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Here’s the Scoop! 05.27.09

Alexis fan? I keep hearing that the attorney will be getting plenty of story to play with. The question is will it be favorable? Some of Alexis’s best scenes are when she goes off on another PC resident and while I like the Sonny-Alexis friendship one of my favorite scenes was her going off on Sonny and Jason at her sister’s funeral. Will that happen again? RUMORS have Alexis laying into her daughter’s father when Ric goes missing. Can you blame her? IF Sonny is involved in Ric’s “disappearance” he’s taking Molly’s father away from her. There’s more for Alexis coming up. She’s still determined to link Rebecca to Helena and there’s that whole political mess RUMORED to be happening with Mayor Floyd and his wife. Will Alexis get the dirt on NotEmily? SPOILERS say she uncovers a few “skeletons” in Rebecca’s closet.

Speaking of Ric… he wants Claudia to go on the run with him. Is that what happens to Sonny’s bro? Or will he be the murder mystery we had heard about? Either way, Rick Hearst vacates Port Chuckles mid June. According to Martha Byrne she shared some of Hearst’s last scenes with him.

Holly’s leaving town… can she take her spawn with her? I know I am much too hard on Ethan. Hell I am too hard on GH in general but I’m dying for my show to get back to its former glory days. Luke and Holly bid farewell and SPOILERS have Luke and Ethan taking another DNA test.

Michael, Claudia and that whole mess… I’m being cautious about this storyline. So far, so good in terms of Drew Garrett but I am still nervous about the road this storyline may go down. For one, Jason is SUPPOSED to be the hero of this show and he’s not doing that great of a job of pinning the botched hit on Claudia. So many PC residents know but Jason is still uncovering the evidence he needs to convince Sonny? It’s not working for me. It would have worked better if less people knew the truth. I suppose a lot of these “secret storylines” would work better for me if less people knew the secret. And will Sonny believe Jason? When he comes armed with the evidence will Sonny overlook it because Claudia and Michael are getting along so well? Will the bun in the oven buy Claudia enough time to save herself? When the ultimate decision is left up to Sonny, what will he do?

Sonny’s kids… he has enough of them to drive the entire show and if all the RUMORS are true, they will be. Michael busts out of the hospital to see his sister but he’s not the only visitor. Helena drops in on Alexis’s daughter. Kristina, the new version, debuts next week where she bumps into Jason outside of a bar. But will Sonny finally wonder about the impending addition to his family? SPOILERS say Sonny finally starts to question just who the father is of Claudia’s baby.

Claudia is worried that Michael will remember her bedside confessions. What will she do when her step-son reveals he’s starting to remember some things?

What’s the real deal with Rebecca Shaw? RUMORS say we’ll find out. Is there an Ethan-Rebecca connection? Lulu sees them together and wants to know why and what they are up to. Were they both adopted and raised together? That’s a RUMOR out there. Is Rebecca Emily’s long lost twin? Are they the conning duo with Helena pulling the strings? Will both second guess their choices because of feelings towards the residents of Port Charles? Rebecca is getting closer to Nikolas and Ethan has a whole new family. It looks like TPTB did not take my advice… they should have made Rebecca, Emily.

We’ve dished on this… Matt loses a patient. Are they connected to the Mayor? Will he be facing a malpractice suit? Robin and Patrick factor in as they investigate why Matt’s patient died.

JaSam fans… They should be having adventures as it applies to Sam’s job as a P.I. and dealing with the crazy Corinthos kids.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Carly and Claudia fight it out and Michael ain’t siding with his mama. Jason tells Sam to watch out for Kristina. Mrs. Floyd has revenge on the mind. Just how much trouble and embarrassment will Kristina unload on her mother? Don’t worry, Sonny SHOULD be feeling his daughter’s wrath as well. Another Spinelli “dream” sequence? Another trip to GH for Luke? Will the last Friday in May be a big day? Claudia decides to look into Olivia’s secrets in hope that she’ll leave town. Is this how Dante comes into play? Is Holly Sutton returning this fall?

