Is Deacon Sharpe Behind Daniel’s Artistic Woes on Y&R?

Remember when I told y’all Daytime Confidential was hearing rumblings that Sean Kanan would be resurrecting his wildly popular Deacon Sharpe character, not on The Bold and the Beautiful, but on The Young and the Restless?  Several websites and even the actor himself (I ain’t trippin’ he had to protect himself, just glad to get Deacon back!) denied it was happening. Guess what, I was right all along!TV Guide Canadas Nelson Branco reveals in this week’s Suds Report his moles tell him Kanan is indeed joining Y&R. Hmm, could Deacon be the one behind Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei) involvment in the art theft ring? Oh, and not to brag, but y’all do remember I’m the one who suggested the crossover right?

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    Nice scoop, Jamey! I love Sean Kanan and his character Deacon! I’m happy that he is going to Y&R instead going back to the craptastic B&B! Here comes the angst and drama for Danel and Amber!

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    Damn! As if I didn’t have enough reasons to be jealous of Y&R fans J) I was SO hoping he’d return to B&B.

    Y&R can have Heather Tom and Jennifer Gareis. I want my Deacon and Amber back on Bold!

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    I would love to see Deacon on Y&R. I miss that guy.

    I hope Deacon ends up with Amber. The Deacon and Amber fans were cheated out of them being a real couple.

    First they were adversaries, then they suprisingly grew true feelings for each other. Hopefully Amber and Deacon will find a journey to love again.

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    You’re right. No way would Sharon lie to Nick and Sharon about the paternity of her child. It’s a horrible thing to do to Jack in particular. Why would Sharon set Jack up for such a horrible, inevitable fall when he learns the child isn’t his? It’s not only unrealistic and a betrayal of Sharon’s history, but it’s just a shoddy way to build in future conflict.

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