New Adam Cast on Young and Restless!

Dang that was quick! Auntie Maria don’t play. According to TV‘s Matt Mitovich,  Michael Muhney (Veronica Mars) has been cast in the pivotal role of Victor Adam Newman Jr. TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco broke the news that Chris Engen quit the soap, allegedly due to concerns over a scripted same-sex kiss between Adam and his gay lawyer Rafe (Yani Gellman). Muhney’s first airdate as Adam is June 25.

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    Damn, that was super fast. MAB doesn’t lose time, and she shouldn’t. He’s a good actor, but these are soaps almost everybody is re-castable.

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    Alright MAB I ain’t mad at you for that! he kind of resembles CE. I just pray he can act because I am enjoying the Adam storyline.

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    THAT WAS FAST. Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauch are about the business. Good for them.

    Michael Muhney was very good on Veronica Mars. But, actually, his character was very much in the vein of Billy Abbott – a snarky, bad-ass. And he has good comic timing also. However, as he is a thespian, I am sure he will be able to bring great shadings to Adam. Smooches!

    XOXO ;-)

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    What a smart choice! Michael Muhney was great on Veronica Mars and can do the charming yet scheming/ lovable yet smarmy very well. As much as I enjoyed Chris Engen’s take on the role, I’m excited to see what Sheriff Lamb’s gonna do with it!

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    WOW that was quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in the morning I’m reading that Chris Engen did what he did and in evening sheriff Lamb(MM) is comming to GC.
    I’ve got nothing against Michael Muhney but I will miss Chris Engen’s Adam.

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    If you want more proof that Maria means business then look at this… She means BUSINESS! CE really messed up on this one… He will regret this big time. And it is a shame too cause I was really loving his portrayal of Adam. I don’t know much about the actor but VM was a very acclaimed show so he sounds promising.

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    Chris Engen’s stature has always been a problem with me – i have always pictured Napoleon Bonaparte in him than the son of the great Victor Newman. I hope Michael Muhney will make a difference because i love me some bad characters but i have yet to warm upto Adam Wilson

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    I wonder if MAB was already contemplating recasting CE when he started complaining to TPTB about his storyline and had an actor in mind to recast him with? MAB means business and everyone else better get out of her way! I still cannot believe that CE walked out on the best soap on TV, especially when he is in a huge storyline and plays the son of a legendary character!

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    Melvins mom

    Wow….so we really are losing Chris Engen. I hope the good reviews for this recast will prove true onscreen, but it’s definitely going to take some time to adjust.

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    I can just hear Maria Arena Bell singing…

    “You must not know ‘bout me. You must not know ‘bout me. I can have another you in a minute. Matter of fact, he’ll be here in a minute. Baby. You must not know ‘bout me. You must not know ‘bout me. Don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’ your IRREPLACEABLE!”


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    Jamey Giddens

    SoapSnob, you are DA BIZNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maria to Chris: To the left, to the left,
                           Everything in yo’ dressing room,
                           In that box to the left…

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    Seriously, what’s the point? Adam has been ruined with this latest deeds. Unless, Adam completely gets off hook with the haunting of Ashley (and faking blindness), what future does the character have? And, unless they plan on suddenly turning Adam bi, what’s the point of the Rafe kiss. With P3 back and this crap, I’m definitely not liking the direction. Oh, well, it was good while it lasted.

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    I love how MAB is showing who runs the show you can’t be walking off of a set because your upset about your storyline and expect to not have reprecussions if that were true there would only be the same 5 people on GH everyday….oh wait…scratch that last part ;)

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauch rock, Michael Muhney can pLay a good SOB and seems professional, lets hope he has good chemistry with Yani Gellman and the Newmans.

    Oh and SoapSnob, that was priceless:bigsmile:

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    WOW!!! Did she call his Bluff or WHAT??? Ohhhhhhh, Chris. You were the perfect Adam and totally grew on me. Now you’re going to have to suck it up and get a crap job on crap ABC!!!!! (teehee!)

