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Laura Wright is sporting a new "do." Check it out! 

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    Unbelievable, literally, that Carly has time in the middle of all this to go out and get a haircut????
    And it killed me when Lulu said, upon first seeing Michael, “oh wow, you’ve really grown since I’ve seen you last”. PUHLEEZE. Like we’re supposed to believe he’s really grown THAT much in one year.

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    but not THAT much, he’s only aged a year but they SORAS’d him to age 6 lol. It would be nice if they would acknowledge it in a meaningful way. I wonder if when he stands up he’ll be taller than Sonny and/or Jason :)

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    Didn’t I see a preggers Jamie Luner as Liza Colby in that clip. Oh I know what that is all about. Liza is just pretending to be pregnant, as it is some kind of ruse having to do with keeping David away from Amanda’s baby. I guess this needs a little more exposition how Liza donning a pregnancy bump is going to help out Amanda.

    No surprise that it was Stuart on AMC who took the bullet – not Adam. Those voices we heard swirling around supposedly being Adam’s thoughts on why he should have been killed were just there for effect (editing), atmosphere – just voice overs. How Stuart ended up being in the wrong place and that time, we’ll learn as the murder mystery unfolds.

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