CRAZIEST RUMOR OUT THERE… Is Lucky Spencer getting killed off, again? There have been plenty of RUMORS regarding Greg Vaughan’s status with the show and the LATEST is that Lucky MAY be killed off. I’m not putting too much stock in this one just yet but I figured it would be a great discussion topic, so discuss…

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    I’m excited about Alexis,and Matt getting some more story, frustrated with Sonny and his kids, angry about possibly killing off Lucky and cautiously optimistic about him going to another show that doesn’t hate him. And wow its going to be hard to decide which one is the worst actor in the Ethan and Rebecca scenes.

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    If GH make Ethan Luke’s son, I am done with this show forever. It amazes me that this regime can continue to do the exact opposite of what it’s fans want and still have a job.

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    Regan Cellura

    I have to admit… I am looking forward to more Alexis also and I’m not too annoyed yet with all the Sonny stuff. I’m still not a fan of this whole Claudia storyline. I was actually not grossed out over JOlivia and I hear there SHOULD be more. I’m not hating Lulu when she’s on my screen so that’s an improvement. Can you tell I’m trying to be somewhat positive?

    Still not liking Rebecca, Ethan, Luke… but I love Helena in any capacity so I’ll struggle thru it.

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    for me personally I am not Lucky’s fan To tell you the truth I hate him He is rasing Jason son I can’t forgive him arresting Jason after Jason brought Jake back after the kidnapping..
    I hate the fact that after Emily’s funeral He came to Elizabeth house and told her that Jason can’t be with Jake he had no right…………
    In the end I HATE LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only time I liked him was when he was a friend to Emily, I started to watch GH in 04……. Before JJ Time..
    I think they ruined Luck’s character they made him to be a loser I don’t think it was a good idea to make him a cop… It made him look like someone who wants to fight his father …
    And putting him back with Elizabeth will not help they are BORING!!!
    I am Liason fan we all know that But Lucky was inserting with Sam this could have been good S/I with a Cassadine /Spencer love .. that will be cool

    Love NuMichael

  5. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I’m still hoping they won’t kill off Ric but that he sneaks away…

    I’m still waiting for Claudia to get her comeuppance…I don’t care if it’s Jason, Sonny, Carly, or Big Alice (can you picture Big Alice and the Claw in a wrestling ring?), but she’s really got it coming; better be sooner than later.

    I’m still not looking forward to an All Sonny’s Children summer…

    I could get behind Rebecca being Emily’s long lost twin. I don’t know how the writers could possibly make her turn out to be Emily.

    It’s nice to see that Matt is getting a story instead of being a potted plant on the canvas.

    I’m hoping they don’t kill Lucky off; if TIIC don’t care for GV, let him exit gracefully and recast the role, jmho.

  6. Profile photo of Jenny

    I’m looking forward to the Alexis/Scrubs/Matt stuff.

    Everything else is FF’d Material, with occasional stops.


    Thanks Regan for bringing us the goods.

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    If Lucky Spencer is killed off its all b/c Luke got to have a worthless freeloading drifter for a son in the end. I still like Jason but at this point I just want the old Jason to finally return. I’m sick of the Mob king he’s been old for a long time now. Why isn’t Claudia six feet under? Her and Sonny aren’t even hot its disgusting.
    Its time to end this madness. JMO
    I enjoy Alexis scenes so it will be great I’m sure. I’m really digging JOlivia scenes their hot flirtatious and frisky.

    I love the loathsome Rick but Rick Hearst is a dam smart man for getting out GH’s Mob crap.

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    minipitbull007 gave me something to think about
    I saw in many sites that people think that Jason Morgan needs to be again Jason Quartermaine !!!!!!!!!!!
    What do you think Regan ??
    there is a feeling that Jason Morgan reach to the end.. and that it is needed new direction for him..
    I think that Jason needs to get his memory before the accident but with the memory of Jason M will it be interesting seeing Jason with his memory of Alan and Monica not to talk about his memory of AJ It will be inserting to see him dealing with this ..