    ***Thanking our lucky stars this didn’t happen to Jess Walton last month***** (wiping brow in relief)

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    On a serious note though, I hope MAB’s actions put the cast of Y&R on notice that she’s not going to take to the tantrums of her starts for the sake of the story. I hope everyone realizes that they’re NOT irreplaceable. :)

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    I’m almost thinking they were already LOOKING for a new Adam before the sheet even hit the fan…..

    I’m just not feeling this gas lighting Ashley stuff. What’s his motivation? To get back at daddy I guess. It does harken back to some of the crazy-ass stuff Victor used to when HE was a new character, but (IMHO) they’ve failed to draw that comparison between the two men (yet). It would help if Victor stopped being a pig headed A-hole.

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    Go Ms. Maria with the “quickness” of getting a “new gun for hire” for the role of Adam.

    Muhney was fabulous as Sherrif Lamb.


    BRAVO, SoapSnob.

    Not to take anything away from the guy who “walked off” the show, but THE SHOW and THE STORYLINE is what should matter. Your personal beliefs are something else, but he really didn’t have ANY power of what the writers and the executive producer were planning on doing with the character that he was PAID and placed on contract to portray.

    This is a business and he wasn’t willing to do what he was contracted for, so it makes PERFECT sense for TPTB of Y&R to find a replacement.

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    I wonder if the Adam/Rafe storyline has anything to do with the rumors that Barbara Bloom wanted more gay/lesbian storylines on B&B and Y&R since ATWT and GL will be gone soon and they got so much Buzz from them hmm.

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    OMG! I LOVED “Veronica Mars” and Sheriff Lamb was such an ass of a character, but I loved the actor! I don’t watch Y&R but an alum from my favorite show on it? I will DEFINITELY check him out! And the way I hear the storyline is going, Adam has a bit of a mean streak in him and Michael can do that! And it doesn’t hurt that I think he’s cute too! I swear, it’s like Maria Arena Bell can do no wrong! Can we clone her and send her over to Days?

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    I loved Chris Engen but his diva behaviour has been a complete dissapointment to me.
    Way to go MAB, I loved Veronica Mars and always thought Sheriff Lamb was a total hottie.

    Lets hope this is not a recast a’la Clementine Ford.

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    You know I love me some Auntie Maria but you know Paul Rauch was the one who made this quick change. Paul Rauch has been in this business 40 years and has dealt with every DIVA and DIVO and got rid of them with the quickness. If you don’t believe me just ask George Reinholt, Jacqueline Courtney, Robin Strasser, Wendy Moniz, Frank Grillo, to name a few. Chris Engen should have known he was easily replaced and you don’t mess with a producer like Rauch. He will chew you up and spit you and replace you so fast your head will spin. This serves as a notice to actors who think they can walk off the set and quit while still on CONTRACT that producers will not play with you. I wish Rauch and Maria Arena were at GH cause the shit those actors get away with especially Maurice and Steve Burton is sickening and they wouldn’t stand for it. Good job Y&R for showing the industry how to do business.

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    I think Chris was an awesome Adam but, doesn’t he know that soaps sometimes ask you to do things that you wouldn’t noramly do in real life?…I mean Jake S. on ATWT isn’t gay in real life and him and Luke kiss as if they have been doing it for yrs,….(it doesn’t matter if there making Adam gay/bi, i think they’re only doing it to have Adam to get Rafe to help him get something he wants.) oh well he messed this one up, cos now when he tries to get another job there gonna see that he’s not willing to do anything that the storyline calls for…bye bye Chris maybe we’ll see you again.

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    G’on Maria Arena Bell! Checkmate! CE, what a fool. You’ve been played, player. Now, can Maria come down to Brooklyn and get rid of a few massive egos on the set of ATWT? CG doesn’t have the balls to do it, but she does, lol.

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    Something tells me that Chris engel was walking on thin ice, because there is no way in hell they can cast a role that fast. I mean, great choice, but I think he was cast way before the kiss extravaganza.

  26. Profile photo of shmotis

    I wonder how long this character will be on. They have been writing him into a pretty small corner. I know that redemption is a staple on a soap but at some point the character goes too far. I’ll bet that they were Not writing the character as becoming gay but having him use Rafe to his advantage.

