Who Should General Hospital’s Michael Live With?

One of my favorite things about Michael waking up on General Hospital has been Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle) planting the Q family flag in the ground and staking their claiming to Michael. I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic between Edward and Carly, but watching him go pit bull on Sonny and Carly was wonderful. The Quartermaine family needs youth, if it wants to remain relevant, and Michael provides that opportunity. I would like nothing more than to see Michael living in the Quartermaine mansion.

Where do you want Michael to live?

Who Should General Hospital's Michael Live With?

  • Bobbie or Mike (12%, 113 Votes)
  • The Quartermaines (56%, 542 Votes)
  • With Carly (24%, 230 Votes)
  • With Sonny (8%, 86 Votes)

Total Voters: 971


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32 Responses

  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I think that Michael should be with Bobbie or the Qs because they have his best interest in mind, unlike Sonny who is a dog and a pig who only cares about himself and not get out of the mob for his family sake.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Why not Jason?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I Think Jason would be the best for Michael……
    I don’t think the Q’s should raise Michael. Edward thinks Michael is his property…..
    for me and I know lots of people see Jason as Michael’s father…….

  3. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I would love to see him move in with the Q’s I just think the story would be better if he had done that instead of wanting to move in with Sonny same old same old.

  4. Profile photo of minipitbull007

    I would love for Michael to become a Quartermain and learn their family business. The mob has taken over long enough and I don’t want him near Claudia and Sonny. Carly has had her time with her son. JMO

    Jason and Michael have a strong bond but I do not want him living with Jason. One day I want Jason to reclaim his family name as well as his memories.

  5. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    If Jason’s only child can’t live with him than Michael sure as hell better not be living with him

    I would love for Michael to live with the Q’s because it will mean more of the Quatermaines

  6. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I had to think about his one for awhile. Sonny would be no for starters. Living with Carly or the Q’s, I think right now with his state of mind, he’d probably bolt in a short amount of time. Living with Bobby or Mike would be interesting, they’d be neutral ground and everyone would be able to come and go and hang out with him. In the end I voted for the Q’s, only because it would be karma for Carly and Sonny.

  7. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    after seeing Edward today I think NO for Michael staying at the Q’s it could be like Jason after the accident , they treat people like they are their property this is the reason why Jason left and it also could be with Michael….
    I also want Jason to take Jake but Elizabeth does not….. Michael is knows as Jason’s family not like Jake?! and if Michael will bond with the Q’s it could bring Jason back to the family…….

  8. Profile photo of Katheryn71

    I voted for Carly, but I’ve gotta ask, which GH writer has the mommy issues?

    Carly is the focal point of all Michael’s rage. Robin couldn’t hold her own child and then knocked her down the stairs. Holly used Ethan as a pawn in her little game. And Claudia is pregnant, not because she wants to be a mother, not because of her love for Sonny, but to save her own sorry skin. Elizabeth is the only one portrayed as a good mother and yet we hardly ever see her with Cam and Jake anymore. Seriously GH writers, get some therapy.

  9. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Michael belongs with Carly without a doubt. It wasnt Edward and it wasnt Sonny that sat vigil by his bed at the Institute, searched the globe for a miracle cure, and then willed him to open his eyes. If it hadnt been for Carly and her determination, Michael would still be a vegetative state.

    As for how Michael ended up in the coma in the first place, as Sonny said again just recently, Carly never would have let him go to the warehouse given what was going on at the time and the lack of guards. If the argument is she hooked up with Sonny and let him adopt Michael, then you have to say that the Qs allowed that to happen.

  10. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Who the hell voted for Sonny? LMAO!!!
    Michael belongs with the Quatermaines. He’s old enough to make his own decisions, and if that’s where he wants to be, then so be it.

  11. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I didnt see todays epi, but didnt michael choose sonny (not the Qs). If folks are taking the position that Michael should live where he wants to, that might explain those votes.

    I might also point out that neither Sonny nor Carly enticed or forced Jason to leave the Q family home. Jason was already having issues with being in that environment. What Edward is doing is totally different.

    I think it is incredibly stupid for Edward to fight Carly. I am sure given everything that happened that had he been tactful with her, she would have been open to making them a regular part of Michael’s life.

  12. Profile photo of justloveskate

    I would love to see Michael embrace his Q roots. Maybe learn the business. But with Edward being as overbearing as he has been I am not sure that living with them is in Michaels best interest. It would be great Karma for Sonny/Carly though, but IF the story is done right that can be achieved by him bonding with the Q’s.

