Wishful Casting Y&R’s Adam Newman: Brian Presley or Jon Prescott

No need to let one actor’s reported homophobia on the set of The Young and the Restless stop the show. Since TPTB are said to be planning to recast the role of Adam Newman after Chris Engen allegedly bolted rather than kiss Yani Gellman (Rafe), I figured I would attempt to help the busy execs out.
I would love to see Port Charles alum Brian Presley (ex-Jack) make a return to daytime— especially if he brought his wife Erin Hershey Presley (ex-Alison, PC) with him—Presley possesses that perfect mixture of marvel and menace that would serve him well as a character like Adam. Meanwhile, Hershey Presley could step into the strappy sandals of Walnut Grove Academy’s ultimate mean girl Brittany Hodges!

Another option would be Jon Prescott as Adam. Prescott did an impressive turn as Mike Kasnoff  recently on As The World Turns—which of course meant that show got rid of him—with his fresh-off-the-Snyder-farm good looks and steady acting chops, it would make Adam’s villainy all the more surprising and therefore intriguing. This storyline is too liquid hot to be derailed by one actor’s alleged shortsidedness. Adam could be the best soap villain since Roger Thorpe (the late Michael Zaslow). I am sure actors will be lining up outside Bell studios for the chance to play this part, even it it means having to play tongue hockey with another dude!

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    I like both of these choices. If I think of any more, I put some up. Wait one just came tome. How about Christian Campbell who played Bobby Warner on AMC in 2004. He even played gay a few times in trick and NBC’s Book Of Daniel where his character had a love scene with none other than John Driscoll who is soon to debut as Phillip the 4th.

  2. Avatar of modee

    what a stupid thing to write…that it is homophobia

    how do you know how he feels about gay people

    just because one man doesn’t want to kiss another

    its that kind of silly comment that does the world a disservice by casting anyone who is uncomfortable with intimate contact (even if it is acting) with a person of the same sex, as a homophobe

    maybe he doesn’t want to be type cast as a gay character(that does happen)

    maybe kissing other guys gives him the willies

    i’ve heard of straight actors not wanted to kiss other actors of the opposite sex

    bottom line you don’t know…the story just broke…and Nelson could be wrong

    but saying he is homophobic is a serious comment

    i’ve had enough with this site

  3. Avatar of appleridge

    It says Reported Homophobia. No one who runs this site would ever blantly call him out like that.Heres the facts, The actor walked off. Maybe it was a culmanation of a lot of things but heres the one thing I know. Your an actor. Your sign a binding contract. You work. You dont get huffy and storm off regardless of what the story is. If you dont like the story or show quit when your contracts up. Now no one can force him back to work but he will face the consequences. some may think its just a soap but if and when this gets out, the actor may be deemed hard to work with and then have trouble finding work for a while.

  4. Avatar of Smitty

    i’ve had enough with this site


    modee you are entitled to your opinion but DC is a great site. I am tired of people trying to come down on the DC crew. They are reporting a story. This is a SOAP OPERA NEWS SITE! THE BEST I CAN SAY TO YOU IS don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you! go to another site and wait they will be reporting the same thing.

    You people are going to quit coming down on the DC crew for doing their job. You can live in delusion about why he walked off the set but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it’s a duck. Nelson and DC have proven credible when reporting on daytime news.

  5. Avatar of modee

    why is it homophobic to not want to kiss someone of the same sex?

    I have a gay cousin and I don’t treat him any differently

    But you couldn’t pay me to kiss any of his gay friends

    maybe he is a bad actor to be unwilling to stretch that far…but doesn’t make him homophobic

    and the report didn’t say anything about being homophobic…so it is DC who first brought that word into play

    it reported that he walked off because he didn’t want to kiss another male character AND didn’t like the direction of the character

    how can you equate that with being homophobic

    and i’m not naive for writing this, i know exactly what i’m writing…and I know some will suggest that i am

    but, bottom line is, you should not suggest something as serious as him being homophobic based on one report

  6. Avatar of modee

    “You people are going to quit coming down on the DC crew for doing their job. You can live in delusion about why he walked off the set but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it’s a duck”

    that is a flat out dumb comment on so many levels that I don’t won’t to waste my time dissecting everything wrong with it

  7. Avatar of modee

    “and the report didn’t say anything about being homophobic…so it is DC who first brought that word into play”

    okay actually it did bad me

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    Hopefully we can all get back to what this post was about suggesting actors to take on Adam if CE doesnt return. They made need our help. They are in a crunch and I dont need to see that former Jeremy Horton on Days up in here. Anybody got any more suggestions?

