The Young and the Restless Promo

It’s about to get really interesting….

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    I’d just like to point out:

    Did ALL three men not consider using a condom? Why does ALL this blame always lie on the woman?

    And let’s keep in mind, two of them are promised to other women (Sharon was separated and single at the time). So you’d think, the men having something to lose, would be smarter…

    But it’s a soap! lol…anyhow, (IMO) don’t like how the writers have put Sharon’s mental problems on the back burner…

    Doing this makes it sooo much easier to call her names. And lest we forget, during that period, she was also shoplifting and blacking out?

    Obviously, something was wrong.

    We can either judge her character by one season or judge over the span of many years…

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    I blame TPTB for this overused, sexist storyline. I suppose we can give them credit for upping the number of possible fathers. Usually, it’s only 2.

    Didn’t Jack have this same conversation with Nick over his affair with Phyllis?

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    I think some are going to be disappointed because, like Jack, and Nick, Noah will understand that Sharon was ill (and still needs therapy) and wasn’t acting like herself. How many times have we heard Jack, Nick, Sharon herself, and even Phyllis, say Sharon is having a “melt down” or is “losing it”? Sorry, but mental illness doesn’t make Sharon a whore, as much as some would love to label her. Watch and see – all the men involved, including Noah will understand how and why this happened.

    If it took all this Sharon bashing in the the storyline to finally get Nick to wake up and realize Sharon, NOT Phyllis is the love of his life and always will be, so be it. Phick should have been put out to pasture a long, long time ago. I read that JM and SC both said in different interviews that Shick’s road back would be “messy”. Boy, is it ever! Lol! Loving the fact that FINALLY Phyllis the witch will get her well-deserved payback for thinking it’s only ok for HER to sleep with another woman’s husband AGAIN. Why can’t she get and stay with man who actually wants HER for a change? That USED to be Jack, until he fell for Sharon too! Lol! Poor Red, just can’t find a man to love her and her alone. Tsk. Tsk. Bring it on!!!

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    Yeah, to find out his mom is a slut is going to be terrible for the boy’s imagine of his mother, LOL.

    He’s had to deal with his father being one for all these years. He’ll get over it.

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    You’re right Season, but when has Nick been with three women in one week? I think Shick belong together, and they are both sluts. That’s the biggest thing they have in common. LOL

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