Christian LeBlanc “Surprised” by Y&R’s Emmy snub

Emmy contender Christian LeBlanc (Michael) opens up to Michael Fairman about The Young and the Restless being snubbed when the 2009 Emmy nominations were announced, given the stellar work the soap put out in 2008.

Michael Fairman: Were you shocked, as so many were that perennial powerhouse “Y&R” did not get Emmy nominations in Show, Writing or Directing?

Christian LeBlanc:I am surprised we are not up for Best Show, but so much is relied upon what you submitted. It’s so subjective, and I am under no illusion that I am the overall best leading actor, EVER! Damn it! (He laughs) Look, it’s an honor, but it’s an honor we give to daytime in general because the Emmys are a business proposition. We want to get people to watch by showing them what our best could possibly be.


To find out what LeBlanc submitted for the Emmys and his take on his competition visit:

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    Didn’t a bunch of Y&R people do some “We’re #1!” smack talking during last year’s emmys? Maybe that lead to some kind of backlash this year? I’m not saying that that’s right, but I’m just wondering if that might have had something to do with it.

  2. Profile photo of Smitty

    reggyreg I think what you said is an understatement. I like the character of Michael but sometimes CLB can be a little too much especially with that Judith Chapman.

    Michael Fairman should have asked him if he was surprised by Eric Braeden being snubbed by the cast. I mean let’s be honest I was definitely surprised that he was one of Y&R’s pics for leading actor nominations. IMO it just wasn’t his year. I don’t care if you have one or two or three good episodes. I am so sick and tired of these actors/actresses and the emmy’s and feigning surprise over this or that. Give me a flipping break.

  3. Profile photo of goyankees

    I adore Christian Leblanc. ABC can have their Cameron Matheson’s of the world, who act with their (his) eyeballs popping and gruff ‘shrieking’. Y&R Fans are lucky to have this guy.

  4. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Smitty, I agree with you. Christian did not have the banner year that he did when he won. Also, I remember when the great Jeannie Cooper accepted her award and she said that Y&R was number one! I know there were some in the audience that did not like that remark. It is like rubbing salt in a wound. She and Y&R are better than that.

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    Its just another reason why the genre is dying block voting, voting for your friends, not voting for someone if you don’t like the person, or not not even bothering to watch submission tapes. I admit I blame the execs most of the time but I also blame the daytime Emmy voters because sometimes they get it right but the last few years even a kid could see that block voting is going on.

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    Jillian Bowe

    katiebug I’m glad you said that because imo voters really think that fans and viewers can’t tell they are bloc voting. This emmy year has brought it out in the open for all to see..

  7. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I am really surprised that MAB would choose the Paris episodes to submit for emmy consideration. Those episodes were boring at best. I think Jamey is right when he said that Christian acted better before he became a good guy (hero). I do not want him to return to being evil, rapist Michael, but please give him a storyline that stands on his own, not one connected to Gloria or Kevin

  8. Profile photo of bunting

    I agree the “We’re number 1″ stuff last year was tacky, and there is a problem with block voting, but I wonder if any of this is backlash from the writer’s strike, and to be honest the show they sumitted (according to Nelson Branco) was not emmy worthy. They should have submitted Kay’s funeral or something to do with Sabrina’s death, not a show from the Paris shoot. Also, Y&R was a complere bore for the first half of the year focusing on the same characters/same stories day after day.

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    Many of them overact at one time or another, especially when they don’t get good writing. MAB certainly has not given CLB the material he has had in the past. He gets a good scene here or there and the special Christmas episode, but otherwise MAB and company treated and still write Michael and CLB as a prop to Gloria and Kevin. When they have story, he is on the show to support their story. When they are not in legal trouble, too often Michael and CLB are backburned.

    What did he do before the Lowell/River story last year? Nothing, except be Victor’s gopher when Sabrina was dying in the hospital and arrange her funeral. Then his search for his father story that played out last fall was turned into another vehicle for Gloria and was poorly executed. This year, he got Gloria out of jail and was there for Kevin during his crisis. Now what? Likely the backburner. Good actors need good material and he doesn’t get enough of it under this regime like other top actors on the show.

  10. Profile photo of bunting

    They definitely need to distance him some from Gloria and Kevin. He has been playing that same story for three years now. Kevin and Gloria get in hot water and they know Michael will grumble but eventually bail them out. It gets old. They have good chemistry, but Michael is more than that and used to mix it up in the business stories with Victor and Jack, mix it up with Paul and other characters.

    He submitted the “It’s a Wonderful Life” episode and besides being very well written, it let CLB play opposite many actors and those actors were allowed to be edgy and stretch their acting muscles (especially TEB as Lauren).

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    Jamey Giddens

    Y&R needs to have a man become interested in Lauren. Some hot, hedge fund manager who buys up a sizeable interest in Fenmore’s Dept. store chain and starts telling Lauren she deserves more than playing second fiddle to Michael’s wacked out family. They could cast Antonio Sabato Jr. Slowly, this could star to make Michael jealous, and cause him to struggle with his old psychotic urges.

  12. Profile photo of ad-girl

    CLB is a very talented actor but Judith Chapman brings out the worst in him. CLB’s best scenes are with Doug Davidson, Tracey Bregman and, to a lesser extent, Greg Rikaart. For CLB’s sake, I hope he gets pulled into the Paul/Nikki/Mary Jane story because he does much better with subtle actors.

  13. Profile photo of Smitty

    I am really surprised that MAB would choose the Paris episodes to submit for emmy consideration.


    Yeah I don’t understand this either. I mean come on MAB & Co. Game has to recognize game. We all have watched and know about the emmys. She should know that it is going to take something like a CGI to get a nomination. I mean that’s why other shows like GH has gotten nominated in best show in recent years from what I have been told. Come on MAB y’all gotta play the game just like everybody else. She could have submitted Kay’s “funeral”, Jabot Takeover, Christmas episode, just to name a few.

  14. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I agree Smitty, the Jabot takeover was very memorable. I think they will do a better job with picking better shows next year for emmy consideration. Billy and Chloe’s wedding fiasco comes to mind!

  15. Profile photo of bunting

    When I found out Rick Hearst was available I thought they could bring him back as a man who could be working with Lauren who slowly makes the moves on her, and at the same time Michael would be neglecting her to once again deal with work and Gloria and Kevin’s issues. It would be a slow developing story, and in the end Lauren almost succumbs but realizes that she does love her husband and was tempted by this man who is similar to Michael when she actually just needs more from her husband. At the same time, Michael does become jealous and realizes what he could lose and wakes up. This could reinvigorate them as a couple and not follow the same old path as they would be a couple who did not turn to affairs.

    Of course, they should have Lauren involved more in business and interacting with other characters, but I like Lauren and Michael as a couple and I think much of the audience does, but they need some conflict and stop being only props for others.

    Then they could spin off this man into Phyllis’ orbit and by then she and Nick will be split. Michael will hate him because of the close call with Lauren and it will be nice and awkward between Phyllis, Michael and Lauren over this new man in her life. Nick will realize Phyllis can and will move on, and she can move on from Nick.

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