    What about GL’s Scott Bailey
    OLTL’s Don Jeffcoat He was Joey after Nathan Fillon
    AMC’s Sam Page he was Kendall’s brother Trey
    GH’s Shaun Benson who was Steven Webber
    Jonathan Chase who was on the final season of One On One and was Jarid in the original Another Gay Movie

    Those are just a few more trying to keep ages relativley close

  9. Avatar of appleridge

    Regardless of whatever CE’s issues are or were you dont walk off a set mid-contract like that. Thats the bigger problem here. Your right we werent there we dont know but a reliable source has reported so we are allowed to respond.

  10. Avatar of Smitty

    that is a flat out dumb comment on so many levels that I don’t won’t to waste my time dissecting everything wrong with it



  11. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    But you couldn’t pay me to kiss any of his gay friends
    You aren’t being paid, but Chris Engen is. He signed a contract. If he walked because he didn’t want to kiss a man, not only is he in breach of that contract..

  12. Avatar of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Word Luke, word

    Seriously I think Brian Presley could be good but I’m secretly hoping they recast with Chad Brannon. I would love for him to get this role and give Bob Guza the two fingered salute by being on a show that is actually good.

  13. Avatar of Katiebug9624

    You don’t walk off the set of the the number one soap, which you’ve singed a contract for in this economy. It’s going to be hard for him to find a new job my gut tells me that he’ll come crawling back after he’s settled down but if he doesn’t give his contract to Melody Thomas Scott! Whats up with people quitting and storming off the set lately?

  14. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    what a stupid thing to write…that it is homophobia

    Homophobia is definied as fear of homosexuals. Yeah, it’s so stupid for me to say he’s homophobic. It would be about as stupid to look outside and see rain and say I bet it’s wet.

  15. Avatar of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Jamey I’m still bitter,

    I always hated Zander but I hate more the character assasination Bob Guza perpetrated in order to prop up Numb. However, I saw from day one the Chad Brannon was a fierce actor and this could be the role that could make Chad the solid leading man that he I know he can be plus if he can give Adam the layers Michael Zazlow gave Roger Thorpe I will follow him anywhere because I’m loyal like that, hell I still keep track of the three actors that played AJ Quartermaine because they were each good in their own ways.

  16. Avatar of blackjack21

    i like the pressleys and would be delighted to have them back on my screen.

    as for the other stuff, having the opportunity to act and do what you love should not be taken lightly or abused. i’m with appleridge, whatever the cause you don’t just walk off the job. but i wasn’t there and he wouldn’t be the first or last person to do it.

  17. Avatar of SoapSnob

    A few suggestions for a recast of Victor “Adam Wilson” Newman, Jr…

    Dylan Bruce – I suggested this actor before for this role if Chris Engen ever left – how prescient

    Scott Bailey – formerly Sandy on Guiding Light

    Jacob Young – he really needs to join a show that will utilize his talents and not provide him with cartoonish writing

    Or, a talented newcomer who can ACT could do this pivotal role justice.

  18. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    SoapSnob, Scott Bailey was one of my runners ups. Dylan Bruce is SUCH a ham. :-( Luke suggested Forbes March or Josh Duhon. Josh I could see, Forbes might be a bit much, in that he can ham it up too at times.

  19. Avatar of Freerhythm

    Scott Bailey is a cutie…but unless he’s had TREMENDOUS growth via intensive acting lessons since leaving GL, let’s not put him in the mix

    I like Brian Presley, and I think Chad Brennan would also be really good

    Of course…if it’s really wishful casting…how about Tyler Christopher (circa 2002, when he was a little leaner and less muscle-boy). Not only is he BEAUTIFUL…but nobody plays brooding, intense, and entitled like he does…..

  20. Avatar of SoapSnob

    I wanted to include Josh Duhon, but I also wanted to keep the list concise to three. And Dylan Bruce is ALWAYS my go-to recast for a young leading man on a daytime drama. :-)

    As a long shot, Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights would be very good. He has that innocent look that is serving the character well in the role right now, but could also bring the sly, cunning menace when the truth explodes.

