Holly Sutton Returns to General Hospital

Emma Samms returned to Port Charles as Holly Sutton. What do you think of her return? Do you want her to be Ethan’s mother? Is it a hollow return since Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) isn’t on General Hospital? Would it mean that much more to the storyline if it were Emma, Tristan and Tony? More pictures after the jump

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    Does anyone really care about anything to do with the Luke and Teethan story?
    When are they killing them all off, Luke is the most ruined character in daytime. The fact that he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy shows why none of the Big 4 wanted to air the award show this year.

  2. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Couldn’t care less about Holly’s return. She is only going to prop the pathetic Luke/Ethan s/l. Luke has become a dispicable character. He did not deserve the Emmy nomination.

  3. Profile photo of Beth

    I would care a lot more about Holly’s return if she was tied into a story I even remotely cared about. As it is, I found myself drifting off frequently during her scenes yesterday.

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    I loved Emma’s return. She looks fabulous! And I loved her scenes with Luke and Tracy. I am definitely interested in this storyline and hoping that Ethan is the son of Robert and Holly. However, if Ethan turns out to be Luke’s son, I will turn off this show forever!

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    It doesn’t matter much at this point if Luke is Ethan’s dad or not. They have already ruined the character and the history of LnL by having Luke admit that he even could be. I hope Holly’s visit is short and that Luke leaves with her before I wear out my ff button.

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    PFFT.. could care less. The story I want to see is Robert and Anna, not loserLuke and his fauxson. I could be excited to see Holly if it was connected to someone else – how about a Mac/Holly/Robert/Anna quad. I am just SO over Luke these days. I hate that he is constantly drunk. I hate that we are finding out that he never kept his fly zipped. I hate how he treats Tracy and I hate how he treats Lucky.

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