SPOILER ALERT: Identity of Thom Bierdz’s Y&R Character Revealed!

Well it looks like the Chancellor is out of the bag on The Young and the Restless! In the Comings and Goings section of her New York Daily News column this week, Carolyn Hinsey lists Thom Bierdz as "Phillip Chancellor 3rd". As you’ll recall, it was previously reported that Hinsey ran into Auntie Maria at some swanky, New York shindig and found out about a "big return". Do you think Auntie Ri Ri blabbed, since by now we all know the big return wasn’t Michael Damian showing up to sing "Rock On" in the lobby of Fenmores? 

I guess Hinsey’s scoop means a certain Aussie is as phony as those faux furs Lynn Marie Latham wanted poor Nikki Newman to disgrace herself by wearing in public, on the streets of Genoa City proper. Didn’t anyone tell LML once a stripper graduates to the real stuff, she can’t go back? God made everything for a purpose, and critters were made so that the wealthy can look chic for the Winter! 

For more from Hinsey’s must read column—this week she dishes about dimbulb Bridget (Ashley Jones)  allowing the same old dog, Nick (Jack Wagner), another chance to bite her, and/or give her fleas on The Bold and the Beautiful—go here.


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    Now the big question is what is Cane and Philip the 3rd up to?

    Between the gaslighting of Ashley and this story I can’t decide which one is my favorite at the moment.

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    Exciting! Thanks Jamey.

    I was looking forward to the developments regardless of the character Thom was portraying, however knowing that the true PC3 is returning to the canvas should offer great drama.

    How will MAB & co explain his death? Assuming he faked his death, what was his motive? What has PC3 been doing all of these years while believed dead? What’s with Kay’s supposed memory of switching Jill’s newborn out of drunken spite? Though PC3 and Cane had nothing to do with when Kay’s memory resurfaced, their timing of when Amber found Cane online (looking for his bio mother) certainly seems strategic. How did PC3 and Ethan/Cane come to know each other in Australia? What is PC3’s motive for having Cane pose as Jill’s biological son? How will GC residents react to the news their son (as with Jill), formerly adopted son (as with Kay), half brother (as with Billy), dad (as with PC4), ex-wife (as with Nina) and those believing they conned the real PC3 (as with Amber and Chloe) is alive?

    I can’t wait to see how all of this plays out.

    Side question – if you believe your husband is dead, thus making you a widow (Nina), if the man is actually alive does that mean you are still married to them? Also, I forgot did Nina remarry when she moved to LA?

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    Not so fast, folks…there really hasn’t been anyone saying “Sources revealed” or anything like that…folks are just saying it’s PC3…who knows if they are just assuming it’s PC3…it’s not real clear if this is an assumption on Hinsey’s part, or if she knows something no one else knows.

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    Phillip to Jill: “Seriously, mother: Cane is at least a DECADE younger than I am. How could you make such a mistake??”

    We *saw* Phillip DIE. In all my years of Y&R, I don’t recall them ever bringing someone “back from the dead” in quite this fashion. It’ll be interesting to see how they explain it. It’s dumb, but I’m glad. For Bierdz to playing anyone else BUT Phillip would have been stupid.

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    So Cane agreed to give P3 DNA for the Delia paternity test (not even knowing there was a Billy connection!), which made him lose Lily? Um, that makes no sense. Unless he gave the fake DNA in the hopes that it definitely wouldn’t match. Wouldn’t Cane be suspicious at that point? How is P3’s DNA a match for Chloe’s baby? Right. The other explanation is that he is an Abbott. I could buy that. Cane as Jack’s son? Terry Lester’s Jack was a world traveling tramp, so that would work. (If they could’ve had that Keimo fiasco, Cane would work.) P3 alive really bothers me because it was completely on-screen, but, oh, well. I’m not sure what any of this does for the show. It’s a convoluted mess.

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    I’m thinking that Jill had two sons. Katherine didn’t switch babies, she took one. Phillip somehow found out, maybe when he was living in the mansion. He faked his death to find his brother and get away Nina and his horrible life. He passed himself off to Cane as his Uncle and Cane has no idea he really is Jill’s son.

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    Revafan001 – I’m thinking that PC3 provided some of his own DNA to Cane for both the tests involving Jill and Delia. If I recall correctly Cane took two DNA tests to prove he was Jill’s son. Both tests provided different results. I’m guess the one that match was due to DNA provided by PC3.

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    I think PC3 was supposed to be born in 1973.

    It does seem odd that Neil would be okay with his 21-year-old daughter marrying a 40-something man.

    Now when PC4 shows up and looks like he’s in his mid-to-late 20s, every thing will be wacky.

    I’m sure the answer will be retcon his birth and him been born when Nina and PC3 were 16.

    Look at Sharon and Nick. Both actors who play them are in their early-to-mid 30s. They are married on the show to 40-something people but no one says a word. Noah is 16. Did Nick an Sharon have him when they were 18/19/20?

    Now think about Paul and Nikki saying that they’ve known each other for 30 years. How does that reconcile with the ages of Nikki’s children with Victor?

    So, it’s best to not think of the ages of characters. You’ll go nuts.

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