  21. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    josstheguy, in case you missed the words "reported" and "alleged" they are sprinkled through the post. I didn’t get my two journalism degrees out a Sears and Roebuck catalogue. THis isn’t DC’s report, it’s TV Guide Canada’s, and we linked it as such.

  22. Avatar of arizona66

    I think Tom Pelphrey would have mad a great Adam Vjr.

    However, I do think it unfair to label Chris Egan a homophobe for not liking the turn in his story and character.

  23. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    However, I do think it unfair to label Chris Egan a homophobe for not liking the turn in his story and character.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. In my opinion, if it is true that he walked because of the kiss, that makes him homophobic.

  24. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Passions messed up the Chad on the DL story by making the other guy a hermaphrodite psycho. That story could have been the one to save Passions if they had written it true to life. I know plenty of people who had never watched Passions, who tuned in for that story, only to see it turn into a cartoon.

  25. Avatar of appleridge

    On Chad On Passions Vicent wasnt a man, Vicent was a hermaphadite cause vincent was also Valerie which Chad knew. So Chad wasnt gay.

    Jamey was reporting what TV Guide canada reported and they used Homophobia first. Maybe it wasnt that. Maybe it was everything that had been going on with his character for a while BUT you dont walk mid-contract. CE needs to return finish his contract and then quit if he doesnt like it so much but he put that whole show in a jam and thats not fair

  26. Avatar of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    It doesn’t matter what his reasons for walking out are, Chris Engen is not in a position to do such a thing. If Diedre Hall and Drake Hogestyn who have been team players their entire careers can be unceremoniously dumped by Ken Corday, this little pipsqueak should be thankful he has a job.

    He is not the first person to be unhappy at work, if every one quit because they are somewhat new and their bosses don’t pay attention to their needs many a resume would be spotty. Chris Engen is an ACTOR, storyline is not up to him, he is not the first actor to feel his character is being thrown to the sharks and he won’t be the last look at the casts of AMC, ATWT, GH, B&B and OLTL to an extent. He’s a professional and he needs to act like one.

  27. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    If an actor walks out becase they don’t want to kiss a woman of a different color, they would be called racist. Why should an actor who allegedly walks out because he doesn’t want to do a gay kiss be held to a different standard? It amazes me how quick people in this country still are to defend this madness. People can think, feel, behave the way they want. It’s a free country. But when you sign a contract and take money to play a part, your story isn’t up to you. If he felt strongly enough to walk out in the middle of a contract with the hottest show in daytime, I am sorry that speaks volumes.

  28. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    Brian Presley would be a great Adam recast, but I be happy with Forbes March or Dylan Bruce as Adam too. If you walk out on a show, you should lose your job and not be able to come back. They are more than able bodies who would love to have a job and a pay check.

  29. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    Jamey, you hit it on the nail, but I still am for a Rafe and Adam pairing, even if they have to recast the part with Phillip as the third person to be involve with Rafe too.

  30. Avatar of appleridge

    Back to castings:
    What about the guy who played Coop on GH I cant remember his name, Jason something
    Wes Ramsey would be good too bad he’s being wasted at DAYS

  31. Avatar of nolanspice

    I have to be honest that as of this writing, I have not seen what all of you have written regarding nuAdams. So my BFF Rich and I are unanimous in the following decisions/suggestions for Adam 2.0

    Forbes March (ex-Nash/OLTL): May be a little old for the part. But if he cuts his hair, he should be fine.

    Nick Stabile (Mark/Sunset Beach; Fox/Passions): Forget going to DAYS and head to Y&R! He’s got enough of that nice guy/stab you in the back quality that would be an easy fit.

    Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan/GL): He’s got just the right amount of sleaze and method acting that I can actually see him sticking himself in the eyeball with a needle! Also, picturing him in scenes with Eric Braeden would be PRICELESS!

    James Stevenson (Jared/Passions): Physically, he looks more like Engen. Plus, he’s got the only other acting nomination from PASSIONS outside of Juliet Mills and the late Josh Ryan Evans, if that accounts for anything.

    Justin Hartley (Fox/Passions): Also, resembles Engen but his deceit from good guy to bad guy can be more creepy because of his always smiling face.

