Did Cady McClain’s Return Prevent a Mary Beth Evans Redux on ATWT?

Sorry Sierra fans, according to TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco, As The World Turns opted to bring back Cady McClain as Rosanna Cabot, instead of Craig’s other ex-wife Sierra Esteban (Mary Beth Evans). Dang, it had to be either or? Are things really that bad budget-wise in Oakdale? Wait. Scratch that. Silly question. Here’s a thought, maybe ATWT can stop bringing on 17 newbies every 13 weeks, that way they can actually afford two popular female leads at once. It’s a wonder they find the nickels in Chris Goutman‘s couch to afford Grayson McCouch and Roger Howarth, yet much to my chagrin, they do…

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    AS the World Turns needs a serial killer. Paul is already BSC, just have him gut Dusty,Meg,Alison,Vienna,Jade, and Noah and you’ve got your money for MBE who is way more profitable than those six duds.

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    I would love MBE as Liza! To bad Pratt wanted someone under 40 who does not look the part nor can act the part of Liza over MBE who does look the part and can play the part well. Not that JL cant act she’s just not right for the role of Liza.

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    What does it matter? I highly doubt this latest stint will last very long. I’ve never seen a soap spit out people faster than this one.

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    Please let a tidal wave hit Oakdale and take out Paul, Meg, and Dusty. Budget problems solved right there, b/c RH is the highest paid actor on the show. I would love to see MBE back as Sierra. She rocks.

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    Roger is worth any amount of money they pay him. He is the only reason I (and I imagine a lot of others) watch this most boring soap!
    I just wish he could be cloned and also come back as Todd on OLTL.

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    ATWT may very well be the most boring soap, but Roger Howarth is one of the biggest reasons that I *don’t* watch this show anymore. No need to clone him–OLTL can have him!

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    Paul Ryan and Meg Snyder have destroy this soap with the most dullest and boring and sanctimonious couple ever and I hope that both will fall of a cliff and never to be seen or heard from again.

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