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It’s about to hit the fan….

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    I guess I’m the only one who feels bad for Sharon. She’s been through hell after losing her daughter and no one knows how you will handle that until it happens. Also, why is it, when a woman sleeps with multiple men, is she considered a slut. I love the fact she’s pregnant but I really hate the fact that Phyllis always tries to make Sharon look bad when she has done even worse in her past and most likely will again. Sharon seems remorseful for the things she’s done. Phyllis never acts like she’s remorseful. I understand Jack being upset but Sharon tried to tell him before she moved back in he did not know everything but he said it didn’t matter.

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    Pffft Sharon is no angel(neither is Phyllis). And being a slutty isn’t cute male or female plenty of people go through difficult situations without sleeping with three different men(multiple times) in a matter of two weeks while being married.

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    I feel bad for Sharon too. She’s suffered so much -more than any other character in the past few years. The writers just won’t give this character a break. While I hate that she slept with 3 men, it was because of her emotional breakdown that led to that behaviour, as well as the blackouts. Plenty of people go through rough times, but not all of them have breakdowns and until you’ve been through one, you just can’t judge. For no other reason I really, really hope this baby is Nick’s just to stick it that aging witch Phyllis who’s done nothing but try and tear Sharon down. Sharon does not even come close (nor anyone else for that matter) to the horrible things Phyllis has done. Having Sharon be pregnant with Nick’s baby now that Phyllis is his wife would be Karma at it’s best. See how Phyllis likes it.

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    Why are so many viewers against Sharon, but seem to feel as though Phyllis can do no wrong? Years ago, Phyllis tore Danny and Christine’s marriage apart, lead Danny to believe that he was Daniel’s father(she drugged Danny in order to get him into her bed), rented a car and ran over Christine and Paul, nearly killing them (a crime for which she was never caught), and slept with Nick while he was married to Sharon, not to mention all the other dirty deeds in her past. I shake my head everytime Phyllis refers to Sharon as a slut because if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

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    I don’t think anyone is defending Phyllis as much as they are tired of Sharon being just so…I don’t know weak. I get that she has been through a lot but it seems like she can’t cope unless she has a man to lean on.

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    I just hope that as they undo all the damage LML did to Y&R they find out that the pressure was to much on Nick and he lied about Summers paternity and she is Jack’s just like Sharon should be having Nicks baby. It cracks me up to watch Phyllis have an undoing about her husband and being so territorial about Sharon keeping away from “her” husband…kudos to the writing no wonder they are #1. Can’t wait for red to find out Sharon is pregnant!

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