    Just three questions to Chris Engen:
    1) Didn’t you know where this story was heading prior?
    2) After watching Jess Walton fight for her salary, do you really think they’ll come running after you?
    3) Since your career and profession is ACTING, what’s the big deal?

    To Jamey, if the Presleys come to Y&R, Erin would make an awesome Mac!

    Now that I’ve just gotten this out, I’ll go back to read what you all wrote. I hope I didn’t sound too redundant.

    Comment away…

  32. Avatar of modee

    I guess a lawyer who is asked to file papers and take dictations has no right to be concerned at the direction of his job

    I guess a nurse now being asked to do brain surgery when he/she has no training should not be one bit concerned about the direction of her job

    I guess a high level executive being asked to put the trash out should have no problem with the direction of his job

    An actor has the right to not want to do certain things and react accordingly…you seem to all be suggesting that he do whatever they want him to do…maybe they reneged on their end of the deal

    maybe they told him we are creating a character for you that will have a prominent role on the show for years to come…he will be this and that

    maybe they are changing direction…can he not have a problem with that if that was the case

    but we don’t know

    yes he has a contract, but its not the first time this has happened

    have you ever heard of a bench player wanting out because of playing time…..does that make him a bad person…no

    he is acting according to what HE thinks is best for his career

    you guys all hide behind the “he is an actor and he has a contract” to disguise the fact that it really bugs you that a straight man doesn’t want to kiss another man

    and you all suggest this is wrong…but none of you are willing to put forth an argument as to why it is wrong

    its bad enough his character has been destroyed with silly story lines over the last year after having so much potential, but “he should just accept it because he is an actor”

    you all have very weak arguments…my whole point is that you can’t condemn a man based on one report

    i wish i never get in trouble and have you guys as my jury, you would all jump and hang me at any hint of impropriety

  33. Avatar of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington


    I’m a lawyer and I file papers and take dictation because I’m new just like Chris Engen is new. A newly minted associate like myself has no say in what they are given to do, they just grin and bear it, hell I know partners who file papers personally because their clients require extreme amounts of discretion, no job is too small in this economy.

    Chris Engen is a newbie, better and more seasoned actors than he have had to put up with alot worse, if he wanted to leave could have at least given them notice and leave after the storyline has run its course. If Don Diamont can be shitcanned, hell if Ed Scott can be shitcanned by LML, Chris Engen has no reason run around in a snit because he is uncomfortable kissing a man.

  34. Avatar of modee

    good insight appleridge

    call him an idiot for walking out

    call him stupid for making a bad decision

    but don’t suggest something as bad as homophobia based on one report

    when, after all, as appleridge has stated…it is possible for a straight actor to not want to kiss another actor of the same sex and not be homophobic

    i hope this puts this discussion to rest

  35. Avatar of appleridge

    Thats why Modee im hoping his walking had more to do with overall story direction and not kissing Yanni Gellman. I feel bad for Yanni at this moment.

    Knowing of YR’s rep Im sure they had that conversation with CE about what he would never play
    Regardless he shouldnt have walked its gonna hurt him and his career and he may be a real solid professional actor who just had a bad few days or weeks cause he didnt understand Adam’s motivation but by CE walking his rep just took a hit that may never truly recover and now YR is scrambling to find a replacement yesterday and hopefully theyll find a good one. Im sure they will

    It does scare me though other shows found replacements when they had to emergency recast and it was terrible
    like Charity Rahmer on Days and Anthony addabo as AMC’s Dimitri UGHH

  36. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    he is acting according to what HE thinks is best for his career

    Well, he should ask every other actor in the history of soap opera how good walking out in the middle of a contract is for a career. He will be lucky to book a job as one of those people who walks around dressed as a hot dog, if he doesn’t carry his happy behind back to that set and beg Maria Bell to let him back on the show.

  37. Avatar of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Modee maybe you need to take a time out on this subject because your getting a bit worked up over it…. Jamey did say that it is ALLEGEDLY homophobic not straight out the box that he is. Look we’re not calling CE one however it makes you wonder why he stormed off the set like a diva. Maybe he doesn’t like the storyline or maybe he’s not down with kissing someone else. We’re just giving you the story as we get it.