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    oh, ptb, you are so stupid in so many ways.

    first, if we must kill a spencer child, can’t lulu’s aplastic anemia come back, test ethan as a donor and realize he’s not match? 2 birds one stone.

    second, why can’t michael’s bratty behavior be a life lesson for jason and how horribly he treated his mother? new understanding and relationship abounds.

    i’ll keep the alexis stuff, but only if you promise to play alexis/sam/kristina as a united family and not bickering/fighting for attention of mommy/jason.

    i’ll also take anything with sonny getting spat on whether, alexis, kristina, or his entire organization because he seems to have put his genitals in a safe somewhere in order to justify kicking kate to the curb and keeping claudia.

    now, again, if a sibling has to go due to the budget – i vote claudia cleans sonny out and runs away with rick. in this scenerio i’d even prefer she’s pregnant with sonny’s kid, because again sonny won’t be able to raise his child. sorry, the aj/michael stuff still stings.

    finally, i accept michael as being a jerk to carly only if it’s to push her away in order to get back at claudia. you know “a plan” – like mother, like son. i’m not a fan of carly’s but she’s always made sure her boys had the best nannies and enough money to be happy – even if it meant sleeping with the biggest checkbook in town. (sorry the aj/robin/bobbie/etc stuff still stings)

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    I liking Lulu since they got her away from Johnny and putting her with Michael and Carly again, her cousins. I take Helena coming back and killing Ethan and Luke goin on his many vacations and come back a change man with Laura by his side. Lucky would leave town to explore the world, Claudia taking out Sonny and succeeds and Carly and Jax be happy for a while and Michael living with Monica and getting to know his family.

  11. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Thanks for all your spoilers Regan, I know it is not Q&A day, but ever since I read this rumor on another site, I’ve felt like screaming!! Read that Elizabeth watches Jake perish right before her eyes and then says good-bye to PC leaving with Cameron. Any truth to this Regan, this one is driving me nuts!!

  12. Profile photo of blackjack21

    crazy4gh – i saw that too. could be interesting and horribly sad.

    regan – don’t be down on yourself for expressing what most of us agree with. i love reading your insights and appreciate the spoilers!

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    As much as I would love for Lizard to split, I would hate for them to hurt another child in the process. UGGH. I hope that one is only half true – let her leave with both kids and maybe Lucky (I would rather Lucky leave than for tiic to kill off the character.)

  14. Profile photo of mamalo

    They killed off Lucky Spencer years ago. They’re putting the final nails in the coffin of the whole Spencer clan with this Luke/Teethan story. The loving family that came back in the 90s is so far from what the Spencers have become that it makes me not like them at all. Never in a million years did I ever think I would wish Laura had stayed with Scott Baldwin.

  15. Profile photo of MISS LIASON

    I heard that one of Elizabeth’s kids are going to get killed too. The only way that this would work for me is if one of them die..then Liz realizes that tragedy can happen with or without Jason and then they decide to be together and do the family thing. I need to see Jason in another role. I want to see the softer side of him with kids.

  16. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    With the number of enemies she has, kill off the Claw, now there’s a good murder mystery in the making.

    Killing another kid? That is just all kinds of wrong!!! They better not touch Jake!

  17. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Guza essentially killed Michael and Emily for a year, only to have to rewrite on the fly which is not his strong suit. The Memorial Day show was a slap in the face to Liason fans, to see Jason propose and then Michael shot was devastating. While I didn’t love every s/l at that point I could watch the show without ffing.

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    The lead story right now on the show is Michael’s recovery. It makes sense that they would rerun the shooting epi so that lapsed viewers tuning in could get up to speed on that story. I am sure it wasnt done as a “slap in the face” to a particular fan base.

