leads and have Brooke and Taylor go after them and recast Steffy and Rick and bring someone in the roles that can act and not make us want to change the channel when they come on the screen, LOL.

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    Darren Lomas

    simonstuart, I think Kyle was pretty good, but he is getting more and more cheesy… I think it could be acting opposite Ronn Moss and JMW, they are not good to bounce off. I have faith he can be good again! As for putting Ridge out to pasture – bring it on

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    I’m sick, sick, sick of the Logans, particularly Donna and Katie!I despise Donna’s benbow character and I am so ready for she & Eric to end that farce of a marriage they have! I have never had any respect for the spineless Eric and I think he needs to stick with women his own age! It seems so weird that the Logans have taken over Forrester Creations! How did the writers let this happen? It doesn’t make any sense to me! Heather Tom is an excellent actress, but the character of Katie just doesn’t suit her at all. She needs to be sent back over to Y&R so she can reprise the role of Victoria where she’ll have a real storyline because it seems that this one is coming to an end, THANK GOODNESS!

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    I agree w/ Ladyday7…Heather Tom brought sass to the character of ‘Victoria’.

    They need more characters over at B&B. The Ridge/Brooke romance is recycled over and over…

    I liked Ridge and Taylor but even I can’t help but be distracted by all the fillers in Taylor’s face :S (sorry)

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