  38. Avatar of modee

    i agree with joss..well stated

    Jillian, you moron, worked up…see, you too are guilty of reading too much into things…how could you possibly know if i’m worked up

    It is absolutely wrong for DC or TV guide to suggest homophobia (which is a serious allegation or suggestion)…based on what is reported thus far

    and again…because a male actor doesn’t want to kiss another male actor does not make it homophobia

    and because other actors will do it, doesn’t mean someone who won’t is homophobic

    I must be a horrible Catholic boy to think that homosexuality is fine…are you going to make that type of connection as well

    it is not black and white…but in everyone’s attempt to be politically correct you have gone overboard

    most of my responses have been aimed at people who are condemning him for being homophobic…condemn him for being a bad business person, but not anything else at this point

  39. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    It is absolutely wrong for DC or TV guide to suggest homophobia (which is a serious allegation or suggestion)…based on what is reported thus far
    If he quit because he didn’t want to do a gay kiss, he’s homophobic. 

  40. Avatar of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Modee who the hell are you to call me a moron when your ass is acting up over something and then saying that your done with DC? Yeah that’s it I’m reading it too many things when you said your threw with DC. Yeah I’m the idiot when CE allegedly walked off after finding out he’s kissing another man… Gotcha!

  41. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Again, you have no proof that Engen quit because he was asked to kiss another man!
    Um, that’s why I said "allegedly" and "reportedly". Boy this is beginning to feel like Groundhog’s Day!

  42. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Let’s say Engen is religious and kissing another man goes against his religious beliefs.
    He should have dealt with that before heading to Hollywood. Kirk Cameron feels that way, so he does those Direct-to-DVD bible movies. Don’t join a soap and expect producers to bend to your personal beliefs. You are paid to do what the writers tell you to do. Who gives a lovely about his religious beliefs on the set of a soap opera? This is a business.

  43. Avatar of appleridge

    Regardless of it being about the kiss or the whole story arc adam is in, CE screwed himself and the show. He walked out, he broke his contract and now the consequences will have to be faced.

    There is no reason to bash each other on DC, Engen walked plain and simple.

  44. Avatar of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Jamey exactly! Look if you have certain beliefs and you don’t want to compromise them I can respect that and won’t knock you for that. However if your on a SOAP where it glorifies, lying/cheating/stealing/murdering/sex before marriage and all that jazz you can’t say you’ll allow one thing and then disregard another. This isn’t the industry that you need to be in. Ellen Wheeler said she won’t compromise her religious convictions and what is she doing out in Peapack!? OTALIA!

  45. Avatar of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Appleridge all I’m trying to say is don’t throw the religon card down when your in a soap. Hell she’s the biggest mormon and she’s giving some kickass Otalia….

    Back to the REAL post Wishful Casting… Now I would like Chad Brannon to come on as Adam. I always wanted him as tht role when it came about that the character was coming to GC. He’s a powerful actor and he up against Eric Braeden? Priceless…

  46. Avatar of Smitty

    modee I can’t believe you are still going. Other’s won’t say it but give it a rest. We know we are all ignorant for thinking it was allegedly homophobic for walking off the set. We need to see this your way because your way is right and we are wrong for relying on a Nelson Branco, who in the past has proven to be a credible source on many topics. Shame on us for not agreeing with you in the first place.

  47. Avatar of appleridge

    That Link doesnt work go to tvguide.com drag clicker don whats on tv and drag down to soaps the adam recast is the first story

    Jillian I agree about the religion with u

  48. Avatar of modee

    smitty…i am always right…you are not understanding my point…i never said Nelson had it wrong…read the posts over again until you understand

    oh, if i didn’t say it already…i’m always right

  49. Avatar of terrifictam

    I love DC! You guys provide me with so much entertainment. Love ya guys! Jilian and Jamey you both rock…2 others posters here not so much but still entertaining.

  50. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    You have now stated frankly that you believe Engen is homophobic but have not provided any evidence to back your claim.

    Uh, no I didn’t….Don’t put words in my mouth. What I said was, IF what TV Guide Canada’s sources said took place, then Engen is homophobic. IF what ALLEGEDLY led to him quitting is true, then he is homphobic. I know you can read, but it’s more fun to put words in my mouth. I said allegedly and reportedly.