  27. Profile photo of DenverDean

    If they plan on having Adam kiss Rafe to get something — that’s just vile. It’s not like Rafe hasn’t bent over backwards (so to speak) to help Adam. Rafe is “drawn” as a good character. So unless Adam is asking Rafe to do something shady/illegal, which would be out of character, this makes no sense. It seems very contrived and we’re back to the Latham plot driven rather than character driven stories.

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    OMG! They got Sheriff Lamb. OMG I LOVED him on Veronica Mars. I was so mad when he died on that show. Now if they can get Leo, I would be over the moon.

    Now Victor is so hardcore on Adam to be a man, how would he take a gay son.

    Now if Y&R can get such a good actor as Michael, why couldn’t they find a better actress for Mac. She is horrible!

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    Purple Haze

    Y&R has sure gone on offensive by leaking the one allegation against Chris Engen guaranteed to get him the worst and most obsessive press coverage possible — that he walked out on his contract rather than engage in a same-sex kiss.

    I can understand that playing someone as devious, heartless and totally devoid of conscience as Adam could have taken a toll on Chris Engen’s health which resulted in “sick days”.

    I remember there was an African-Amercan actor on Y&R in the 80’s, Phil Morris, whose storyline called him to pass for white. The psychic cost was so great that he had a breakdown while in makeup and couldn’t play the role any more. (I don’t remember Y&R going to the press to taint him as homophobic, though …)

    I also recall all the press speculation that Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker caused him so much internal pain that he became addicted to pills and committed suicide.

    So before everyone jumps on the bandwagon that Chris Engen is a horrible, bigoted person who should never work again, let’s hear the other side of the story.

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    If CE’s psyche couldn’t handle playing the devious, villanous Adam, then he shouldn’t be in the business of acting. I am being serious here. If playing this role on daytime television made him physcially ill, he needs to take up wall painting or some other profession for his own well being. He shouldn’t be acting.

  31. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i have to echo the sentiment that this was very quick.

    Jamey – had Michael auditioned for a role with the show? how did rauch and bell know about him? i loved him on VM, but hadn’t really seen him on anything else.

  32. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    The story breaks this morning and there is a new actor in the role this afternoon. Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauch are displaying how it is done. Clearly, they “do not suffer fools gladly.” Perhaps Maria Arena Bell should be the VP of CBS Daytime.

    As soon as I read the post the character had been recast, I could literally see Maria Arena Bell singing the chorus of “Irreplaceable.” :-D

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    This new Adam could be a keeper. If his acting is any good, I can see him as a new leading man on Y&R. He has the looks and the presence of a leading man. I hope he does well as Adam. I just hope they don’t write the character into a corner. I think Sheila Carter was a great character for many years, but where is she now? I hope they keep Michael around for a while.

  34. Profile photo of reggyreg

    This new Adam could be a keeper. If his acting is any good, I can see him as a new leading man on Y&R. He has the looks and the presence of a leading man. I hope he does well as Adam. I just hope they don’t write the character into a corner. I think Sheila Carter was a great character for many years, but where is she now? I hope they keep Michael around for a while.

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    Engen did not impress me. He was too wooden and creepy. I think that there’s more to this story than his just quitting. I think that the mystery lady is Paul’s sister. She was with Jack when this soap started in the 1970’s. Jack treated her horribly and it makes sense for her to want “payback.”

  36. Profile photo of cornelison

    The writers at Y&R have mishandled Adam’s story. Adam was too morose and moody to like. Ditto for Brad Carleton. Now Don Diamont has a more interesting role on B&B! He looks like he’s enjoying the change too!

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    I say, if the guy is uncomfortable kissing another guy, and his character has been straight since the beginning, and he wasn’t hired to be a gay, it’s his prerogative to quit. I would be uncomfortable kissing another woman and would probably do the same thing. I have nothing against gays, by the way. I just think, if you want an actor to play gay, he/she should be told up front giving them the option to accept or reject the job.