  13. Profile photo of luverica

    Michael never belonged with Sonny. I mean c’mon. The boy just woke up from a coma from a bullet to the head that was meant for Sonny. Lord knows Alan wasn’t perfect but he was that boy’s father and it kill me to watch that first the brain damaged sidekick and then the low rent mobster become Michael’s father. This was the beginning of my hate for this show. Michael needs to be with the Quartermains. They certainly can’t be that much worse than Port Charles low grade Soprano crowd.

    BellaDonna, I love your idea.

  14. Profile photo of Karissa

    Sorry but although I like the Q’s if Michael was raised by them he would be more of a brat then can’t use Michael for a do over for AJ who they screwed up beyond return.

    Michael needs to be with the person who fought the hardest for him during his coma and that is Carly

  15. Profile photo of minipitbull007

    The real Jason was raised by the Q’s and he was no brat but was a true gentleman. Put Michael with the Q’s and he might learn what a real business is. Carly needs to be the Monica in this situation she was devoted to Michael but he should turn on her just the same.

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I just dont understand how people can be voting for anyone other than Carly. It baffles me. I dont see how its justice for her to lose her son and for her son to lose her because the Qs lost Jason – Jason was going to leave them whether or not Carly ever met him or not. He was running his motorcycle from car to car on a moving train for goodness sake. that doesnt exactly scream lets be a family. And, just based on the way it was written, where was Edward’s fight when michael was IN the coma? As far as we have been shown, he wasnt sitting vigil. We never saw him reaching out to Carly to find out what Michael’s condition was. we never saw him looking for world class doctors. The only reason Edward is remotely interested in Michael now is because he is out of options – Dillon, Brooklyn and Ned ran away, Emily and AJ are dead – what choice does he have.

    No, I dont want Michael with the Qs, but what I would have much liked was a story, from the time of the gunshot, that had Carly bonding with Monica, esp. if they werent going to use Bobbie in that capacity.

  17. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I want Michael with the Qs but I would settle for Bobbie and Mike because all three options are much better than Carly and Sonny who are just toxic beyond belief. I get that Carly has been better but this recent turn around won’t last, once this is settled and even if its not she’ll still go back to being the same twisted, self-righteous, shrewish harpy she always was. Michael got his brains blown out because she put him in Sonny’s orbit just like AJ spiralled downwards because of how his parents treated him.

    I love the Qs but I agree about Edward which is why I think Monica should raise Michael, she was a shitty mother to AJ but I believe all her grief since Jason went borg as well as AJ’s and Emily’s deaths will make her a better parent to Michael than she was to her own children.

    If I had my wish all of Michael’s grandparents would raise him and keep him away from those poisonous individuals who call themselves his parents.

  18. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Can I choose all of the above? I want the scenes where Edward insults Sonny. I want the scenes between Monica, Jason, and Michael. I want Carly and Jax to have to share at least one holiday with Sonny and Claudia. I would love it if Alexis and Kristina went along for the ride. Michael has connections with everyone. That is why the show has revolved around him for so long. Why limit the show to one household? I want them to mix it up and use all of the characters. I also want Carly to get her happy reunion with both of her boys.

  19. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Michael shouldn’t be with the Q’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Edward is annoying he thinks Michael is his property , he will tell him what to do and what to be he will not have free choice..
    Carly should be the one who takes him But Michael is mad at her he takes his anger to her and that’s not good either…..
    Sonny is living with a monster …
    Mike and Bobbie are not so good …….\
    Jason is the one he raise him when he was a baby and did good job at it .the shooting was not his fault because it happened after he gave him up.. he has a part in that I am not denying that But he did raise him and and when he was the main parent Michael was safe.. Tony kidnapped him not because Mob!!!!
    and Michael loves him..
    Jason will not push him to be what he is not , he will not try to fix the wrongs in the past he will be calm and rational and will help Michael …..

    Yeaa It is not OK that he will take mIchael and not his own son but I am hoping that after he will be with michael he will take Jake……..
    And also it will bring him back to be with the Q’s cos’ he will not push them away like he did before and it will bring him back to the family…

  20. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Monica would take go care of Michael and Bobbie would too. Not Sonny, Sonny needs to lose someone to realize how dangerous his business is and not always winning or not taking responsibility for anything that happens to him. Jax would also be a good influence and loves Michael and will always listen to him.

  21. Profile photo of sonyab1974

    Lord knows Alan wasn’t perfect but he was that boy’s father
    Alan!?!?! :) Don’t you mean AJ? :) Alan is the grandfather. :)

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