    I really hope they dont kill Jake or Lucky. I am betting this is a false spoiler (the one about Jake) – if they want to write off RH there are far easier ways to do it than to kill off Jake and certainly with Jake still existing off camera it means that they could always bring him back as story for Jason or as an escape route should sbu decide to leave the role. I am actually more worried that they might kill off Lucky.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jiz fans have disliked Lucky (unfairly IMHO) for a long while and will continue to dislike him because as long as he is around there will always be the possibility of tptb putting them back together. I would hate to see Lucky killed off for a number of reasons – he is laura’s son, he has two siblings on the canvas, he is a legacy character as both a spencer and a webber. If I have to chose between keeping Lucky or Lizard, Lucky wins hands down. And if tptb are considering killing off Lucky as an exit story for RH as well, then I say let Lucky and Lizard, Jake and Cam ride out of PC together instead of with Lucky and/or Jake in body bags.

    As for this summer –

    Has anyone seen the new cover of SOD – it says HOT HOT HOT Jason and Sam back together. Its there pre-summer storyline edition. They are the story for this summer and I for one am thrilled at the thought of their impending reunion.

    Also, TVGuide Canada is asking what summer storyline people are most interested in (the same site that had the who should get married poll that Jiz won) and while Otalia has 50% of the votes right now, JaSam has 45% (all the others combined make up the remaining 5%) I said with the last poll and I say here to that I dont think that it really means much of anything other than the fact that there are some dedicated JaSam fans that still love their couple after all the destruction of the Jiz years. But still, I would rather JaSam be on top like this than at the bottom.

    All and all I think its a sign of good times to come/

  20. Profile photo of liason4real

    There is no need to kill anyone at this time, especially harming another child. GH ratings began declining when Frons made Guza breakup Liason, Skate, LuSam, messed with Spixie and JoLu. LnL666 is played out! Move Lucky and Liz away from each others orbit, including as co-parents to Cake. Jason needs to stop running around town taking care of everyone else and grow a pair and claim his family with Liz. I see spoilers for another JaSam adventure? Why? The trip to Florida and CA and Sam falling out of the sky in her undies isn’t working…move on people. Let Sam, Lucky, and Spin run the PI and do the adventures, Jason needs a new attitude and it isn’t what he’s been doing the last seven months…

  21. Profile photo of Teach19

    I have said it before and I will say it again. Put Liason back together and Sam/Lucky. So many storylines can develop from these 2 couples. Lucky and Sam both were made to be something other than the fans remember and it worked. I wish the show would go back to writing for them. Just maybe GH would not be at the bottom of the ratings???
    Also, I HOPE the rumor about Jake dieing and Liz leaving is not true.

  22. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    TPTB NEVER wrote for LuSam – thats why most Sam fans dont want LuSam – because its a sure fire trip to the back burner. I dont know why tptb dont want Lucky front and center but they dont. Any female character really has to be tied to Jason or Sonny, or, to a lesser extent Jax or Nik as far as the older set, if they want to see airtime.

    JaSam had loads of chemistry and an ease to them that worked – something that we have seen still exists the last few times they have been on again bonding over Michael’s medical condition. The show would be foolish not to keep the popular Kelly Monaco front and center and esp. foolish not to capatalize on the JaSam electricity.

    As for JaSam adventures not working, I dont know how anyone can say that when Sam has been on screen 1 day a week for the last month-two months. And if you are going to talk ratings, the ratings were down for the Jiz period from the initial JaSam pairing timeframe. (Which I say has nothing to do with either couple specifically but rather the lackluster writing overall, however if you want to throw numbers around, that is the full picture).

    I hope for the sake of the Jiz fans and for the sake of the an audience tired of harm coming to children on all the ABC shows) that Jake doesnt get killed off. Jake should either turn out to be lucky’s or ride off with mom into the gh sunset or be raised by Jason and Lizard as co-parents with Jason back with Sam and Lizard with someone else.

  23. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    You say it Liason4real, give me Liason and please oh please do not kill their child. I love Liason and I so wish it would happen, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ll have to bother Regan again tomorrow with this question since it seems to have gotten lost without an answer. I just don’t get why they ever put these two together if they never were going to take them seriously. I feel for the Jasam fans, but as someone who has watched GH for 25 years and happened to be home with my first child in 1999 I can’t hide my love for Liason. I loved them from the minute Jason rescued Liz at Jake’s. I really, really miss them.