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    i dont think adam is gay its just a point in plot to get what he wants

    maybe adam is omni-sexual which means open to sexuality. i can see it now that Adam uses his sexuality to get what he wants. He finds out that Rafe is attracted him, knows Rafe can help him out and uses Rafe’s attraction to further his game. Thats all i see it as a game to Adam. He wants all the power. This is not about sex or sexuality.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I just think, if you want an actor to play gay, he/she should be told up front giving them the option to accept or reject the job.
    So, should producers have to tell newcomer actors—who are a dime a dozen and lining up to take jobs—that their characters may one day commit adultery, murder, blackmail, lie, cheat, steal or come back from the dead? Soaps are an unending process. There is absolutely no way for a show runner to explain the entire lifespan of a character when an actor is hired. They don’t even do that for superstars, because they don’t know all of the beats, twists and turns. Do you think they told the actress who plays Callie on Grey’s that her character would one day turn out to be a lesbian? No. Do you think they told Neve Campbell that her character on Party of Five would kiss a girl three or four seasons later? These are actors, they are supposed to be professionals. No one is saying fans at home would be comfortable, but we are not actors. Actors are supposed to get that it is the character doing it, not them. That’s a large part of what is killing soaps, actors who think they know best about what their characters should and should not do. That is not what they are paid to do. Should Shakespeare have re-written Romeo and Juliet if the actors were against teen suicide?

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    Engen is about the same height as Joshua Morrow, who plays Nick Newman. Most actors are short. It’s rare to find an actor over 5’11.

    Brian Pressley would have been cool. What is he doing these days?

  41. Profile photo of appleridge

    Jamey i love that song. I was chatting on Fb with Mel last night that daytime needs more ep’s like MAB who doesnt take carp from their actors and when necessary plays hardball. If more were like MAB daytime could be as strong as it was in the 70’s and 80’s

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    I have read how some people are amazed at how quickly this recast came about after it was leaked that Chris Engen had quit. This is nothing new in the entertainment industry.

    A great example (from the music world) is the replacement of Florence Ballard in The Supremes with Cindy Birdsong in July 1967. The tensions between performer (Ballard) and management (Berry Gordy/Motown) had been happening for months and months before Florence was fired (which was actually spun to the Press that Florence “retired” to start a family). Cindy Birdsong substituted on a series of gigs for a suspended Florence in April 1967, about 3 months before the official firing. When things seemed to be coming to a breaking point in late June 1967, Cindy Birdsong was brought to Las Vegas where the group was performing and she was rehearsed behind closed doors for several days until Florence was officially fired on July 1, 1967. One night Florence was on the stage, the next it was Cindy. A live singing trio with contracted bookings can’t stop and figure out what to do without expecting legal problems; they were prepared to keep things going as smoothly as possible. It’s the same with a daytime drama being produced for broadcast five days a week, year in and year out.

    As another poster wisely pointed out, this is more likely orchestrated by Paul Rauch. He is an experienced soap opera executive producer who likely saw trouble coming with Chris Engen’s calling off sick and verbal disagreements with the producers and began prepping for a recast. In this electronic day and age, the breakdown for the role of “Adam” could have gone out to agents on Tuesday for auditions on Wednesday and then a recast announcement on Thursday (today). Time is money!

    I know nothing about Michael Muhney’s work. Chris Engen wasn’t on the show long enough to make me regret his departure–and the alleged reasons behind it don’t gain him any points in my book, either–so I’ll be willing to give Muhney a fair chance to claim the role for his own. Worst-case scenario is that Adam is gone by the end of the year; best-case is that MM is a success and the character is further developed and utilized in the Y&R story.

  43. Profile photo of SharonFan

    Sounds like Chris Engen is an individual with a right to choose how he finds integrity and pride in his work. He does not need your approval, my approval or anyone else’s approval to do so.

    You can be hired to do a job, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on what you view as right, wrong or acceptable. Like everyone else who has a job, he has the right to quit. CBS has the right to file suit if they so choose.

    If Chris Engen expressed discomfort with doing a nude scene, we wouldn’t see half the judgmental comments across this board. The man has a right to his personal choice.

  44. Profile photo of appleridge

    However doing nudity on film or TV or stage requires a nudity rider that is seperate from the actors contract. It usually states what will be shot and how it will be shown. They put in nudity riders becauise that is something that does not occur on a daily basis on acting jobs


    Kissing someone does and thats why its not in actors who they kiss or dont. its just common knowledge trhat if ur an actor in film tv or stage you will have to kiss another person

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