Corbin Bernsen Returns to The Young and the Restless

Former General Hospital and LA Law star, Corbin Bernsen reprises his role as Father Todd Williams on The Young and the Restless on June 2. Bernsen who is the real life son of Genoa City’s grande dame Jeanne Cooper (Katherine), will return to town when he gets word his brother Paul (Doug Davidson) is getting hitched to childhood friend Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

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    okay, how many weddings happen in the same small midwestern town in one year (hell, within 3 months)?

    Billy/Chloe, Cane/Lilly, Kay/Murphy, and now Nikki/Paul and we have Amber acting like she’s turning 50 and she’s starting menopause and wanting to marry Daniel. I do appreciate this soap a great deal…and I NEVER thought I’d say this about Y&R, but could we slow it down JUST A TAD?!?!

    I know undoing all of LML damage is important, but how many people are going to find out they aren’t who they think they are by December? Jill/Kay aren’t mother/daughter, Cane isn’t Cane, Chloe is Katie, and who wants to bet that Summer isn’t Nick’s but is Jack’s instead.

    I DO like this show A LOT, but why is every story seem to be in the same place at the same time?

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    Could this mean that Mary Anne or Mary Jane, I can’t remember, is really Todd and Paul’s sister, Patty, as was speculated in an earlier post? Perhaps we will see Mother Williams again!

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    I agree there are SO many weddings going on, but the ONE couple who have been there the longest isn’t one of them! Daniel ‘n Amber! I love that they’re still not married tho. It’s more realistic to see her tappin her feet and wondering if it’ll ever be her as the bride. WHO HASN’T BEEN HER?!

    And yep, I’m finally interested in who Mary Jane really is. The actress is playing ‘Crazy’ just like she did on that wretched AMC. But stupid too. SUNGLASSES? C’mon. He’s a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, numb-nuts!

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