  24. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “Jiz fans have disliked Lucky (unfairly IMHO) for a long while and will continue to dislike him because as long as he is around there will always be the possibility of tptb putting them back together.”

    If you exchange Liz for Lucky and Jasam for Liason in this statement, I would agree with the statement. I see no other reason for the intense dislike for Elizabeth that Sam fans possess. There is this fear that Liz and Jason will get back together and that just scares the heck out of Sam fans. Why else is it that rumors keep turning up that Liz is going to be killed off. Why are there always rumors about Jake getting killed? We wouldn’t want that pesky link between Jason and Liz sticking around. If they can’t kill Jake, they want to change his paternity or give him to Sam while Liz lays around in a coma.

    I am a Liz fan and a Liason fan and I don’t want Lucky to go anywhere. I would love for them to write for him. I would love for the writers to write for all of the characters. I would love it even more if they would honor the history of the characters.

  25. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    of course TIIC would take care of removing the only thing that truly puts Liz in Jason’s life forever and ever.

    But with the return of JaSpam will be a lot of FF, and I never FF Jason. I will also avoid as many convos which involve the poor character assasination of Spam. It’s a broken record, I for one see only googly eyed Sam pushing herself into Jason’s world, and the writers being forced to remove the last piece of Liason. Hate to disappoint but true Liason fans will never believe that Spam is Jason’s true love, even if they were stupid enough to kill off Jake. Besides any hookup pending will be a case of if you can’t be with the one you love than love the one your with. Still trying to figure out all this chemistry and electricity because one day a week does not turn the clock back two yrs.

    I personally want Monica to find out about Jake especially after her interaction with Michael this week.

    I want Sam to fall off the face of the earth because I realized that this one day a week thing has made me want to watch GH again because I was almost always guaranteed to not have her joined at the hip to Jason more than one day.

    I want NotEmily dead just like Emily.

    I wish instead of LuLu they paired Dante with someones else because LuLu is a million times better not in a relationship.

    And finally I want JOlivia all the time, that is what chemistry looks like.

  26. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Except that my loathing started with CARLY and the way Lizard interacted with her…and then zander…and only THEN Sam. I am not worried about a Jiz reunion. If TPTB wanted Jiz they would be together now. The upcoming story is all JaSam and I am thrilled.

  27. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I was so busy typing I forgot my point which is Guza should stop killing people off for a while. As for the slap in the face, it really pained me to see that proposal because in getting over or trying to get over the end of Liason, I forgot the proposal so to see them that close and then it was all essentially forgotten if within a year they are both in the relationships they left to be together in the first place.

  28. Profile photo of GHGirl25

    The only reason we dislike Lucky at the moment is because us LIASON fans DON’T WANT HIM with ELIZABETH! We are trying to get the writers to see our point of view for Jason and Elizabeth, and I have a feeling that it is working! I still have faith and will be hopeful for the summer!


  29. Profile photo of carpetwoman777

    Gruesome Granny Helena Cassadine is a fav of mine. Nik threw her off a cliff and she LIVED!!! She is so cool to watch on the lil box. I so agree that it is high time Alexis got some play. I am hearing she and Mac may get a hook up which would be so juicy. The above 40 crowd can be sexy and interesting to watch too. I don’t know why they never tested Mac and Bobbie. There is a sexy fun pair to watch if they were given some screen time. Enough with the mob stuff, give us something meatier to watch. Even red meat eaters like a bit of seafood and chicken sometimes. I do not like the trashing of the Luke/Laura story to prop up this Luke/Ethan/Holly crap. There are so many good storylines out there, Guza should come up with something more creative than that one. I do NOT believe Holly would ever have kept that secret from Luke OR Robert. Don’t like the Rebecca storyline either. It is too obvious that she has an agenda. Especially when she wore that light periwinkle blue blouse on the afternoon boat ride with Nik. Com’on, she came to town wearing black leather, then she shows up in that soft blue “Emily lookin'” blouse?

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