Catherine Hickland Returns to One Life to Live

Just in time to add a little more drama to the Bo-Nora-Clint triangle, Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport) returns to One Life to Live. Soap Opera Digest has the report.

Lindsay is currently serving time for Spencer’s murder so just how is Ms. Rappaport returning Llanview? RUMORS say Clint has Lindsay released to give his little brother something else to do than spend time with Nora. Further CHATTER has Lindsay and Hickland only back at OLTL for a short stint. With RJ Gannon recently back in town and the above mentioned triangle, this could be an interesting summer on One Life to Live.

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    I’ve been out of the loop with OLTL as it used to be for me can’t miss TV/Soap; however, for a good long while I just haven’t watched so I didn’t know that RJ & Lindsay were on hiatus until I started watching again a few weeks ago (but still off and on though). When I was keeping up with the denizens of Llanview, Lindsay & RJ were an item and I couldn’t fathom them as a romantic couple (frenemies perhaps, lovers… no way). I also was watching when Kathy Brier’s Marcie and Nathaniel Marston’s Michael McBain (before his re-cast) were together (how long I’d been away). Lots of changes have occurred since OLTL was a can’t miss Soap for me.

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    As much as I love Lindsay (and Catherine Hickland even more so), I’m hoping this is a brief visit. Maybe a jailhouse visit between her and Bo?

    I actually feel good about how Lindsay’s story concluded. After a decade of feuding, Nora finally sent Lindsay to prison. Closure. Plus, Lindsay got THE best line (and dig she could ever say to Nora): “Nora, what will you ever do without me?”

    Plus, her and Bo’s romance came full circle during his visit to her after the 1968 detour. Lindsay is a wonderful character who would probably best be served in smaller doses now. Perhaps as a occassional, plutonic “talk-to” for Bo or Rex in the visiting room.

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    Yeah I like the character of Lindsay too but a short visit is fine by me..

    David Vickers is the one I always miss and wish he could stay long term.

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    I too have been out of the Loop (thanks to Stacy ruining all of Llanview)…..And I’d LIKE to think I’d tune into to see Linz again, but as long as Stacy is whoring up the town, I can’t have it. UNLESS Lindsay still has homicidal tendancies and kills……Stacy, then she’s forever my hero.

    Seriously. GET STACY and the Crap Actress that portrays her OFF THIS SHOW. I won’t come back till she’s gone.

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    I hope they keep her long ternm. She has history with almost every man in Landview

    She has chemisrty with EVERY leading lady

    She doesn’t have to be cast to break up Nora and Bo, or Nora and Clint for that matter,but it makes ZERO sense to me that they can’t write for her long term when she has all of these connections to the town but I have to FFWD through 30 minutes of an Elfkin Stripper with a black heart everyday who means NOTHING to anybody on the canvas. I guess my ripe old age of 34 coupled with my logic has knocked me out of the demographic OLTL is aiming for. This show doesn’t disgust me on the level that GH does yet, but they’re getting there fast.This show has become so negative and dark people are gonna start needing mood stabilizers to get through the hour.jmo.

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    I was hoping David’s brother (I don’t remember his name, the character ate the show the way Stacy is doing now) was Rexx’s bio-dad which means Lyndsey would get out of prison. When Rexx confronted Roxie about David being his father, she seemed a little shook up at the connection.

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    This is great news!!!!! I love Catherine Hickland all the way back to her days as Tess Wilder on Loving and its spin-off The City but the writing on One Life has been extremely lazy and poor so I’ve tuned out. I have loved my soap for years but I can no longer take the inconsistent writing. I also feel Lindsay’s story has been told. The writers are going to have to work extremely hard to woo me back. The storyline involving Bo/Nora/Clint has to grab me and I feel it won’t Catherine Hickland’s star power is just not enough.

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