Will Aspects of Thom Bierdz’s Real Life Play Into His Reel Life on Y&R?

Genoa City returnee Thom Bierdz recently chatted with After Elton‘s Anthony D. Langford who asked the actor a few pointed questions about his return as The Young and the Restless’s Phillip Chancellor III.

AE: What’s it like getting back those acting chops after all this time?

TB: Well, here’s the thing, man. I don’t really want to act. I just want to be, and that’s why I haven’t really pursued acting. What I’m really excited about is I don’t think this role coming up is going to require a lot of acting. I think it’s going to play on my real emotions across the board. There are some significant emotions that I haven’t dealt with, and this show hasn’t dealt with.


AE: I read in an interview where you said you would only be interested in coming back to the show if they used real elements of your life, like your art and your sexuality. Do you know if the show is going to go in that direction?

TB: I’m not allowed to answer that question and the truth is I’m not certain. I’ve not seen any scripts that are definite."

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    It could mean that art and homosexuality are stories they will be telling but that doesnt mean that Thom’s character will be involved in those stories directly but if He’s P3 and P4 is gay then he will be somewhat involved since that would be his son

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    If Thom’s character is Phillip III, making the character gay would be ridiculous if that’s given as the reason why he faked his death. Why wipe out his feelings for Nina and Cricket to reflect the real life experiences of a character’s actor?

    Similarly, if Adam does sleep with Rafe, Adam will turn out to be just another stereotypical portrayal of the evil gay/bisexual man. Look at how twisted Adam has become. Hollywood has used gay and bisexual people as stock villains for ages.

    Think about OLTL’s Nora Gannon-Buchanan’s husband who turned out to be a closeted gay killer. Then there’s Passion’s Vincent Crane. Now we’ll get to add Adam Wilson/Victor Newman Jr.

    The irony that some gays are mad at the actor walking away from this stereotype is amazing.

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    Now what would be killer would be for Phillip Chancellor Jr to have faking P3’s death, and taking P3 to Australia where he meets his twin or half brother Cane Ashby.

    Donnelly Rhodes, who played Phillip Chancellor just finished Battlestar Galatica. Wouldn’t that be a hoot to see a reunion of Phillip, Katherine, and Jill?!!!

    Something has to be done about the fact that Cane looks like a man in his early-to-mid 30s. How old is P4 going to be on the show? He should be younger than Mac and Billy, who are only in their mid-20s.

    P3 was supposed to have been 18 when he died in ’89.

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    I’m just going to wait until this story line plays out on tv.. i don’t wanna waste my time thinking about shoulda, coulda, woulda, ifda and etc.. I’ll wait until it plays out. Y&R has been making me happy since 1992. I was 8 y/o, haha.. I’m one of the youngin’s I guess.

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    “Something has to be done about the fact that Cane looks like a man in his early-to-mid 30s. How old is P4 going to be on the show? He should be younger than Mac and Billy, who are only in their mid-20s.

    P3 was supposed to have been 18 when he died in ’89.”

    I think what your forgetting is, these are soap operas. Continuity is not really enforced often. Look how one minute Phyllis’s child Summer is an infant, and a few weeks later shes like four. I don’t think the writers stressed too much over getting the ages right.

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    I don’t think they should have aged ehSummer, since she was conceived after Cassie dies, which has been four years, as they recently mentioned. Having an older child play Summer at age 4 or older just does not jive with how long Cassie has been dead. I hate when the age a child TOO MUCH to the point that the story no longer jives. A little aging is fine, but come on! Now Abby is about the same age as new Noah!


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    Why would Adam sleep with Rafe when he is in love with Heather? Adam is straight from what I can tell. Adam is a bad seed, straight or gay.

    I like the fact that Philip is coming back. I bet he faked his death because he had his drinking problem and wanted to get away from his judgemental family. I think Cane had a DNA test, but I wonder is maybe somehow he used Philip’s DNA???? I wonder how Cane and Phil are connected???

    I think Phil and Cane SHOULD be in their late 30’s, which Cane is not. And, I think Lily is too young for him. I just don’t like together.


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