Daniel Kennedy Moonlights as Real Estate Agent

It’s hard out there for soap actors. Show ratings are down, contracts are being slashed, big names are being let go and primetime roles are more and more competitive to land, as networks premiere fewer pilots in the fall.

Earlier this year TV Guide Canada reported that Another World, Guiding Light and Days of Our Lives star Judi Evans is selling cemetery plots. Now Backstage.com has an article about how actors are being forced to adapt to the times and reveals that All My Children star Daniel Kennedy got his real estate license and is a full-time Manhattan real estate agent. When asked why he got into real estate Kennedy responded "Because Guiding Light was canceled and I have to think ahead."

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    Luke Kerr

    Oh yeah, I don’t blame a single actor for spreading their wings and trying to generate other revenue streams. In this economy you do what you have to do.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington


    this is really disheartening but at least they have a means to support themselves. Someone needs to send this to Chris Engen, its hard out there for good actors like Judi Evans and Daniel Kennedy, he should crawl back to MAB and beg for his job back. In this economy even hardworking, professional and talented actors have been forced to take side jobs but hey you can only depend on yourself right.

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    Good ahead, Daniel, I think you should have a back up plan to support yourself or when you hit it big save up the money in case business or jobs slow down and then you don’t have to worry about money. I hope he does good on the real estate business.

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    I was going to give the same comment! Great minds Season! :P It’s probably safer to be an actor on AMC than to be a real estate agent in this economy and that isn’t saying much!

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