Southern Belles: Louisville a “Hit” for SOAPnet

SOAPnet has another "hit" on its hands. Southern Belles: Louisville is now SOAPnet’s number one reality show. Okay…what exactly does that mean? Do more people tune in to watch these Scarlett wannabes say "y’all" a thousand times an episode, and/or drive home the reason why the Centers for Disease Control needed to be headquartered in the South, than watched say One Day With Wally Kurth, or perhaps that other show where that douche bag tried to get couples back together? Which by the way is already cancelled. I guess we just weren’t that in to it. Incidently Southern Smell‘s "record breaking" debut is still firmly behind the premiere of General Hospital: Night Shift. Hmm, I know, why not bring that show back?! Fiddle dee dee indeed.


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    The whole situation makes me so mad. Stealing from Bravo!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……their “original” programming is a rip off from ‘Real Housewives of….’- And NOT part of any daytime line up. Isn’t that what Soapnot is supposed to be???

    I won’t watch as they think we are all morons. first shows that have been buried six feet under years ago (BH90210, Gilmore’s, The OC) then movies from 1981, and now theft from Bravo.

    Soapnot is a laugh. I will NOT give them my neilson’s!!

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    Everything about Lousiville is a winner…..Home Sweet Home…..Although most of these women are 100% pure hateful Bitches that I probably would run over in my car if I saw them walking across the street. We do have alot of stuck up rich bitches around this town that have way too much money to blow on their ridiculous lifestyles. I would have rather watched a show about peoples struggles in life than how much money they have to blow……..

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    This show is about as worthwhile as, one former Vice President said, “a warm bucket of ****”. (The word in question starts with a P.)

    Thank God I didn’t waste one hour of my time watching this piece of crap.

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    Besides soaps, The Real Housewives on Bravo are my favorite shows to watch. i wouldnt even DARE watch this rip off because when i saw the preview I saw how they were trying to copy EVERYYTHING about Real Housewives. And To air it on the HORRIBLE SoapNet is a travesty. I really wish they would just get rid of the channel all together it is worthless!!!

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