Will Malcolm Come Back to Support His Baby Girl on “Restless”?

Here comes the (biological) father of the bride. TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco is reporting Shemar Moore is open to reprising his signature role as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless!

Shemar Moore (ex-Malcolm) told The Suds Report years ago that Lynn Marie Latham refused to welcome back the Emmy winner to the show that made him a superstar. This week’s Soap Opera Digest still thinks it is news, and put the hunk on their cover. Too bad they haven’t heard that Y&R is thinking about inviting the actor back for a short stint for a sad storyline/event later this summer. Moore told the Suds Report recently, “I’m always game to return to Genoa City. They’re my family.”

Hmm, could Malcolm come home to support bio tot Lily (Christel Khalil) once she discovers Cane (Daniel Goddard) has been lying to her since they met? Or, with Devon (Bryton McClure) currently embarking on a search for his bio dad, could we learn there was a reason he and Lily bonded so quickly? Whatever’s clever, it looks like Auntie Maria is finally applying her magic to the Winters family!

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    That’s shocking that LML wouldn’t want Mr. Hotness back. Please don’t make him Devon’s father — that would mean he got it on with Holanda! Yuk! God, I remember those Malcolm/Phyllis scenes — those were so hot & good friends.

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    The day that Shemar Moore is back on the set of Y&R, is the day dreams come try.

    Shocking that LML didn’t want him back? With this woman nothing is shocking. She was busy creating her own great storylines and bringing on unique characters that you will still have in mind 20 years from now.

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    I love Shemar Moore. I would love to see him on Y&R even for a short time. That would be crazy if he turned out to be Devon’s dad which would mean that poor Neil again was the father to his brother’s kid. Poor Neil :( I also hope that Tyra’s not pregnant. I wish she would just go away.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Shackfan: If you try to figure out LML’s logic you’ll give yourself a damn ulcer. *LOL* That would’ve been faboosh cross promotion for Y&R and Criminal Minds but alas she missed the boat on that.

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    Please dont let Tyra ANYWHERE near this storyline. It’s bad enough she’s destroyed Neil. I’ll watch Shemar Moore paint a wall……Seriously!!!

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    This is all being blown out of proportion. People quit their jobs every day of the week. Many are happier for it; while others dearly regret it.

    David Caruso famously quit NYPD Blue because he was positive that he would have a HUGE film career. Didn’t happen. His career went nowhere for almost a decade before he found CSI: Miami was the perfect place for his ham and cheese style of acting.

    I’m waiting for Engen to speak before I pass judgment. The repeating message in all reports it seems is that Engen had been unhappy for some time. Too often, people rush to condemn others without all of the facts. I’ve been guilty of doing so and regret it.

    On the flip side, good actors have been fired from soaps. Look at Peter Bergman; he was fired (infamously!) from AMC in an attempt to erase his character’s interracial romance with Angie Hubbard.

    More recently, Y&R tried to screw over Nia Peeples by firing her without giving her proper notice as her contract guaranteed. Luckily, Peeples was smart enough to read her contract and demand it be honored.

    Y&R is my favorite soap. It’s the best show on the air, with One Life to Live a very close second followed by the revitalized Guiding Light.

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    Absolutely LOVE Shemar, and would love to see him back, even if it’s for a short term. They’re saying a sad storyline. Hmm.. I’m thinking he figures out the Cane story, or, Dru’s body is finally found.

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    Malcolm as Devon’s father?? I wondered about that awhile back. That would make Devon and Lily blood sibs, which I have always thought would be nice. Wish Malcolm would return. Maybbe he and Tyra had a thing before??? No, I don’t like Tyra. I did like Karen, and Neil went all the way to New York to win her back, then to cheat on her?? Maybe Devon’s little sis is Malcolm’s daughter??


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