  51. Avatar of josser

    Hold on. Not only does Daytime Confidential write “reported homophobia” but also “shortsightedness.” It’s pretty clear that D.C. is running with the angle that Engen is anti-gay.

    Daytime Confidential:
    Stop and think about things before slapping Engen with the label of being homophobic! I really am appalled that you would say this without knowing the facts. Did you bother to confirm Engen’s reasons for leaving? Why are you eager to ruin this guy’s career? I’m embarrassed for you. Did you phone Engen, his agent, or the Y&R reps? Did you send emails?

    Seriously, just because a source says Engen quit because of the kiss doesn’t make it fact. Right?

    Let’s review things:

    First, we don’t know the real details behind his quitting. We only have a hearsay report from Nelson Branco, who did not speak to the actor or the show.

    Second, Adam has always been portrayed as being heterosexual. If we suddenly learn that Adam is bisexual, doesn’t that feed into the stereotype of bisexuals as being creepy and evil? For a long time, bisexual characters have been portrayed as villains and psychopaths. Wouldn’t a suddenly bisexual Adam play into this stereotype? If, as Branco reports, Engen was upset about Adam’s increasingly dark acts, do you think Engen might have made an ethical decision not to portray a stereotype? (You would know if you had bothered to contact Engen.)

    Third, look at what Passions did to long time heterosexual character Chad when he suddenly had a gay love affair. It was totally out of character and made him into a disrespected creep. Chad had always been a hero on the show. Suddenly, people lost respect for him because he was an adulterer who could not control himself. His being bi was not a good thing. It added nothing to character to explain previous actions, his suddenly expanded sexuality was grafted on. There was no self-discovery. No one accepted him. Hell, Chad ended up dead. BTW, did you notice that none of the gay bloggers ever celebrated him and his lover? (But why would Chad’s lover Vincent be celebrated when he turned out to be an intersexed/hermaphordite murderous psycho who later slept with and became pregnant by his own father!!)

    I’m just disappointed in this site: The knee jerk reaction to condemn Engen is wrong. The facts are not all there.

    How would the audience view Adam’s sudden revelation of his liking guys in light of his cruelty to Ashley and his history of other dastardly deeds? Other characters on the show refer to his creepy vibe. Wouldn’t his being bisexual just be perceived as another bad attribute? Didn’t One Life to Live feature a storyline about Nora Gannon’s husband being a closeted gay man who killed to keep his secrets?

    I’m more than happy to see a gay villain but are gay/bi people that desperate that they want someone who is as twisted as Adam as a representative on the number one soap?

  52. Avatar of josser

    To clarify my comments on Chad. The character of Chad Harris on Passions had always been portrayed as heterosexual, who was desperately in love with the female Whitney for almost a decade. During that time, Chad and Whitney faced horrific battles to be together.

    Just as they had found happiness, it was revealed that Chad was on the “down low,” having a torrid affair with another man. Thud. It made no sense. Chad’s bisexuality explained nothing about the character’s previous actions. (The whole thing was part of rampaging pop culture phenomena of down low life, where men cheat on their wives with other men.)

    Instead, the show portrayed Chad as no longer a heroic figure but as a sexual addict who betrayed Whitney. It was awful. Moreover, this was also a major disappointment for African-American fans because one of the few long term black couples in the history of soap operas was ruined. Fans who tuned in for years to see some kind of happy ending for Chad and Whitney never got it.


  53. Avatar of appleridge

    Okay I am an actor not one in an union or not but from my experience and I have actor friends in LA and NY working when u start a job like this Most if not all writers and producers talk to the actor about the character they then say is there anything you wouldnt want to play

    This would be the time to say, I dont want to be involved in a gay story-line. Some of my friends have done that and their not homophobic they just cant go to that place to do the scene’

    Im sure YR had discussions like that with CE on what he wouldnt be able to play when they hired him.

  54. Avatar of josser

    Think about what you’re saying: because two people were treated like crap by their employer, another person should accept being treated like crap?

    That’s ridiculous!

    It’s 2009. Employers have shown that they have no loyalty or regard for the welfare of their employees. Why should employees have loyalty towards their employers if their bosses have none towards them?!!

    Besides, you are missing the point. You don’t know the full story as to why Engen quit. You’re basing all of your judgment off a hearsay report from Nelson Branco.

