Brian Frons says, “Emotional Jeopardy” is Key to Emmy Nods

Michael Maloney has written a nice article for Variety on this year’s Daytime Emmy nominations. Even though I think the Enemas for the most part are bogus, it’s really nice to see soaps written about in the trades and the theme of the article not being their pending demise for a change.

It’s also great to see not-so-Imaginary Bastards, er Bitches, Andrew Miller and Greg Rikaart quoted in regards to IB’s groundbreaking Emmy nod and Y&R’s shameful Best Drama snub, respectively. Of course I couldn’t get through the entire article without reading something that made my eyes bleed and my nose twitch like Samantha on Bewitched after a particularly decadent night at Studio 54. Check out the irony in the below passage about what ABC Daytime’s Brian Frons thinks it takes fo an actor to net an Emmy nomination.


While some soaps have won over the years for staging big events (fires, hostage crises) or writing fantasy episodes, Brian Frons, president of daytime at Disney-ABC, says that at the end of the day it’s the relationship between the characters that can score an actor — and a show — a nomination."


"Too often physical jeopardy can be emphasized," he says. "But the truth is: Emotional jeopardy, when written and performed well, will garner the nominations."

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    Brian Frons is one of the biggest idiots in a powerful position that thinks that character motivation is good drama when we have Stacy naked for the hundredth time, bad plot points and dissing your vets and rewriting history to the point of actual ruin and he is telling us about almost getting canceled and ratings free falling and long time viewers dissatisfied with aBC soaps. I hope that he loses his job and actually get someone who loves this genre that wants to save it.

  2. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    Frons is such an ass. He is destroying ABC Daytime faster than Slutty Stacey can undress. I say he should be strung up like a pinata so all of us longtime devoted ABC soap viewers can play Wack-a-Frons.

  3. Profile photo of luverica

    Hey DC. When you post pictures of that Frons fool, would you consider putting one of those black boxes over his face or something. I’m at the point where I can’t stomach the sight of him.

  4. Profile photo of goyankees

    UGGGGH!!! It’s too early in the day for reading crap about this putz!!? WHY is he even TALKING about Daytime!? HE HATES DAYTIME!!
    He takes daytime OFF the Soapnot Dial to air A) Movies that were made in 1981. And not even good ones.
    B) Gilmore Girls and BH90210, which were not even part of his ABC schedule A DECADE AGO when these shows were actually ‘hot’ take precedent over Y&R, OLTL, etc. on a network he oversee’s that formally aired Daytime TV and Daytime infused talkshows.
    C) Rips off from BRAVO, in order to Air “Real Crap of Louisville”……seriously –can someone at Bravo call him out on that!? The Bravo Ripoff now will air Thursdays in place of GH…an ABC ‘origional’
    D) Brought Crystal Hunt/Stacy Morasco into our lives.
    E) May or May NOT have considered bringing GL to Soapnot. Beffuddled.

    So if this Yutz wants Daytime Viewers to have ANY Respect or Credibility when he speaks, he’s doing it all backwards. This guy is single-handedly ruining ABC Daytime and The Network formally known as Soapnet. I find him utterly irresponsible @ his job and should be FIRED FAST. Because I, for one am a FORMER ABC viewer, thanks in part to A) The Awesomeness of Y&R, and B) Hating what Frons has done to the shows on his network.

    Rant concluded.

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Ironic that he would be making this statement, lol. But I do agree with him. I’ll take good emotional turmoil over Events anyday.

    DC, I think most ABC soap fans would, so if we know this, and Frons knows this, why are CGI explosions and monkey flu epidemics what we’re getting on his shows as opposed to more inner conflict?

  6. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Jamey: I don’t understand. Are you saying that the Toxic Balls story wasn’t an example of layered, complex, emotionally rich storytelling rooted in deep inner conflict?! :O ;)

  7. Profile photo of McD720

    Ugh. I have no words anymore for this no talent, daytime destroying TOOL.

    But I do know that my eyes can’t handle seeing Frons’s disgusting preverted face this early in the morning.

  8. Profile photo of italianoj77

    I agree with everything that has been written on this site re: frons. I don’t think his name should be written in caps. What do tptb need to see he is destroying daytime television for ABC? We have stopped watching also. We get more from blogs like this and WUBS lady and GHOFS. Until they say frons has been fired and guza along with him, there will be no watching ABC daytime.

  9. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “DC, I think most ABC soap fans would, so if we know this, and Frons knows this, why are CGI explosions and monkey flu epidemics what we’re getting on his shows as opposed to more inner conflict?”

    Because the “actors” he favors wouldn’t know how to portray inner conflict.

  10. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Isn’t it justice that the show he loves most, GH didn’t get an Emmy nom for best show? He put in 3 million for HD and the ratings is still falling and and a angry fanbase that is already bolting and he is putting this mess on? No wonder the genre is dying under theses IIC.

  11. Profile photo of angelatil

    I don’t really know this Frons guy but I do think that what he said might be true? I mean I know of the actresses nominated for Days of Our Lives, Rachel Melvin, I am sooo glad she was nominated! She has done outstanding last year with really emotional scenes. She had the emotional scenes with Bo with the donor/pancreatic story. She had heartwrenching scenes with her dad, willing him to get well when she donated part of her pancreas to him. When she was told later on because of an infection due to the surgery that she could not have children, omg that scene was just…wow. Her and Shawn Christian really did a great job with that scene, when he told her that she could not have kids. Then the scene with her and Hope, Chelsea blaming herself for not being able to have kids…oh dear god. It was heartwrenching.

    And other things throughout last year, her getting upset about her grandfather having a stroke, her break up with Daniel and, more recently in March, her scene again with Shawn Christian (Daniel) about not being able to have kids and how for him not to give up on her and to try to help her. It was just sooo well acted out from both her and Shawn.

    Rachel knocked out all those emotional scenes as well as non-emotional. To me, that is what I watch when I watch soaps. Really intense emotional scenes and Rachel Melvin brought that and I sincerely hope she wins the Emmy. I don’t get why some people seem to think that the Emmy’s should not like actors that can do that but I think that is part of what the Emmy’s should look for when they nominate someone. I agree someone that can be emotional and act well with other actors as well, have a relationship that is believable, that is what I look for in a soap. To me, Rachel brings all of that.

  12. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I don’t think this man respects the genre he is employed in or the viewers who watch unless you are in one of his demo groups..I don’t see where he respects women for the “most part” unless you are hair model or playboy bunny type. I don’t like how he treats his actors if “anything” I’ve read is true..

    Basically, I just don’t like the guy, his opinions may be valid but he’s such an oof at this point I don’t respect them; he speaks with forked tongue. I don’t do the training program of FronsTv. I’ve never been happier since I am no longer a loyal viewer of FronsTv..

    The heart and soul of his shows are gone and there just isn’t enough diversity of “lead” actors in top story for me I tried to hang for Angie and Jessie and Frankies MIA…then saw them babysitting little I’m did a WTH? and tuned out. Where is their storyline Frons…where is Kent-Masters King?

    Y/R, DOL, even B/B….I’m giving ATWT another turn just to stay away from anything that has to do with this guy. Those dwindling numbers are African Americans who have given up waiting for you to play them in lead storylines. He can give all the polished media interviews he wants but his actions speak louder than words.

  13. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    I agree with your whole post cyber i too am no longer a viewer of Fronstv i have not watched in almost a year and i never will again as long as that idiot is in charge.I can’t believe what has happened to ABC soaps it is quite sad.

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