  55. Avatar of josser

    You’re wrong. It was made clear on Passions that Chad had same sex attractions. Chad went to a bar with his best friend Ethan Crane/Winthrop and started to hit on other guys. Ethan called him out on it.

    Also, Vincent may have been intersexed but when he was with Chad, it was clearly stated that Chad was having sex with a man and enjoyed Vincent’s man-parts.

  56. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Modee, I am not gonna split hairs with you. If an actor of color A, refused to kiss an actress of another color, that would be racist. If an actor refuses to do a same sex kiss, that is homophobic. Accuse me of being PC all you want.

  57. Avatar of josser

    Again, you have no proof that Engen quit because he was asked to kiss another man! All you can rely on is a hearsay report from Nelson Branco. As a lawyer, one would like to think that you would have a higher standard for evidence!

    More importantly, your logic that says that because other people were unfairly treated and fired, Engen should theoretically take unfair treatment is ridiculous. You are a lawyer. If Sally is discriminated against and fired for being gay. Should Bob stay on the job and endure racist comments from his boss and feel lucky he’s employed????

    Let’s say Engen is religious and kissing another man goes against his religious beliefs. Would a Y&R have the right to tell a Jewish person who keeps kosher that they had to eat pork bacon for a scene?

    As I said previously, the real facts are not fully known. Condemning Engen as a homophobe is wrong.

    We don’t know why he quit since neither he nor the show has issued a reason.

  58. Avatar of modee

    u gotta be kidding…you are comparing the two…that is ridiculous and not in touch with reality

    did you know that Will Smith refused to do a gay kiss in Six Degrees of Separation because of what his audience might think (1993)

    did you know Kirk Cameron refused to kiss his female costar because he believed in the sanctity of marriage (2008)

    did you know Denzel Washington refused to kiss Kelly Lynch in Virtuosity because of fear of what the audience would think (1995)

    See actors have motives for not doing things beyond what may appear on the surface…but you are too small minded to think this way

    if you don’t believe me, do some research

  59. Avatar of Mark

    I really liked Jon Prescott on ATWT, but I don’t think Mike was the right role for him. But it would be great for him to get another role.

  60. Avatar of josser

    Did you bother to check with Engen or his reps to understand why he quit? You haven’t said that you have confirmed the reasons for his leaving. Instead, you repeated Branco’s hearsay report as gospel truth.

    You have now stated frankly that you believe Engen is homophobic but have not provided any evidence to back your claim.

    Therefore, you are trafficking in rumors as truth, possibly slandering someone and hurting his career.

    As I wrote previously, given that bisexual characters have stereotypically been presented as evil psychopaths, wouldn’t the revelation that Adam is bisexual just be following in that path? What if Engen quit because he thought playing a psycho bisexual was wrong?

    Now here’s something from left field: what if Engen had been sexually assaulted by a man at some point in his life? What if the possibility that Engen might have balked at kissing a man because it was too traumatic for him?

    Is that far fetched? Who knows? I don’t know Engen. You’re a journalist. Why don’t you ask!

    You’re pushing a simplistic, inferred answer to Engen’s action. Pick up the phone and ask the questions of Engen directly.

    I’m sorry to see Engen leave the show. I don’t know the facts and am going to withhold judgment until all of the facts are present.

  61. Avatar of josser

    I don’t think the Chad/Vincent story could have saved Passions. That’s wishful thinking.

    Moreover, making Chad on the DL was reprehensible because it destroyed the previous 7 years of the show where Chad and Whitney fought like hell to be with each other. Daytime lost one of the few long term black heterosexual couples for a cheap gimmick. Bleh. Just as much as gays want to see themselves reflected on soaps so do heterosexual African-Americans. Why didn’t they deserve their Theresa & Ethan?

    Think about how the show portrayed their black men: 1) T.C. was a violent man who could not control his temper or accept his lesbian daughter.

    2) Chad went from heroic man into downlow adulterer

    3) Vincent was just a freak.

    In truth, the shows handling of Vincent was disgusting. The show took the biracial lovechild of Eve and Julian and made him/her into a psycho sexual monster. Ethnologists could have a field day reviewing the history of how mulatto people have been portrayed as sexually and morally bad in Western culture.

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